Katsuki Bakugo grew up in the same neighborhood as Izuku Midoriya since they were young children. Izuku and Katsuki's other childhood friends gave him the nickname "Kacchan". Izuku and the other boys always looked up to Katsuki because of his energy, confidence, and natural-born talent. Because of this praise, Katsuki developed a rather arrogant and self-inflated view of himself and would often pick on Izuku and gave him the nickname "Deku". Despite this, Izuku continued to follow him around. 

Katsuki Bakugo Origin

"The most amazing hero always wins in the end."

Katsuki always admired All Might when he was young because the number one hero would always win against the odds. While watching a video of him at the electronics store, Katsuki tells his friends that All Might is the greatest hero because of his ability to achieve victory. Sometime later, Katsuki defeated a few fourth graders, as a first-grader, who bumped into him. With Izuku looking on, Katsuki says that the most amazing hero always wins no matter what.[1]

Once Katsuki developed his Quirk, his aggressive tendencies transformed into heinous bullying. He was constantly praised for his powerful Quirk and other talents. As a result of this, he developed a twisted superiority complex as a young child. Believing himself to be better than everyone else, Katsuki looked down on Izuku especially because he lacked a Quirk all together. 

Izuku And Katsuki As Kids

Izuku offers to help Katsuki.

Despite this, Izuku still considered the two of them to be friends at the time, but things escalated when Izuku tried to help Katsuki after he fell off a small bridge into a stream. Izuku offered a helping hand, but Katsuki's pride caused him to take this an insult. He believed that Izuku made him appear as if he needed aid from someone who is beneath him. This would strain the relationship between the two for years to come.[2]


Entrance Exam Arc

During class at Aldera Junior High school, the teacher announces that all students will graduate, and Katsuki contends the notion that he is of the same status as his peers. He refers to his classmates as beneath him and tells them all that he alone will attend U.A. High and surpass the number one hero: All Might.

Katsuki Blasts Izuku

Katsuki bullies Izuku.

The teacher discloses that Izuku is also attempting to get into U.A., much to Katsuki's displeasure. Katsuki berates Izuku and uses his Quirk to scare him by exploding his desk. He tells Izuku that because he is Quirkless, he will never succeed at anything, especially getting into U.A. 

Katsuki and two of his friends confront Izuku after class. They take his hero notebook and Katsuki burns it before tossing it out the window into a fish pond. Katsuki reminds Izuku that only he himself is destined to reach that school and Izuku is just a stepping stone for his greatness. Before leaving the room, Katsuki warns Izuku not to apply to U.A. at all.[3]

After school, Katsuki and company try to decide what to do for fun and ponder if Katsuki was too harsh on Izuku. Katsuki ignores them, only replying that he cannot stand Izuku's optimism and someone needs to teach him how the world works. The boys suggest they skip class and go to the arcade but Katsuki refuses because it could ruin his chances of getting into U.A.

Just then, the Sludge Villain captures Katsuki and goes on a rampage through the city. Katsuki tries to break free using his Quirk but is unable to, only setting fire to the area around him and making it more difficult for heroes to intervene.

Katsuki tries to break free

Katsuki tries to break free.

As people and Heroes are watching, unable to help Katsuki, Izuku rushes to help him. While Katsuki demands to know why Izuku is helping him, Izuku states that he could not stand by and let Katsuki die. The two are ultimately saved by All Might, who destroys the villain while freeing Katsuki at the same time.

Afterward, Izuku is scolded for his recklessness and Katsuki is praised for his Quirk, but the latter only frowns at him in silence. Later, he finds Izuku and yells at him for trying to help. Katsuki claims he was fine on his own and he may owe him but he was never going to apologize for his previous actions of destroying his book and voiced he didn't need any help before angrily storming away.[4]

Katsuki In The Exam

Katsuki dominates in the Entrance Exam.

