People are not inherently weak! We all have power within us! And what we hope to demonstrate with our revival party... is that the good people and their meta abilities can triumph over evil!! Through their innate power, life will prevail!! We call for the dissolution of your league!! Now, my fine people, liberate them!! Combine your powers and open a path to the coming era!! Show the world that, yes, everyone is a hero! And that at the same time... no one is!!
Koku Hanabata in "Path"

Koku Hanabata ( (はな) (ばた) (こう) (くう) Hanabata Kōkū?)[1] is the leader of the Hearts and Mind Party who is secretly a leading member of the modern Meta Liberation Army. He is one of the main antagonists of the Meta Liberation Army Arc.


Koku is a man with reasonably long, dark hair that he wears swept back, a single strand left hanging down over his face, thin eyebrows, and a small mustache. He has an angular nose and small, feminine eyes with pale irises.

He wears a plain business suit, consisting of a white dress shirt, a black tie and a black blazer.


Not much is known about his personality at this time.


Meta Liberation Army Arc

Koku is present at the meeting of the Meta Liberation Army with his fellow executives. He informs Re-Destro that he has found someone who appears to be affiliated with the League of Villains and suggests making contact with them soon, which Re-Destro orders him to do at once. The affiliate is revealed to be Giran, who is dragged into the room and interrogated by Re-Destro. After Re-Destro has gathered the information he needs, the executives are dispatched to prepare for the League of Villains' arrival.

Koku and Curious are waiting at Deika City when Slidin' Go escorts the League of Villains there. Koku greets the League, explaining that 90% of Deika City's population, including the heroes, is made up of Liberation soldiers. He thanks them for coming so far to visit, declaring today to be a day of celebration and the League to be guests of honor. With that, Koku initiates the Revival Celebration and the soldiers begin their attack on the League. Koku tells them that if they're looking for Giran, he can be found in the tower behind them with the Supreme Leader, to which Twice angrily accuses him of reneging upon their agreement.

After Curious is defeated, Koku moves onto the battlefield in his campaign car and announces the details of her death to the Army. When asked what the Supreme Commander's response was, Koku relays Re-Destro's plea that Curious' sacrifice not be in vain, prompting a large group of soldiers to rush at Shigaraki.


Political Authority: Being a politician, Koku has some level of influence within the Japanese government and society in general. Since he's the leader of his own political party, he has full authority over it as well.

Leadership Skill: Koku is one of the Top Commanders of the new Meta Liberation Army, a military force that consists of over 100,000 members.

Charisma: Koku has been noted to possess an incredible level of charisma. He was able to raise the spirits of the Meta Liberation Army members and convince them to continue fighting, even after negative events, such as the death of Curious and the appearance of thousands of Twice clones.


  • Koku’s first name contains the kanji for "cavity, hole, slit" ( ko?) and "body cavity" ( ku?), and his surname contains "flower" ( hana?) and "field" ( bata?).


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