The League of Villains vs. The Creature Rejection Clan is a battle fought between the League of Villains members Tomura Shigaraki, Mr. Compress, Spinner, Twice, and Himiko Toga against several members of the CRC.


About a month after Kurogiri's capture, the League of Villains have seen better days, forced to commit common acts of crime to survive.

League of Villains invade the CRC

The League of Villains welcome themselves into the house of the CRC.

They invade the Church of the CRC, where they hope to steal and sell valuables. The CRC is comprised of criminals who commit hate crimes against people with Mutant Quirks in the name of God. They're disgusted by Spinner's appearance, but the villains ignore them and start rifling through their valuables.[1]


Seeing the league desecrating his temple angers the radical bigots and they charge at the villains, demanding they leave immediately. Tomura dodges the attack of one of the clansman and grabs his head, telling the rest that they'll leave when they're finished. He warns the CRC not to mess with them if they don't want them overstaying their welcome.

Despite the warning, the CRC members attack the League. Tomura turns the clansman head to dust. Twice cuts open the throat of another using his measuring tape. Himiko cuts several of them down using her knife. One of the clansmen manages to get behind Mr. Compress, but he destroys the arm holding him. Spinner fights with his sword and before long the villains massacre the entire clan.

They rob the entire church but hardly find anything of value. Twice comments that religion isn't very profitable anymore and Tomura adds everyone is scraping by in the current economy. Himiko complains that she broke one of the needles and Compress suggests they see Giran soon.[1]


Spinner confronts Tomura

"Where're we going?!"

The League of Villains return to their hideout, where Spinner is dissatisfied with their day to day lives. Compress agrees that they're doing a disservice to everyone who looks up to them by living in poverty. Twice and Toga are both occupied looking through junk they stole from the church.

Dabi arrives and scolds his allies for sitting around. Twice argues that Dabi has been roasting their potential recruits. Tomura recalls Kurogiri's decision to retrieve a certain "power" All For One left behind for him. Spinner interrupts and confronts Tomura about the future of the League.

Suddenly, the hideout begins to shake vigorously. Everyone goes outside where Gigantomachia confronts All For One's successor. Tomura realizes this is the power Kurogiri set out to find. Gigantomachia desires to see if Tomura is worthy.[1]


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