Months later, Katsuki arrives to take part in the U.A. Entrance Exam. While walking in, Katsuki notices Izuku walking in and tells him to move out of the way. Later in the auditorium, Katsuki is seated next to Izuku, whom he has to tell to shut up after he starts geeking out over Present Mic being the examiner. Katsuki is also upset by the fact that he and Izuku must participate in separate areas because Katsuki was excited to crush him.[5]

After the exam begins, judges note that Katsuki took on the exam using brute force and combat ability.[6] By the test's end, Katsuki scored seventy-seven combat points, the most out of any participant. He also received the lowest amount of rescue points, as he was the only student not to get any rescue points at all. Examiners were still impressed by his performance. They made note of how he remained calm after the zero giant Villain-Bot arrived and took out the smaller bots with ease.[7]

Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

Katsuki and Tenya Argue

Katsuki meets Tenya.

At the end of Orudera's academic year, Katsuki and Izuku are praised by their teacher for being the only two students in school history to get accepted into U.A. Katsuki angrily confronted Izuku and demanded to know what trick Izuku used to pass the exam. Katsuki wanted to be the only one from their school to attend U.A. and threatens for Izuku to change schools. However, Izuku stands up to Katsuki for the first time by refusing to withdraw, claiming that he now has someone who believes in him and he won't let them down.

April arrives and the U.A. academic year begins. On the very first day, Katsuki argued with Tenya Iida about having his feet on the desk. Iida tries to introduce himself calmly, but Katsuki recognizes him as just another stepping stone and threatens to crush him. Their disagreement is ended when they see Izuku entering (with him being shocked both are his classmates). Very soon, the teacher Shota Aizawa arrives and takes them out to the P.E. field for a quirk assessment test.

Shota Aizawa uses Katsuki as an example to explain the test. Throughout middle school, physical tests were always given without quirks in mind. This led to Katsuki only throwing about sixty-five meters on his original ball toss. This time, Katsuki uses his Quirk to throw the ball and his explosive toss sends the ball over seven hundred meters.[8]

The class goes through several different physical tests, including a fifty-meter dash and a standing long jump. Katsuki uses his quirk to excel in both and claims that his quirk is the most versatile in the class.

When Izuku takes the pitching test, Katsuki mocks him for being powerless but is shocked when Izuku uses a Quirk to toss the ball as far as he did. Katsuki questioned why Izuku never got his Quirk as a kid and angrily tried to attack Izuku for an explanation, but Shota stops him from doing so using his Quirk and capture weapon.[9]

Battle Trial Arc

The next day at school during Hero Basic Training, Katsuki and the other students suit up in their hero costumes for combat training. Katsuki is teamed with Tenya Iida on Team D and must face off with Team A, consisting of Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka. Team D are assigned the villainous mission protect a warhead inside a building. Team A is assigned the task of stopping the villains by capturing the payload or the villains themselves.

Episode 6

Izuku tells Katsuki that "Deku" is the name of a hero.

As combat training begins, Katsuki still ponders over Izuku's Quirk and started to get angry as he believed Izuku was intentionally hiding his abilities from him for years and was playing him. He goes off his own and attempts to ambush Izuku and Ochaco. Izuku evades and saves Ochaco even though Katsuki manages to burn off his mask.

Katsuki tries to attack Izuku again, but he is countered and slammed to the ground by the latter. Izuku reveals to the surprised Katsuki that the same notebook Katsuki previously burned and threw out had notes about Katsuki's moves along with other heroes, which he memorized and knew ways to counter them. Finally standing his ground to Katsuki, Izuku tells him that he is no longer the same kid Katsuki used to bully and the name "Deku" would be a hero name, as Katsuki is angered at his declaration.[10]

Katsuki attacks again but his moves are countered once more and he is nearly caught by the Capturing Weapon but breaks free. Then Izuku retreats, forcing Katsuki to search the building alone, giving Uraraka a chance to escape and find Tenya. Tenya tries to contact Katsuki, but he is too focused on attacking Izuku that he ignores him.

Grenadier Bracers

Katsuki aims his explosion at Izuku.

Katsuki eventually finds Izuku, demanding he use his quirk while revealing information about his own. He explains that his Explosion Quirk works by detonating the nitroglycerin he sweats. The gauntlets on his costume store this "nitro-sweat", and once they're full Katsuki can fire off a huge blast.

All Might cautions him not to use the attack, but Katsuki does so anyway though he minimizes the damage. Izuku narrowly evades and the blast destroys a large portion of the building. All Might warns Katsuki should he use that attack again, his team will be disqualified.

