Koichi Haimawari and Chizome Akaguro vs. Akira Iwako is a battle between Koichi Haimawari against the villain Akira Iwako, which Chizome Akaguro as Stendhal, later joins to help Koichi.[1]


The Crawler and Pop☆Step go out to perform Vigilante acts when they meet Akira Iwako, who is attacking innocent civilians again in his Impromptu Villain form. Koichi is surprised to see him once more and thought he was thrown in jail, to which Kazuho comments that since Akira did not commit multiple crimes, he was not registered as a villain.

Koichi avoiding Akira's Attacks

Koichi avoiding Akira's Attacks

Akira spots Koichi and is angered at seeing him again, deciding to pursue him. Because this time Knuckleduster is not with him, Koichi has to deal with the Villain alone. The first thing he decides is to lead Akira to an abandoned parking where he can’t harm anyone.[1]

Far from there, Kuin Hachisuka watches the fight through to bee. Previously, she had reached an agreement with the Vigilante Stendhal to kill some of the previous Impromptu Villains.[2]


The battle between Koichi and Akira continues, with some bystanders watching the confrontation and cheering Koichi, who tries to buy time until the authorities arrive. Koichi manages to evade Akira's attacks but notes that the villain is faster and stronger than before. As the fight progresses, Koichi is finding it harder to evade because the villain's punches have created holes in the pavement. Koichi's foot suddenly catches in one of the holes and Akira moves in to attack.

Just before Akira strikes, Stendhal intervenes and stops Akira's attack with his katana. He slashes several times against Akira which leaves cuts on Akira's hardened body. With this new threat, Akira decides to run away.

Koichi thanks the masked figure for saving his life, and asks him his name. His saviour reveals he is called Stendhal and is a fellow vigilante. Stendhal leaps over several buildings with ease and disappears from sight, meanwhile Koichi backs to his penthouse, gushing over Stendhal.

Stendhal kills Akira

Stendhal slaughters Akira as a siner.

Later, Akira is running in an alley, when suddenly a knife strikes him and he turns around, only to find a knife has been thrown into his right eye. Akira yells in pain as more knives are thrown at him. Stendhal appears and sees that losing focus causes Akira's Hardening Quirk to slowly dissipate. Stendhal knows why Akira is in pain and that is because he lacks conviction; wielding power without conviction is something he considers a crime.

Fulfilling his beliefs, Stendhal delivers his judgement and cuts down Akira with his katana, killing Akira.[1]


After killing Akira, Stendhal decides to move on to his next target: Soga Kugizaki. From the top of a building, Kuin Hachisuka has witnessed all this, being quite impressed by Stendhal’s skills.[1]


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