League of Villains vs. Snatch is a battle fought between Hero Snatch and the League of Villains.



After the Shie Hassaikai are defeated by the Heroes, and are escorted in special police vehicles to the Villain Hospital in Takodana, Tomura Shigaraki, Mr. Compress, and Dabi, arrive to the police convoy to get revenge on Overhaul and his mafia.

Snatch is present in one of the police cars to act as a bodyguard, and quickly emerges to fight the villains, after his car is attacked by Dabi. He protects the car and taunts the League of Villains, to which Tomura responds by jumping off of their own vehicle, and attempting to use his Quirk on Snatch, only to fail because of Snatch's immunity to Decay. Snatch attempts to restrain Tomura but is intercepted by Mr. Compress's Quirk, which throws the police car into the air.

File:League of Villains after confronting Chisaki.png

Snatch then safely lands on the road, carrying the policeman that operated the car. After this, he is confronted by Dabi. He deduces that Dabi is the mass murderer that made news recently, based on his Quirk, and when Dabi shows joy of this, Snatch scolds him for not caring about feelings of the victims' families. He tries to attack Dabi with a sand creature, but is quickly engulfed in Dabi's dark flames and compressed into a ball along with the fire.

When Mr. Compress asks Dabi if Snatch will die of the flames since sand does not burn, Dabi responds that Snatch can apparently turn only the top half of his body to sand and that he is possibly going to die.


The league get their revenge on Overhaul and defeat Snatch. Overhaul loses both of his hands and therefore use of his quirk. The league's attack makes it to the new making them more popular to the eyes of the publics.

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