Kojiro Bondo ( (ぼん) () () () (ろう) Bondo Kojirō?)[1], also known as Plamo (プラモ Puramo?)[2], is a student in Class 1-B at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero.


Kojiro is a tall young man who is very large and muscular in stature, possessing very wide shoulders in comparison to his slender waist, and unusually sizeable hands. His skin is a yellow straw-like color, and his head is shaped somewhat like a glue-dispenser with a lappet on top, along with seven "eye-holes" on his face from which he can release his Quirk.

His hero costume consists of a pale, slightly baggy suit. Around his neck, wrists and waist, he wears circular accessories which resemble the lower part of the cap of a bottle of glue, and around his ankles slightly thinner, taller versions of these.



Described as a gentle giant, Kojiro has been shown to be a "shrinking violet" in comparison to the rest of his classmates, similar Koji Koda from Class 1-A. He often tends to stammer when speaking with his teammates during the Joint Training Arc, but despite this, Kojiro is shown be an easy-going guy as he seems to get along well with his classmates, even the quiet Yui Kodai.[3]


Enhanced Strength: Due to his big size, Kojiro is very strong, being able to carry another person on his back without trouble.


Cemedine (セメダイン Semedain?)[1]: Kojiro's Quirk allows him to spray a glue-like liquid from the holes in his head. The liquid hardens quickly, and can therefore be used to trap people and attach things to each other. It is stated that he can control the speed at which his adhesive dries.

Super Moves

  • Glue Squall (グルースコール Gurūsukōru?): Kojiro fires off his adhesive over a large surface area, causing that region to become sticky, prohibiting movement should one come into contact with it. Kojiro uses this in the battle against Team 4 of Class 1-A, during the fourth set of the Joint Training Battle, under Setsuna Tokage's command.[4]

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • His surname, Bondo (凡戸?), is pronounced homophonous, with the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "bond". Additionally, his given name contains the character for "solidify", "固", and Koji written differently means "stubbornness". With ji "次" being "next".
    • All of the above could be in reference to his Quirk, which is named after a kind of adhesive that is popular in Japan.
  • Volume 22 mentions that Kojiro's room is filled with plastic models, which he likes to put together.[1]


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