Katsuki takes the duel into close quarters, where he easily dominates Izuku in combat while berating him. He uses his explosions to change his trajectory in the air and blast Izuku from behind. Then he grabs onto Izuku's arm and slams him into the ground after using explosions from his free hand to build up momentum. Katsuki's fighting style garners him commendation as a villain from his peers watching alongside All Might though they note he's going too far.

Izuku and Katsuki clash

Deku VS Kacchan.

Katsuki again demands that Izuku use his quirk and questions whether Izuku feels he is too good for him now. This irritates Izuku, who expresses that he has always felt Katsuki was better, and that's why he wants to beat him.

Filled with emotion, both fighters rush each other for a final clash as Izuku uses his quirk which delights Katsuki as he moves to attack. Knowing he cannot defeat Katsuki at close range, Izuku alerts Ochaco and uses his Quirk to smash the ceilings from every building story above him. The shockwave creates enough debris for Ochaco to use on the floor above. She uses her Quirk to float the debris and sends them flying at Tenya, then uses the opening to grab the weapon and secure the victory for Team A.[2]

In disbelief at his loss, Katsuki begins to panic and hyperventilate at the idea of losing to Izuku for once. He is soon calmed and consoled by All Might, who tells Katsuki that it does not matter whether he won or lost, but that he takes a look back to reflect on his experience and learn from it. All Might leads Katsuki back to the monitoring room with the rest of the class where they critique the match. Momo Yaoyorozu comments that Katsuki acted under a grudge and that his attack was far too foolish for the exercise, to which All Might agrees while Katsuki sulks. Katsuki watches the next match between Team B and Team I. He is visibly stunned by Shoto Todoroki's incredible Quirk and starts to wonder if he really is the best after seeing that amazing power.

Episode 8

Katsuki's damaged pride.

After all the Battle Trial's are completed and the school day is done, Katsuki storms out of the school but is closely followed by Izuku. Once he catches up, Katsuki asks if he will gloat but Izuku reveals that he hasn't been deceiving Katsuki about his Quirk. Izuku goes on to reveal that he got his Quirk from someone else and can't yet control it, but Katsuki refuses to believe that as the whole thing sounded ridiculous.

In response, Katsuki admits his failure and inferiority to others even admitting to agreeing with Momo and acknowledges he can't defeat Shoto in a head to head fight. His pride has been damaged, but Katsuki declares that he will never lose again and will follow his dreams to become the best. All Might arrives and tries to console Katsuki again, but this time Katsuki tells him off and promises to surpass the number one hero without his help.[11]

U.S.J. Arc

Interview With Katsuki

Reporters annoy Katsuki.

The next day of school, reporters looking for an interview from All Might recognize Katsuki. They ask if he's the victim from the Sludge Villain incident but he only responds by warning them to walk away.

In Class 1-A's homeroom, Mister Aizawa criticizes Katsuki's performance during combat training. He says Katsuki has the talent and tells him not to sulk over his defeat. Next, Aizawa asks the class to choose a president. Katsuki tries to get himself elected but ends up losing out to Izuku. Irritated, Katsuki demands to know who voted for him.

During Hero Basic Training Class, Aizawa informs the class that they will undergo yet another training exercise. However, this time it will be a rescue training event held at an outside facility. The students suit up in their costumes and head out on a bus to the training area. Katsuki is teased by his classmates on the ride there. Denki Kaminari and Tsuyu Asui both comment on Katsuki's repulsive attitude, outraging him.

Katsuki Eijiro VS Kurogiri

Katsuki and Eijiro attack Kurogiri.

When the students arrive at the facility, Rescue Hero Thirteen greets them. Katsuki listens to her explanation on how she built the facility and it is named the Unforeseen Simulation Joint. She goes on to lecture the students about using their powers to save people, but is ultimately interrupted by the arrival of several villains.[12]

Aizawa orders the class to evacuate with Thirteen, but they're cut off by an ominous villain using his warping Quirk. He introduces himself as Kurogiri of the League of villains. Katsuki and Eijiro hastily attack the villain, but their attacks don't affect his intangible body. Kurogiri counters by using his Quirk to separate the class into the many different simulation zones. Katsuki ends up with Eijiro in the Ruins Zone.[13]

Katsuki & Eijiro vs Villains

Katsuki and Eijiro fight villains in the Ruins Zone.

