Koichi Haimawari & Christopher Skyline vs. Kirihito Kamachi is the battle between the Vigilante The Crawler and the American Hero Captain Celebrity against Kirihito Kamachi, a Next-Level Villain.


After the departure of Knuckleduster without saying anything to anyone, Koichi continues to act as Vigilante for Naruhata, facing evil doers alone.[1]


Kirihito Kamachi, a Next-Level Villain with a Mantis-like body, rampages down the streets of Naruhata. The Crawler appears, prepared to fight the evildoer, but Kirihito proves being more powerful and dangerous than he thought. Being overwhelmed, Koichi tries to run away but Kamachi is speedy too, and he chases the boy down the street. Koichi meets Jube Namimaru and Ichimoku Samazu, and ask them to help him, but they don't want interfere and wish him good luck.

While Koichi dodges Kirihito's attack, Pop☆Step appears at the top of a building and begins advertising a new show at the Marukane Department Store. This angers Koichi, who tells her to stop advertising and to call for a hero or the police to deal with the villain. Pop☆Step replies him that she had called Captain Celebrity already. Captain Celebrity appears, and choreographs his introduction to the public's joy and Koichi’s annoyance, who continues to dodge Kirihito's attacks. Koichi asks him to skip the intro and help him once against Kirihito. The hero swoops in to fight against the villain, and easily defeats him in a few seconds.[1]


After thanking Captain Celebrity for saving him, Koichi is told by Captain Celebrity that they should go back to the penthouse and talk about how justice should be handled going forward.[1]


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