U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Team Kodai

Manga teams up with Yui and Kojiro.

In the Obstacle Race, Manga made it to 40th place. Before the Cavalry Battle, he decides to team up with Yui Kodai and Kojiro Bondo, forming Team Kodai. As Team Bakugo and Monoma engage in a confrontation, Manga's team interferes by Kojiro using his Quirk to stop them. However, Team Kodai is eventually knocked out of the match after they attempt to move towards Neito's Team, which causes them to fail in advancing to the tournament.

Forest Training Camp Arc

Tetsutetsu cries

Manga and the others cry at upsetting Vlad King.

When Class 1-B arrives at the training camp. Homeroom teacher Vlad King explains they will be extending their Quirks and the more they use their Quirks, the stronger they will be by breaking their limits. He also says that Class 1-B needs to join the spotlight, prompting Manga to cry and apologize for disappointing him. When Class 1-B witness Class 1-A's training, the Wild, Wild Pussycats appear to explain that they will be there to help and guide them in their training.[1]

On the night of the third day, Class 1-B acts as the scaring group during the test of courage exercise. However, that night the Vanguard Action Squad also attacks the camp. He’s one of the many people incapacitated and placed in critical condition by Mustard's gas.[2]

Shie Hassaikai Arc

Neito Monoma reveals that all of Class 1-B have passed the Provisional Hero License Exam.[3]

Joint Training Arc

Round 2 Start!

Round 2 Start!

Manga and the rest of Class 1-B show up for the Joint Training Battle, with Neito loudly claiming that the momentum is now moving to their side. Upon selecting teams, Manga is paired up with Itsuka, Shihai, and Kinoko for the second match against Class 1-A team consisting of Momo Yaoyorozu, Fumikage Tokoyami, Toru Hagakure and Yuga Aoyama.[4]

Before the round begins, Itsuka devises a strategy to defeat Class 1-A. Itsuka's first plan is to use Shihai to attack their rivals with Dark Shadow. If this fails, Itsuka predicts the others will use light. This will be the signal for plan b. The light gives away Class 1-A's location, giving Manga and Kinoko the opening to barrage Class 1-A with their long ranged Quirks.


Manga augments Kinoko's mushrooms with his Quirk "Comic".

After Shihai failed to capture Yuga, he and Kinoko proceed to initiate plan b.[5] As Kinoko spreads her mushrooms, Manga produces a large-string of Katakana using his Quirk "Comic" to separate Momo Yaoyorozu from the rest of her team. He then utters the word "ジメジメ" ("humidity"), creating a humidifier that boosts the growth of Kinoko's mushrooms even further, while hiding within the shadows.

Later on, Manga prevents Fumikage from chasing after Shihai, who captures Yuga Aoyama, by producing the Katakana "ピョン" ("boing") and "ギリ" ("grind"), which bounce into Fumikage as he is distracted by mushrooms growing on him. Because he has been using his Quirk too much and in rapid succession, Manga feels his throat getting a little sore, however his actions allow Shirai to remove Yuga from the match.

Itsuka Kendo grabs Toru Hagakure

Itsuka saves Manga from Toru.

Fumikage comes across Toru who is entirely covered by mushrooms. Fumikage realizes hat in order to stand a chance at winning, he and the other members of the Class 1-A team must locate their opponents, but the mushrooms hinder their movements and reveal their position. At that time, while facing Itsuka alone,[6] Momo manages to create and send to Fumikage and Toru a bag with infrared goggles for Fumikage and antifungal spays to get rid of the mushrooms. Thanks to this, both Fumikage and Toru are ready to face their opponents.

Class 1-B disappointed in their defeat

Manga disappointed in Class 1-B's defeat.

From his hiding place, Manga watches as Fumikage heads to Kinoko and Shirai's position, not realizing that Toru has done the same with his, since thanks to the spay she manages to get rid of the mushrooms that made his Invisibility Quirk useless. Manga is attacked by Toru, unable to defend himself from Toru's blows. However, Manga is quickly saved by Itsuka's intervention, who grabs Toru in one of her fists while an unconscious Momo is roped to her. Since Kinoko also managed to defeat Fumikage, Class 1-B team wins the round.[7]

After this, Manga stays to watch the remaining rounds along with the rest of the students. The Joint Training Battle ends with victory for class 1-A, and Manga expresses his discontent that his class ended up being defeated.[8] Despite the fierce competition and the result, the exercise ends on good terms between both classes, and later Class 1-B visits Class 1-A's dormitories for socializing and dinner.[9]

Endeavor Agency Arc

With Hero Work-Studies back in effect, Manga interns under Wash, alongside with Class 1-A student Koji Koda.[10]

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

The months go by until it's late March. Thanks to the police investigation and its spy Hawks, the Hero Public Safety Commission has found out the plans of the Paranormal Liberation Front and its allies. With this information the Commission organized a large force of Pro Heroes, divided in several teams to take down the villain organization.

A team of heroes has the mission of storming the main headquarters of the Paranormal Liberation Front, while another team lead by Endeavor will do the same at the Jaku General Hospital, where the Nomu are created. Finally, a third team, made up mainly of students and lead by Burnin, will be in charge of evacuating the residents of a city near the hospital and taking them to a safe place. Manga is in the last one. When everything is ready, the operation start and Burnin signals the students to start evacuating the citizens.[11] [12]

The Evacuation Team run away from the destruction

Everyone flees from the massive destruction.

The evacuation of the city proceeds without any problem. Manga collaborates with Koji to evacuate all the animals in the city while his classmates take care of the citizens. Suddenly, the Jaku General Hospital and the entire area around it begin to falling apart, and the disintegration spreads rapidly until it reaches the city itself.[13]

Izuku and Shoto try to stop the destruction but they fail, so Burnin quickly orders the students to run away from the unstoppable destruction, evacuating everyone. Koji and Manga use their Quirks to command the animals to flee.[14]


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