Together, Katsuki and Eijiro easily defeat the villains trying to ambush them in the Ruins Zone. While discussing what to do next, they disagree on their next course of action. Katsuki wants to defeat Kurogiri and cut off the villains escape route while Eijiro desires to save his classmates.

A villain tries to take Katsuki by surprise, but he swiftly counters and routs the villain. He reassures Eijiro that their peers can handle themselves against the weak criminals. Eijiro is impressed by Katsuki's calm demeanor, but this only angers Katsuki who claims he's always that way. Eijiro continues by stating that perhaps Katsuki is saying to have faith in their peers, and decides to accompany Katsuki's search for Kurogiri.[14]

Katsuki attacks Kurogiri

Katsuki blasts Kurogiri.

They arrive at the central plaza just in time to save the day. Kurogiri almost warps Izuku away, but Katsuki swoops in and blasts the villain while yelling for Izuku to get out of his way. Katsuki pins Kurogiri down by his neck armor and explains that he's already discovered the villain's weakness. Kurogiri's body is not fully intangible, he hides his physical form under the black smoke from his Quirk.

By aiming his attack at Kurogiri's neck armor, Katsuki was able to exploit his weakness. He warns the villain not to move, or else he will blow him to pieces. Tomura Shigaraki orders Nomu to free Kurogiri, and Katsuki is not fast enough to react to Nomu. He is saved when All Might takes the brunt of Nomu's attack, but Kurogiri is freed as a result. Katsuki watches the ensuing battle in awe, where All Might uses his incredible power to defeat Nomu.[15]

Katsuki comments on how intense the situation is and decides to remove himself from the rest of the fight. However, Izuku rushes to All Might's side. Katsuki notices the incredible speed Izuku uses to confront the villains. Izuku and All Might are saved when Tenya returns to the U.S.J. with Pro Heroes as reinforcements. Katsuki is then instructed to leave with the rest of the class and they meet outside the facility. Katsuki continues to wonder about Izuku's Quirk, but is abruptly told by Eijiro to return with the class to school.[16]

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Two days after the attack on the U.S.J., Katsuki and his classmates return to school and talk about the attack. Minoru Mineta complains about his fear and Katsuki responds by insulting him and telling him to shut up. After Mister Aizawa returns to class, Katsuki and his peers lectured about the importance of the upcoming U.A. Sports Festival.[17] At the end of the day, Katsuki confronts a mob of students blocking Class 1-A's exit. Katsuki realizes these students must be there to scout their competition for the festival because Class 1-A survived a real villain attack.

Katsuki trains for the festival

Katsuki trains for the U.A. Sports Festival.

He tells the crowd that he is a real future pro for them to move aside, calling them extras. Katsuki is approached by Hitoshi Shinso, who says that although some students may be scouting, he is there to declare war on them. Another student, this time from the other hero course, yells at Katsuki for being arrogant but Katsuki ignores him and walks away. Eijiro says Katsuki can't leave after making everyone hate Class 1-A. Katsuki does so anyway, saying that the people don't matter and the only thing that's important is that he defeats them all.

For the next two weeks before the festival, Katsuki trains at the Replica City District. When the day of the U.A. Sports Festival arrives, Katsuki changes into his P.E. clothes and prepares with his class in their designated waiting room. Like the rest of his peers, Katsuki overheard Shoto Todoroki challenging Izuku Midoriya. Katsuki takes exception to this because he feels as if Shoto is declaring war on the wrong person.

Students boo Katsuki

The other students heckle Katsuki.

Before the festival begins, First Year Chief Referee: Midnight calls Katsuki to the stage to lead the pledge. Instead, he simply announces that he will win the games, angering his fellow competitors and generates boos from the crowd. Midnight announces the preliminaries will be an Obstacle Race four kilometers around the stadium, which immediately begins after the rules are explained. Shoto gets out to an early lead by freezing the stadium's exit, but Katsuki avoids the ice by using his explosions to propel himself past them.[18]

Using his explosions to move through the air, Katsuki flies overtop the villain-bot blockade. He is followed close behind by Hanta Sero and Fumikage Tokoyami. Hanta comments that he expected Katsuki to try and blast through the blockade, and is impressed by Katsuki's strategy. Katsuki reaches the next obstacle soon after: The Fall, a canyon laced with tightropes. Katsuki avoids using the tightropes all together by flying over the canyon completely. After Shoto reaches the final leg of the race: the Mine Field and is forced to slow down, Katsuki finally catches up to him.

