The Mad Hatters is a local four person rock group called to perform at the Marukane Department Store Live Event. With other Marukane Performers, they form the group FeatherHATS. Its members are:

  • Unnamed Leader - Lead Guitarist
  • Daiki - Drums
  • Hiroto - Keyboard
  • Akira - Bass


The four members are young adults and when they perform at a concert, they all sport a hat, each a different style. Outside the concerts all wear casual clothes, except the leader, who is always seen in the uniform of the band. Each member of the band has an aspect that identifies them: Daiki is a bit chubby, Daiki has long hair, and Akira always wears glasses on.


Generally, the four are quite friendly. The Lead Guitarist is the one who has shown the most personality, having a crush on the president of the East Naruhata High Dance Squad, and getting angry every time Koichi makes an inappropriate comment about her. In fact, his crush for her makes him refuse to participate in a Mixer with the rest of his band, arguing that it would be like betraying the woman he loves.


With Pop☆Step, they form the group of Feather Hats.


Each member of the band has its own Quirk.

Unnamed hair-grow Quirk: Daiki's hair grows.

Unnamed finger elongation Quirk: Hiroto's fingers become longer.

Unnamed Eye-Beam Quirk: Akira can shoot laser beams through the eyes



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