At some point during his childhood, Hawks saved a family during a high-speed car accident. The family were shocked to discover their hero was a child, and vowed to support him and his family.[1]

At 18 years old, Hawks started a hero agency and by the second half of that year, he ranked in the top 10 of the Hero Billboard Chart JP, the youngest and fastest hero to do so.[2]

Four years later, he ranked up to become the No. 3 pro hero and took on Fumikage Tokoyami as an intern.[3]

Sometime after the attack in Kamino, Yokohama, the Hero Public Safety Commission approached Hawks with the request that he become a double agent to infiltrate the League of Villains and ensure they have no secretive way to escape if they are found.[4]


Pro Hero Arc

In November, Hawks is presenting in the second half of the year's Hero Billboard Chart JP. During the event, it is announced that Hawks rises up one rank to No. 2 in the Top 10 hero ranking.[5] Disinterested in the speeches of the other Heroes, Hawks interrupts Edgeshot and takes the microphone. Hawks flies above the podium and gives a speech about how the approval rating system is the most important of all and how he disdains the speeches of the other heroes. Hawks flies down and hands the microphone over to Endeavor. After Endeavor's assuring statement, Hawks applauds him.

Backstage in Endeavor's room, Hawks is talking to a displeased Endeavor, since he enraged him during the event. Hawks explains that he tried to help Endeavor on the podium as he sees that Endeavor is fit to be a new leader to support everyone after All Might's retirement and expresses that he sees himself not fit to have that role, preferring to be in the lower ranks. Before Endeavor leaves dissatisfied of him, he requests Endeavor for a team-up as there has been an increase concerning sightings in his area, reminding Endeavor about the Nomus, to the Flame Hero's shock.[6]

Hawks knocks out Teruo

Hawks takes out villain.

Hawks brings Endeavor to Kyushu where he decides where they will eat to discuss the proposal of working together. During their trip, Hawks effortlessly takes out an extreme follower, helps civilians and socializes with his fans. Hawks decides to eat with Endeavor at Umai building, where Hawks tells Endeavor about the appearing rumors of the Nomus around the country instilling fear in the civilians and asks Endeavor, as the no. 1 hero, to reassure them. After getting the check, they are attacked by the rumored Nomu. Hawks is tasked by Endeavor to evacuate the building while he battles the creature.[7]

Meanwhile, Endeavor is facing off against High-End. Hawks is surprised that Endeavor can fly to which Endeavor considers it "not falling" and warns him not to underestimate the Nomu they are facing. High-End starts regenerating and comments on Endeavor's foolish attempt to finish it off in one strike.

Fierce Wings

Hawks rescuing everyone.

High-End smashes Endeavor across the building, so the top half of the building begins collapsing. Hawks uses his feathers to get all the injured civilians out of the building first. As Hawks' feathers begin delivering the injured down to safety, Hawks himself joins the fight and launches three feathers, which successfully strike its arm. Endeavor uses an advanced version of Flashfire Fist: Hell Spider and strikes High End with multiple fire streams which cuts up its body. Hawks wonders if Endeavor's move is his strongest, to which Endeavor comments about it not even being close. The cut up High-End begins regenerating and comments on the fight being interesting.[8]

Endeavor continues his battle with High-End and uses his fire streams to cut up the collapsing top half of the building. Hawks assists with cutting up the top half with his feathers and they manage to stop the building from collapsing. High-End continues regenerating but is hit by one of the Pro Heroes on the ground. Annoyed, High-End releases and sends several white Nomu to attack the Pro Heroes and civilians. Hawks uses his feathers as blades and cuts through two white Nomu, saving civilians in the process.

After High-End survives Endeavor's strongest attack, Hawks shouts a warning to the Flame Hero, but High-End strikes Endeavor, impaling his torso and striking him in the face, destroying his left eye.[9]

On the ground, Hawks dealt with the rampaging Nomu as the security forces took them into custody. Hawks noted to himself of he was fortunate they weren't too strong before he was alerted of the destruction caused by Endeavor and High-End. Hawks later made it to the fight where he used his feathers to enhance Endeavor's speed, allowing Endeavor to be launched at the villain. Hawks reminisced that he always watched the latter struggle to surpass All Might and voiced his desire to help Endeavor in his task.[10]

As Endeavor attacked High End, the impact of his attacked blew Hawk away and he is surprised by the speed. When Endeavor screamed for Hawks to give him more speed to help, Hawks complied and stated that his feathers are practically ash but Endeavor stated it was more than enough and used it to send him and the Nomu far from the city. With nothing to stand his way, Endeavor used a finishing move while noting he always hated the name to destroy High End for good. Endeavor emerged from the destruction and did a pose, similar to All Might's to show he was victorious. Hawks came to his aid and the two shared banter about the pose before moving to get help for Endeavor's wounds. However, they didn't get very far as Dabi appears on the scene and Hawks is confused by the latter's familiarity with Endeavor.[11]

Hawks threatens Dabi

Hawks meets with Dabi and threatens him.

Later on, Hawks meets with Dabi in alley, they discuss their initial plan and Hawks was angry he didn't keep to it but Dabi told him he couldn't trust Hawks right off from the start as he might be using him. Dabi also brought up Hawks bringing Endeavor when it should have been a random hero and questioned the lack of casualties. Hawks told him he had to keep up appearances as Dabi understood though told him he wasn't going to see the boss but promised to contact Hawks again. While walking, Hawks recalls his mission assigned to him by the Hero Public Safety Commission of gaining the League of Villains' trust and feels guilt at Endeavor's condition as he visits the latter in the hospital.[12]

After Endeavor is discharged from the hospital, Hawks walks with him to the airport showing guilt over the injuries that Endeavor has received. Despite Endeavor blaming the injuries on his own actions, he is suspicious over the timing of the Nomu attack, to which Hawks brushes off. Hawks deliberately had set up their meeting to catch the public attention, as to provide himself an excuse for the attack.. Endeavor warns Hawks to be careful in his continuance of his investigation, to which Hawks teases him for his consideration. He tells Endeavor it will take another day or so before all his feathers grow back and tells him to rest as well, as he sees Endeavor off.

Afterwards, Hawks thinks back to his meeting with the Hero Public Safety Commission in which he recalls their rather forced proposal in joining the league. Despite Hawks' remarks, they tell him his absence from the Kamino incident was very fortunate for them. Thinking back to his childhood, Hawks had always been driven towards the path of heroism ever since he saved a group of people from a 130 km/h car accident. The word that a child saved the day was discovered and Hawks' family was supported on behalf of his upbringing as a hero. Flashing back to the commission, Hawks agrees to corrupt himself and take on the job, as long as it puts everyone else at ease. He fantasizes of his dream of a society in which heroes have more free time and vows to make it a reality as fast as possible.[13]


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