Katsuki Catches Up Shoto

Katsuki catches up to Shoto.

Katsuki yells at Shoto for declaring war on the wrong rival, and the two engage in combat as they run for first place. Then suddenly, a giant explosion goes off, propelling Izuku past both of them. Although Katsuki and Shoto momentarily catch back up, Izuku uses a second explosion to stop them for just enough time to cross the finish line first. Katsuki crosses the finish line after Shoto, placing him in third. Katsuki is enraged after losing to Izuku again, but he qualifies for the second round: The Cavalry Battle.[19]

While Midnight explains the rules of the Cavalry Battle, she notes that anyone who knocks other teams down will be disqualified, irritating Katsuki. Having placed third in the Obstacle Race, Katsuki is worth two hundred points for the Cavalry Battle. 

While everyone scrambles to make teams for the second round event, many students from Class 1-A try to convince Katsuki to form a team with them. However, he is unable to recall their names or their Quirk's, making them comment negatively on his ego. Then Eijiro Kirishima asks to join but Katsuki forgets his name as well and greets him as "Dumb Hair". After correcting him and pointing out his spiky hair, Eijiro pitches his Quirk's compatibility to Katsuki's. Katsuki says he needs someone with guts and Eijiro replies that they should go after Izuku's ten million points together, exciting Katsuki.

Fumikage blocks Katsuki

Fumikage's Dark Shadow protects Izuku from Katsuki.

Team Bakugo is formed with Katsuki as the rider and Mina Ashido, Hanta Sero and Eijiro as his horses. After the Cavalry Battle begins, Katsuki flies through the air and tries to attack Team Midoriya, who are flying using a jet pack and Ochaco's Quirk. Katsuki nearly blasts the team, but he's blocked by Fumikage Tokoyami's Dark Shadow Quirk. Unfamiliar with Fumikage, Katsuki is frustrated as he asks what his dark shadow is. Katsuki falls out of the air, but is caught by Hanta's Tape Quirk.

Soon after, Katsuki's headband is stolen by Neito Monoma from Class 1-B. Neito takes a moment to explain that Class 1-B purposely placed low in the Obstacle Race to scout their Class 1-A Rivals, calling them fools for obsessing for winning over the preliminaries. He continues to taunt Katsuki by recognizing him as the victim from the sludge villain incident. Now absolutely livid, Katsuki explains that his team has a new agenda: to annihilate Team Monoma before they go after Izuku.[20]

Katsuki attacks Neito, but the latter evades and then counters using an explosion of his own. When Katsuki tries to blast him again, Neito uses Eijiro's hardening power to block it. This forces Katsuki to realize that Neito's Quirk is the ability to copy other Quirks. When Katsuki tries to attack again, his team is immobilized by Neito's classmate: Kojiro Bonto. As Team Monoma runs away, Neito takes a moment to taunt Katsuki over his address at the opening ceremony for the festival. This infuriates Katsuki, but his determination to win remains steadfast.

Mina uses her Quirk to free the team and Katsuki uses an explosion to propel himself at Team Monoma. One of their members: Kosei Tsuburaba uses his Solid Air Quirk to repel Katsuki, but only for a few moments. Katsuki punches through the air shield and grabs two of the headbands around Neito's neck as he tries to flee, then Hanta recovers Katsuki using his Tape Quirk. Undeterred by his team's elevation into second place, Katsuki orders his team to continue pursuing Neito. Katsuki claims that he will go after Izuku's ten million points after they recover the headband Neito stole from them.

Katsuki beats Team Monoma

No Mercy!

Katsuki strategically uses his teammates Quirk's to close the distance between the two teams. Kosei tries to stop him, but Katsuki blasts through the air shield and takes Neito's last headband. All Might is impressed that Katsuki understands a truth that no one needed to teach him: "there's a difference between those who aim for the top and those who settle, and that difference matters". Mister Aizawa comments that although Class 1-B had a good strategy, they failed to take Katsuki's "overwhelming tenacity" into account. Even after securing more than enough points to advance, Katsuki urges his team to go after the Izuku's team.

