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All For One

Kurogiri seems to be loyal to the Sensei. He has been entrusted with looking after the latter's successor and ensures that he is given the proper guidance.[1]

Tomura Shigaraki

Kurogiri faithfully serves Tomura and carries out any command Tomura gives without question. He also appears to be a mentor to Tomura as Tomura's development was entrusted to him by All for One.[1] Kurogiri tries to curtail Tomura's impulsive nature by reasoning with him or giving him examples of to copy. In the case of Tomura's introduction to Dabi and Himiko Toga were an irritated Tomura tries to kill the latter two and Kurogiri stops him and reminds him that "if they are to act upon his desires, expanding the League is a necessity" and advises Tomura to accept Dabi and Himiko.[2] Kurogiri tries to recruit Stain to show Tomura what having control over his impulsiveness looks like and how it can help him gain power.[3]

Earlier in their relationship, Tomura would call Kurogiri names such as 'idiot' and often reply to him in a brusque manner. Kurogiri appears unfazed by the name-calling.[4] After his capture, Himiko notes that Tomura misses Kurogiri.[5] Daruma Ujiko believes that Kurogiri babies Tomura.[6]. It turns out that Kurogiri is a Nomu, and he was created to specifically care for Tomura.[7]


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