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|debutanime=[[My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising]]
|debutanime=[[My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising]]
|voice=Mio Imada
|voice=[[Wikipedia: Mio Imada|Mio Imada]]
|eng voice=
|eng voice=
|image gallery=
|image gallery=

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Slice (スライス Suraisu?) is a villain working with Nine in My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising.


Slice appears to be a young woman with fair skin, blue eyes that slope inwards, and noticeably full, glossy lips. She also possesses straight, shiny red hair with chin-length bangs that partially obscure her right eye, the back part of which reaching down to her thighs while two front strands appear long enough to reach past her feet. She wears it tied together at the ends down her back, the two longer strands left to fall down to her knees before looping back up behind her.

Slice wears a pale purple blouse with frilled cuffs, the collar upturned, and a pearl string necklace of a similar color. Over this is a short, navy blue dress with a collar so low it dips all the way down to her waist, as well as a thick brown belt that's fastened in 3 places around her waist. She also wears dark red gloves and frilled, thigh-high socks of a purple color, a pair of black boots with knee-high protrusions worn over the top, two bands of red binding them to her calves around the back. Along with this, she sports a black choker with a small red circle in the center, as well as a black domino mask over her eyes.


Not much is known about her personality at this time.


Not much is known about her abilities at this time.


Unnamed Hair Quirk: Slice appears to have a Quirk that manipulates her hair in the form of swords and knives.



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