With only seconds remaining, Katsuki's team joins the fray already brewing between Team Midoriya and Team Todoroki. Katsuki notices that Team Todoroki has secured the ten million points, and damns Shoto for it. Katsuki tries to go after Shoto, but time runs out. Despite placing second in the event and moving onto the finals, Katsuki is extremely frustrated after failing to be the undeniable champion of the round.[21]

During the lunch break, Katsuki secretly eavesdrops on Shoto's conversation with Izuku in the student entrance corridor. Shoto explains that his father created him to usurp All Might, and he plans to win the festival without using his father's power. Katsuki leaves after Izuku replies that he will do his best to defeat Shoto.[22]

Katsuki doesn't recognize Ochaco

"Ochaco Uraraka... who the hell is that?"

Midnight reveals that the finals will be a one on one fighting tournament and everyone draws lots for their matchups. Katsuki is set to face Ochaco Uraraka, but he fails to recognize her name and questions who she might be.[23]

Katsuki watches the first match between Izuku and Hitoshi Shinso. He becomes nostalgic when Izuku wins using the same shoulder throw he used during the Battle Trial. Denki reminds him of this, Katsuki tells "Sparky" to shut his mouth.[24]

Seven matches later, Katsuki takes to the ring to face his opponent: Ochaco Uraraka. He warns "pink cheeks" to withdraw from the match because he isn't going to hold anything back. She refuses and starts the engagement by rushing Katsuki. He immediately blows her away with an explosion and repeats that she should've dropped out of the tournament. He blasts her again, only to realize he's exploded only her jacket. She threw it through the smoke as a distraction and nearly gets the drop on Katsuki. Thanks to his incredible reaction time, he's able to blast Ochaco away before she can touch him and use her Quirk to send him out of bounds.

Katsuki's Super Explosion

Katsuki unleashes a super explosion.

Ochaco continues to rush Katsuki over and over again, and although Katsuki continues to blast her repeatedly, she continues her assault without resting between attacks. The crowd starts to boo Katsuki for being too rough, but Aizawa calls out the man who starts the uproar. He explains that Katsuki's fierceness is an acknowledgement of his opponent's strength, and he's simply doing everything he can to keep Ochaco at bay so he can come out on top.

As the smoke clears from all the explosions, Ochaco remains undeterred, still standing from Katsuki's barrage. Katsuki keeps his guard up, uneasy that Ochaco "isn't dead yet". This time, rather than dash at him, Ochaco thanks Katsuki for keeping his focus on her. Confused, Katsuki glances up to see a great amount of debris floating high above them. Ochaco kept low to the ground as she moved so that Katsuki's explosions tore up the floor of the ring, creating weapons for her. Then she kept him focused on her by attacking relentlessly, rendering Katsuki oblivious to the impending meteor shower.

As she releases her Quirk, causing all the debris to fall down towards Katsuki, Ochaco rushes at him to try and capitalize on an opening. Without any other choice, Katsuki unleashes a large, powerful explosion that repels all the debris, horrifying his opponent as she gets blown away as well.

Katsuki figured Ochaco would have some sort of plan since he now remembered her as being friends with Izuku, and quietly states to himself that this was a close call. Katsuki rushes Ochaco, claiming it is time to get serious. She tries to stand up and fight, but ends up collapsing. He keeps his guard up even as she crawls towards him, but Ochaco ultimately falls unconscious and Katsuki is declared the winner.[25]

On his way to the student section, Katsuki happens upon Izuku in the hallway and is immediately irritated by his presence. He accuses Izuku of providing Ochaco with her "annoying" strategy, but Izuku angrily denies it and says that if the battle was harder than Katsuki had anticipated, then it is because of Ochaco's own plan and not his.[26] Katsuki eventually makes his way back to the stands with his classmates, who tease him for playing the villain in his fight. He angrily tells them to shut up, and Denki comments in disbelief that Katsuki would aim a powerful explosion at a fragile girl. Katsuki sits down and replies that he most definitely would not label Ochaco as frail.[27]

Katsuki ponders over Shoto's ice

Katsuki realizes Shoto's weakness.

