U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Kinoko finishes the Obstacle Race at 34th place. She teams up with Itsuka KendoReiko Yanagi, and Setsuna Tokage for the Cavalry Battle, and doesn't object when Itsuka suggests for their team to allow Team Tetsutetsu to participate in the 1 vs. 1 battle in their place.

Forest Training Camp Arc

Kinoko is seen with Yui Kodai, Setsuna, Pony Tsunotori, and Reiko when Neito Monoma decides to taunt Class 1-A in an exaggerated manner. on their school trip On the second day of the training camp, she listens along with the rest of her class as their homeroom teacher explains that they will be training their Quirks.

When Class 1-B arrives at the training camp, their homeroom teacher explains that they will be extending their Quirks and that the more they use their Quirks, the stronger they will be by breaking their limits. When Class 1-B witnesses Class 1-A's training, Itsuka asks Shota how they can observe everyone, and he explains that is the reason the Wild, Wild Pussycats are around.

Kinoko is placed in critical condition when Mustard and the Vanguard Action Squad attack.

Joint Training Arc

Kinoko Komori Shemage Intro

Kinoko humidifies an area with her mushrooms.

Kinoko and the rest of Class 1-B show up for the Joint Training Battle, with Neito loudly claiming that the momentum is now moving to their side. Upon selecting teams, Kinoko was paired up with Itsuka, Shihai Kuroiro, and Manga Fukidashi. After Shihai failed to control Dark Shadow, Kinoko started to spawn mushrooms everywhere. Using her spray bottles and Manga's quirk, the mushrooms begin to grow more rapidly, giving Shihai a place to hide. Eventually, she is captured by Fumikage Tokoyami, but she grows her mushrooms in his lungs, rendering him useless. Kinoko's team is then able to win.


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