Manifest ( (さい) (げん) Saigen?) is a Quirk used by Tamaki Amajiki.


Tamaki Amajiki squid fingers

Tamaki manifesting Takoyaki into tentacle fingers.

Manifest grants Tamaki Amajiki the ability to enhance his body parts with the characteristics of anything he consumes. [1]

Tamaki can manifest anything he eats into any limb of his choice. For example, if he eats Takoyaki, he can transform his fingers into Octopus tentacles. If he eats a clam, he can harden his hands into a clamshell etc. Tamaki can use multiple transformations at once and can make these alterations to his body simultaneously. [2]

Through vigorous training, Tamaki possesses the ability to freely manipulate aspects of his Quirk including feature selection, size manipulation, and simultaneous manifestations. This gives Tamaki near limitless variation to the traits he can use.[3]

Tamaki can only manifest edibles within his body's system, meaning that he must replenish his arsenal by eating certain foods every single day. The items do not necessarily have to be food, as anything Tamaki's body can manage to consume will work with his Quirk.[3]

Usage Gallery

Super Moves

Chimera Kraken (キメラ・クラーケン Kimera Kurāken?): Tamaki mixes his Quirk to its maximum conflagration while arming himself with layers of shells for protection. Then he unleashes a massive tentacle attack that releases multiple giant tentacles that attack in a rotating wave. [3]


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