As the match between Izuku and Shoto begins, Eijiro returns from his victory to sit down with his class. Eijiro tells Katsuki that they will fight next, to which Katsuki replies that he'll kill him. Eijiro laughs it off and then sarcastically says it must be nice that Katsuki and Shoto can use attacks that blast the entire stadium. Hanta adds that they also do not need to pause between attacks.

Katsuki calls them morons and explains that just like sprinting drains your breath, Quirks can be worn out because they are physical abilities too. Then Katsuki thinks to himself about his own limits and muses over that he designed his costume so that he could fire off stronger blasts than his body normally allows him to.

Continuing to watch the battle between Izuku and Shoto closely, Katsuki notes that Shoto's movements have become sloppy and assumes the reason behind it is because all the frost forming on his body. Katsuki compares Shoto's Quirk to that of a video game's MP meter.[28] When the match ends, Katsuki is taken back by Izuku's defeat.[29]

Katsuki defeats Eijiro

Katsuki defeats Eijiro.

As the second round proceeds, Katsuki faces Eijiro in his next match. Katsuki and Eijiro trade blows, but Eijiro's hardened body dampens Katsuki's Explosions while Katsuki's cheek is cut open by Eijiro's hardened punch. Katsuki is forced on the defensive because of Eijiro's defensive abilities, but is eventually able to injure Eijiro after landing a few more explosions.

Katsuki realizes that Eijiro's Hardening weakens through continuous strikes and takes advantage of that by barraging him with a series of explosions. Eijiro's defense eventually gives way and he is knocked unconscious by Katsuki's final blast.[30]

In his semi-final match up, Katsuki duels with Fumikage Tokoyami. He comments that Fumikage's Dark Shadow is annoying and continues to brutalize it using his explosions. Fumikage is forced completely on the defensive as Katsuki's attacks continue to get faster, not giving his opponent any room to counter attack.

Katsuki defeats Fumikage

Katsuki overwhelms Fumikage in the semi-finals.

After striking Dark Shadow with an explosion in mid-air, Fumikage orders it to grab Katsuki, but he evades and jumps behind them. Then Katsuki uses his stun grenade technique to flood the arena with light and pins down Fumikage by exploiting his weakness. Fumikage asks if Katsuki knew his weakness all along, to which Katsuki replies he learned by attacking over and over again. Katsuki admits it was an unfair match up for Fumikage and tells him that he's finished. Fumikage surrenders and Katsuki proceeds to the finals to face Shoto Todoroki.[31]

Katsuki accidentally barges into the wrong waiting room and finds Shoto there. He yells at Shoto for being in the waiting room until he realizes that he's actually entered the wrong room. Shoto doesn't pay Katsuki any mind, much to his irritation. He uses a small explosion to try and intimidate Shoto, saying that he better bring his best to their upcoming bout. Shoto replies that Izuku told him the same thing, and then asks if he was so helpful during their childhood. This greatly annoys Katsuki, who kicks over the table and yells for Shoto to ignore Izuku and his family issues so that he can use his fire during their battle. Katsuki angrily exits the room and states he wants to everyone to know he can beat Shoto at full strength. While walking through the hallway Katsuki muses over the thought of bombing the entire stadium in the finals.

Katsuki escapes the ice

Katsuki blasts his way out of the ice.

The U.A. Sports Festival's finale between Katsuki and Shoto begins soon after.[32] Shoto opens the fight with a large scale ice attack. At first it appears that Katsuki is frozen inside the icy prison, but he endures it by blasting through the ice with his explosions. After freeing himself from the frozen prison, Katsuki says Shoto has powerful attacks, but he also has bad aim and needs to try harder. He rushes Shoto, who attempts to touch him with his right side, but Katsuki uses a small explosion in mid-air to avoid being frozen. Katsuki grabs on to Shoto's left side and throws him away. Shoto recovers by creating a wave of ice that he surfs and sends towards his opponent.

Katsuki tries to blast Shoto, but he avoids and grabs onto Katsuki's arm using his left hand. Instead of burning Katsuki, Shoto simply tosses him away. This only annoys Katsuki, who questions if Shoto feels he's unworthy of his flames. He continues, threatening to kill Shoto and berates him for not giving their match his best. Katsuki demands Shoto use his fire so that he can defeat him at his best and prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the strongest student at the festival.

