Neito Monoma

Kosei and Neito appear to have a friendly relationship. During the U.A. Sports Festival Arc Kosei went along with Neito's plan to throw the qualifier. He also joined Neito's team for the Cavalry Battle, during which, he joined his classmate in taunting Katsuki Bakugo when briefly subduing him with his Quirk. [1]

Sen Kaibara

Kosei and Sen appear to be good friends, as mentioned in Volume 22. The two have teamed up during the U.A. Sports Festival and followed Neito Monoma's plan on overthrowing Class 1-A. Kosei is also one of the few who can make Sen smile at times when he's not in his stoic persona. [2]

Tsuyu Asui

Kosei's lecherous side

Kosei's lewd thoughts of Tsuyu Asui.

When Kosei got restrained by Tsuyu and dragged off to Team 1-A's prison, it appears that he presumably developed a small crush on her. While getting captured, he seemed to be mostly thinking about how Tsuyu's tongue was wrapped around him.[3]


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