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|debut= [[Chapter 135]]
|debut= [[Chapter 135]]
|debutanime= [[Episode 69]]
|debutanime= [[Episode 69]]
|voice= Kengo Tsujii
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|image gallery= Yes

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Kesagiriman (ケサギリマン Kesagiriman?) is a Pro Hero.[1]


Kesagiriman wears a suit covered in fur, which covers his whole body except his fingers.



Shie Hassaikai Arc

Kesagiriman attends a meeting at Sir Nighteye's office to discuss the Eight Precepts of Death. He asks what happened to make the office start investigating the Yakuza two weeks prior, and Kaoruko Awata explains about the incident with Team Reservoir Dogs. When Juzo Moashi mentions that the Yakuza seem to have teamed up with the League of Villains, Gran Torino realizes why Sir Nighteye asked for him and Tsukauchi, which prompts Kesagiriman to ask where Tsukauchi is. Kesagiriman is shocked when Fat Gum reveals that the Yakuza have a drug that erases Quirks. Reading over the report of criminal activity, Kesagiriman acknowledges that the rise in crime appears connected to the Eight Precepts but questions if it is all circumstantial.[2] Sir Nighteye requests that all the heroes investigate their areas for leads before dismissing everyone.[3]

A few days later, Sir Nighteye holds another meeting and reveals the location of the Yakuza's base.[4] The next morning, the heroes, their interns, and the Police Force gather outside the Eight Precepts' base and are given handouts detailing the base's layout and the known abilities of the Yakuza.

Before the heroes can enter, one of the Eight Expendables attacks and Ryuko Tatsuma and her team remain to handle him as the others continue on. In the courtyard, one of the Yakuza launches the leaves of a tree at them but Kesagiriman blocks the projectiles and takes out the man.[5] Inside the base, Kesagiriman and a few of the other heroes remain behind to deal with the Yakuza.[6]


Kesagiriman attacks

Enhanced Speed: Kesagiriman is incredibly fast, as shown when he blitzes one of the Yakuza and knocks down all of the leaves.[7]


  • Kesagiri is a Japanese term for "slashing a sword diagonally from the shoulder."
  • His favorite food is fried chicken.


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