Template:Character Mei Hatsume (発目明 Hatsume Mei?) is a student of U.A.'s Department of Support from Class 1-H.[1]


Mei has quite a fit physique with a fairly rounded chest. She is around the same height as Izuku. She has somewhat messy and curvy pink shoulder-length hair, somewhat resembling dreadlocks or bananas, and yellow eyes. Also, she has a crosshair-like design on her eyes. She usually wears protection goggles over her head.

During the Sports Festival, she wears U.A. gym outfit with her sleeves rolled up, added gizmos, and fingerless gloves.


Mei is a smart, odd, and easygoing girl, though at times inconvenient. She loves creating gadgets, which she refers to as her "super cute babies". Mei also has the habit of "going straight to the point".[2] She is also very shameless and opportunistic when it comes to advertising her inventions.

Mei shows no fear when it comes to failing, seeing it as an opportunity to learn and do better next time, which is why she doesn't mind when her inventions fail. Mei can be seen as self-centered due to putting her love of inventions and gadgets above others, but this selfishness is not negative but rather out of motivation to improve herself.


Sports Festival Arc

Mei participates in the Obstacle Race, using her Wire Arrow and Hover Soles to easily get through during the tightrope abyss, as she explains students of the Department of Support have permission to use customized uniforms and gadgets since they do not receive formal combat training like students of the Department of Heroes.[3] She eventually finishes the race, placing 41st,[4] allowing her to continue onto the next event, the Human Cavalry Battle.

Mei's Equipment

Mei showing off her "babies".

Mei offers to team up with Izuku and Ochako, startling the former for "being too close". She says that she can get a lot of attention from the student who places first and that this way her gadgets can better get noticed by a company. This confuses Ochako, but Mei ignores her. Mei then starts explaining to Izuku about the Department of Support and shows him her "babies", among which he recognizes a jet pack based on Buster Hero's Air Jet, and Izuku comments he is his fan too. She then prepares to tell him what her Quirk is.[5] After Izuku recruits Fumikage to join the team, they are seen in a warhorse formation.[6]

File:Juuzou's Quirk.png

The event begins and Mei along with her teammates are almost assaulted by Tetsutetsu's and Tooru's teams. Mei and her team try to escape, but they find themselves unable to move because of Juuzou's Quirk.[7] Izuku tells Ochako and Mei to look away and uses the jet pack that Mei gave to him earlier, allowing Mei and her teammates to escape into the air. When Kyouka attacks them Fumikage uses his Dark Shadow to defend his team. Mei and her teammates land safely thanks to Ochako's Quirk and equipment attached to her legs (courtesy of Mei). Izuku praises Mei and her gadgets for giving them greater maneuverability. Then, Mei and her teammates are attacked by Team Tetsutetsu again but Fumikage uses his Dark Shadow to block them. Suddenly, Mezou and his team attack them. Under pressure, Izuku decides to escape by flying into the air, but they are suddenly attacked by Katsuki. Fumikage uses his Dark Shadow to block Katsuki's attack. After landing, Mei and her teammates are confronted by Team Todoroki.[8]

Team Midoriya's Stance

Team Midoriya prepare to face Team Todoroki.

Denki unleashes a large amount of electricity from which Fumikage's Dark Shadow protects them. Afterwards, Fumikage tries to attack Shouto with Dark Shadow but Momo uses her Quirk to block Dark Shadow's attack. Mei's team continues battling Shouto's team with them holding their ground. However, Tenya uses his new move Recipro Burst which allows Shouto to snatch Izuku's 10-million headband in an instant, which surprises Mei. As Izuku orders his team to after them, Fumikage advises that they go after another team, but Izuku replies that he does not know the point distribution of the other teams. After Ochako pushes her team forward and encourages Izuku to get back the 10-million-point headband, Mei and her team faces Shouto's team in one final clash.[9]

Team Midoriya Advance

Team Midoriya advance.

Izuku manages to take one of Shouto's headbands, thinking it is the ten-million-point one. However, Izuku is shocked to see that the headband he took is not the ten-million one and it is instead a seventy-point one. For the last ten seconds, Mei and her team try to attack Shouto's team again, with Fumikage using his Dark Shadow to protect his team from Denki's electricity, but the time ends and with that the Human Cavalry Battle is over. Izuku tries to apologize to his team, but Fumikage reveals that he was able to take a headband from Shouto and thus thanks to his and Izuku's actions, Mei and her team place fourth, allowing them to advance and participate in the final event.[10]

After a short break following the completion of the Human Cavalry Battle. It is announced the 16 students who made it through, will face each other in one-on-one combat.[11]

When the 16 match-ups are announced, she goes to meet her opponent, asking if he is Tenya, to which he replies he is.[12]

Mei Leaves The Match

Satisfied Mei leaves the match.

When Mei and Tenya begin their fight, Tenya reveals she granted him support items to use during the match. While Tenya begins running towards Mei, she explains to him about the equipment on his legs. With her Hydraulic Attachment Bar, she manages to evade Tenya, and then uses her Quirk to spot the support company representatives. For the next ten minutes, Mei continues her fight while explaining the features of her items to the audience using a mic attached to her headgear. Satisfied that everyone has been able to view her inventions, Mei steps out of bounds and eliminates herself from the tournament, allowing Tenya to advance to the next round. Mei thanks Tenya for allowing her to use him and apologizes for it, although it did not actually look like she really meant it, much to Tenya's annoyance.[13]

End of Term Test Arc

Mei is mentioned by All Might; according to All Might, Mei's High Density Weights won a competition.[14]

Hero License Exam Arc

Quirk and Abilities

Zoom (ズーム Zūmu?): Mei's Quirk allows her eyes to zoom in on something at a distance. If she really focuses, Mei can see things as far as five kilometers.[13]

Expert Inventor: Mei is very smart and innovative, creating many different pieces of equipment on her own that can help her in many situations. She relies mostly on her inventions to traverse obstacles and tasks. Power Loader acknowledges Mei's talent in the field of inventing, calling her one of a kind.[15]

1/5 E
1/5 E
3/5 C
5/5 A
2/5 D
Mei's stats, according to the Ultra Archive Book


Wire Arrow (ワイヤーアロウ Waiyā Arou?): A creation of Mei's, this device is a combination of a wire with an arrow-like grappling hook attached to the end, which can be used to reach distant surfaces.[16]

Hover Soles (ホバーソール Hobā Sōru?): A creation of Mei's, the Hover Soles are two big metallic boots that have turbines implanted inside them, which allows the wearer to hover above the ground.[16]

Jet Pack: A creation of Mei's, this device is a metal backpack with two turbines on the bottom part of the backpack that will activate when the wearer presses the activation switch.[17]

Hydraulic Attachment Bar (油圧式アタッチメントバー Yuatsu-shiki Atatchimento Bā?): Created by Mei.

High Density Weights (超圧縮おもり Chō Asshuku Omori?): A creation of Mei's, this device inhibits and drains speed and stamina of a user. This allows the user to match with the opponents' level.[14]


Sports Festival Arc


  • Mei's name comes from "invention" (発明 hatsumei?) and "eyes" ( me?).
  • Mei was originally going to be a male.[18]
  • In the First Popularity Poll, Mei ranked 20th, which ties her with Tooru Hagakure.
  • Mei was dubbed as "Invention Fanatic" when she created several gadgets since school started in less than a month.
  • Mei's favorite food is chocolate.
  • Mei's likes steampunk style, as evidenced by her usual gadgetry.


(To Tenya Iida about using his arms instead of his legs) "If you want to cool your legs, all you have to do is just run with your arms!"[19]


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