When it comes to protecting people in cities... a hero's job is complex and multifaceted. There's the actual rescuing... plus... dealing with enemies!! Can you really handle... both situations?

Template:Character Infobox/Pro Kugo Sakamata (逆俣空悟 Sakamata Kūgo?), also known as the hero Gang Orca (ギャングオルカ Gyangu Oruka?), is the former No. 10 Pro Hero. He was part of Best Jeanist's team who was tasked with securing the League of Villains' Nomu storehouse and a examiner playing as a villain in the Hero License Exam Arc.


Kugo is a tall, well-built man whose body possesses the features of a killer whale. His eyes are located on the white patches those animals usually have, showing large pupils surrounded by many red rings.

His costume consists of a plain white suit with a high collar, and a wide pink tie which looks like his tongue hanging out. He also wears an orca mask that doubles as a cape.


From what little appearance Kugo has so far, he appears to be friendly to his fellow heroes. He showed relief that Yawara Chatora was able to rescue Tomoko Shiretoko and friendly teased Tsunagu Hakamata when they talked about Katsuki Bakugo. Kugo is also incredibly confident in his abilities.

Kugo can also be menacing and ruthless when required, shown in his 'villain' persona. He is also not above lecturing others. While being an examiner himself, he has a persona that's very similar to a drill-sergeant. He will yell at his subjects, patronize and insult them, leaving no room for argument and decide over their heads. However, he directs his persona only at those who he deems to need it and remains polite to everyone else.


Enhanced Strength: Kugo is physically strong thanks to his Quirk, seen as how he could beat a Nomu with his bare hands.[1] Kugo is able to break Shoto Todoroki's ice with ease, and also destroy Inasa and Todoroki's combo attack with a roar.

Enhanced Durability: Kugo demonstrates incredible resistance when he withstands Yo Shindo's Shake attack and an attack from Izuku Midoriya.

Enhanced Speed: Kugo is surprisingly fast despite his stature, being able to close the distance between him and Shoto before the boy could act.

Weaknesses: Kugo is weak against dryness. To compensate, he carries a water bottle to soak himself.


Orcinus: Kugo's Quirk gives him the abilities of a Killer Whale; he can even use these abilities on shore.

  • Sonic Waves: Kugo creates an intense sound wave attack that can paralyze his opponent. The distance between Kugo and his target can strengthen or weaken the power of his attack.

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  • The character of Gang Orca was originally conceived through Sakamata of Oumagadoki Zoo, one of Kōhei's previous works. Fittingly, Orca's real family name is Sakamata.
    • He was the second character to get this treatment, the first being Uwabami.
  • Gang is ranked number 3 in the "Looks most like a villain" Ranking.
  • Gang Orca's English voice actor, Tyler Walker, also voices Lunch-Rush.


  1. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 87 (p. 17).

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