The Marukane Department Store, or Marukane for short, is a retail establishment located in Naruhata.[1] Its directors are the main promoters of the music band FeatherHATS, of which Kazuho is part. Because of this, she and Koichi usually go to the place, to talk about the band's affairs with the rest of the members and their representative Makoto.

The Marukane branch also usually organizes small festive events known as Narufest.[2]


Due to a confrontation between Captain Celebrity and an Instant Villain, the buildings got damaged, so it’s closed for repairs. On the occasion of the reopening, the store director decides to organize a live event on the roof of the department store, and he is looking for local talent that would fit in their schedules, as it will not cost a lot of money. One of these people is Kazuho, better known as Pop Step.

Determined to help her, Makoto calls the department store with her title as the chief manager of Captain Celebrity Agency, and speaks with the event planner that the agency supports their goals and the only thing in request is to credit the hero for his cooperation. She also suggests to spruce the venue for the local talent showcase to avoid it appearing cheap and tacky: suggesting she would provide equipment and personnel.[3]

One of the higher-ups from the Marukane Department Store wants to gather an ensemble for the show, being made up of local young talent to perform the store's theme song. With this request, Kazuho is joined by the duo Feathers, the East Naruhata High Dance Squad, and the music band Mad Hatters. Together they form the group FeatherHATS.[1]

Although with some setbacks at the beginning, the event ends up being a success, and thanks to this and the efforts of Makoto, Kazuho takes an important step in his career as the idol Pop☆Step.


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