Kuin Hachisuka (蜂須賀 九印 Hachisuka Kuin?)[1] was a student and part-time villain serving the Villain Factory in the spin-off My Hero Academia Vigilantes.[2] With her Queen Bee Quirk, she possessed Tamao Oguro, the daughter of Knuckleduster. She is currently possessing Kazuho Haneyama.


Kuin's true identity is the Queen Bee itself.[3] In this form, she appears as a queen bee with an extremely bloated behind.[4]

Kuin has the ability to gain control of a person's body, usually young girls, by installing inside their head, and each of her guests had a series of similar aesthetic characteristics: she had short hair, styled so that it’s swept over her left eye, and visibly sharp teeth.

She wore a school uniform, which consists of a white dress shirt with a bow at the neck, a short pale skirt and a dark jacket with white sleeves which she adds over the top. She also wears dark nail polish, and normally She also wears an eyepatch over her left eye.

As for her physical characteristics, it depends on the body she is possessing. When she was in Tamao's body, she had brown hair, with two short ahoge sticking up at the end of her parting, and green eyes.

Currently, the new Kuin Hachisuka parasitizes the body of Kazuho Haneyama.



Kuin's personality was a fusion of Tamao Oguro's and the swarm of parasitic bees that had infiltrated her brain.[3]

Kuin appeared to be a cheerful girl who was described as strange by her own friends.

This cheerful attitude is, however, nothing more than a facade. In reality, she is a ruthless villain who does not seem to care about the destruction caused by the victims of her bees. She is also extremely manipulative and enjoys toying with the emotions of her potential victims.

She seems to be very fond of her bees, which she calls her "babies."

By utilizing Trigger, she sacrifices some control over her host body in order to achieve more strength, giving Tamao Oguro back some control.


High Agility: Kuin was able to leap from building to building with ease and run at speeds that surpass those of Knuckleduster.[3]


Trigger Kuin Tamao

Kuin attacking with a swarm of bees while inside her human host.

Queen Bee (女王蜂 Joōbachi?): Kuin's Quirk allows her to take control of a human host, as well as allow her to keep a massive swarm of worker bees in the human host with her. The bees are a hive-mind, allowing the bees to share mental messages with each other, as well as give Kuin the ability to command the bees telepathically.

The bees can contain substances in their bodies and use their stingers like syringes to inject said substances into a person's body by stinging them.[1]

When her bees are killed, the damage is reflected on her own body, as shown when Knuckleduster crushed one of her worker bees and Kuin's eye started bleeding and she felt pain.[1]

Leap ( (ちょう) (やく) Chōyaku?): While possessing the body of Kazuho Haneyama, Kuin can use her Quirk to leap at great hights and over large distances, as long as she has a solid surface to jump off of.

Former Quirk

Eel (ウナギ Unagi?): After injected herself with a blood sample collected from the Next-Level Villain Teruo Unagisawa, Kuin was able to use Eel as a second Quirk, being able to emit electricity from her fingers.[5]

Super Moves

  • Bomb Bees: Using the Queen Bee Quirk, Kuin can create Bomb Bees, highly explosive bees that detonate when ordered to. Creating even a single Bomb Bee takes a toll on the host,[2] and as such the ones created after the first are simple firecrackers.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • Kuin's surname contains the kanji for "bee, wasp, hornet" ( hachi?), "mandatory" ( su?) and "congratulate, greet, celebrate" ( ka?), and her first name contains "nine" ( ku?) and "seal, imprint, emblem" ( in?).
    • "Kuin" is also the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "Queen".
  • Kuin's favorite food is honey toast.[6]


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