Magnetism ( () (りょく) Jiryoku?) was the Quirk used by Kenji Hikiishi.


Magnetism allows Kenji to magnetize people around her, up to a 4.5-meter radius of herself at will.


Magne generating a magnetic field.

She can magnetize a person's entire body or specific portions. Once magnetized, the targets either attract or repel each other, depending on whether they're of the same sex or not. Men are polarized south and women are polarized north, which is represented in the anime through a blue and a red aura, respectively.


Magnetism doesn't affect the user, or targets that are outside a 4.5-meter radius within range of the user.[1]


Kenji used magnetism both for offense and support. With the help of two allies of the same sex, Kenji could apply her Quirk to launch one of them off.

It appears that this Quirk can be used in conjunction with regular magnetism as well, since Kenji wielded a huge magnet that could affect targets of her Quirk.

Named Super Moves

  • Breakup Repulsion: Night Flight Cannon (反発破局 夜逃げ砲 Hanpatsu Hakyoku Yonige-Hō?): Kenji magnetizes two people of the same gender, causing them to repel each other. This causes the person she is not grabbing to be launched away at extreme speed.[2]


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