Landmine (地雷 Jirai?) was the Meta Ability used by Chitose Kizuki.[1]


Landmine allowed Chitose to bestow explosive properties on anything she’s touched. The explosions could be detonated at will. The explosives she created are noted to not be very strong, but they’re still powerful enough to deal a lot of damage to a person if they’re used in numbers.[1]


Himiko Toga's blood explodes

Curious detonating Himiko's blood.

Chitose used her Meta Ability very strategically by planting traps for her opponents to walk into. With the support of her followers, she could force her targets into specific areas on the battlefield where her mines can detonate and injure them.

Chitose's Meta Ability also worked on human beings and her followers were willing to be turned into bombs for her. In order to counter Himiko Toga's Transform Quirk, Chitose used her Meta Ability on her own team so that their blood would explode on demand.[1]

The Curious Flattener weapon allowed Chitose to use her Meta Ability at close range by detonating small pieces of her transformable chain ring. She used this weapon to counter Himiko at close range by exploding her face.[2]


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