Shoto mulls over his words until suddenly Izuku starts cheering for him from the crowd. Katsuki notices and comments that Izuku is a stupid nerd before propelling himself in the air. Encouraged by Izuku, Shoto ignites his flames, exciting Katsuki. To counter, Katsuki decides to use his special move: Howitzer Impact. He begins his attack by using small explosions to propel himself in a circular motion and create a twister that surrounds him. However, just as the two superpowers are about to clash, Shoto extinguishes his flames and exposes himself to Katsuki's large scale explosion.

Katsuki doesn't accept victory

Katsuki dissatisfied with his victory over Shoto.

When the smoke clears, Katsuki realizes Shoto did not actually use his fire and has been blasted outside the ring. Unsatisfied, Katsuki runs over to Shoto even though he's unconscious and furiously demands that he get back up because a victory in this manner is meaningless to him. Midnight uses her Quirk to knock Katsuki out and declares him the victor of the battle and first year champion of the U.A. Sports Festival.[33]

When Katsuki awakens he goes ballistic with fury, still angry with Shoto for basically throwing their match. He has to be restrained, muzzled and chained to the champions podium during the closing ceremony for the festival. All Might removes the restraint mask on his face before congratulating him on foreshadowing his victory during the opening ceremony. He notices Katsuki's face is scary thanks to his undeniable rage and tries to give him the gold medal. Katsuki refuses and tells All Might to get that "garbage" away from him because he still hasn't proved he's the best. All Might tries to encourage Katsuki to accept the medal even if it's just as a scar. Katsuki still refuses, so All Might forces it in his mouth.

After the Sports Festival concludes, Class 1-A returns to their homeroom class, where Aizawa grants them the next two days off. Katsuki is still visually upset with the way he's won. Katsuki remains fuming even until the next day, where he wakes up at noon and angrily brushes his teeth, yelling for his mouth germs to die as his mother shouts at him to stop being loud.[34]

Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Katsuki returns to class two days after the Sports Festival. Mister Aizawa teaches them about Hero Informatics and reveals the draft results prior to the festival. Katsuki received 3,556 offers from Pro Heroes, second highest in the class behind only Shoto. Denki comments that this is because Pros may have been reluctant to send nominations to a student who needed to be chained up at the end of the festival. Katsuki angrily replies that if a Pro was scared away, than they are just weak.



Midnight joins the class to help them select hero names for their upcoming internships. Initially Katsuki tries to choose King Explosion Murder (爆殺王 Bakusatsu Ō?), but Midnight says it's too violent. While Katsuki re-writes his code name, he notices Izuku chooses Deku as his moniker and is annoyed. Once everyone else is finished presenting Katsuki changes his alias to Lord Explosion Murder (爆殺卿 Bakusatsu Kyō?) and Midnight comments that it's basically the same as before.[35]

At lunch time, Katsuki finds himself irritated while listening to the class discuss Izuku's workout regiment. When first day of the internships arrive, Katsuki receives his costume and boards a train to Best Jeanist's agency.[36]

When Katsuki arrives at Best Jeanist's office in Tokyo, Best Jeanist admits that he isn't very fond of Katsuki because of his attitude despite being talented enough to take on as a sidekick. Katsuki is irritated by the Number 4 Hero's lecture and tries to approach him, forcing the Pro to restrain him using his Quirk. Best Jeanist continues, stating that he will transform Katsuki into an exemplary hero by the end of their time together.[37]

Bakugo Jeanist

Katsuki regrets his internship choice

The next day, Best Jeanist scolds Katsuki on the importance of a hero maintaining an elegant appearance. He styles Katsuki's hair similarly to his own, prompting Katsuki to regret choosing his agency.[38]

After Stain's defeat is published, Best Jeanist explains that the Hosu City incident is all over the news, but reminds Katsuki and his sidekicks that they must remain calm and collected. While Best Jeanist tells everyone that everything will run smoothly as normal, Katsuki mulls over his poor choice of an internship.[39]

Sometime during the internship, Katsuki goes out on patrol with Best Jeanist. He asks Katsuki the importance of patrolling, to which he answers so that they can find and beat up villains easier. Best Jeanist says this answer is wrong and corrects him. Patrols are to show the public who heroes are and give them peace of mind. Then, a few small children recognize Katsuki from what he believes to be the Sports Festival. However, they actually recall him from the Sludge Villain incident. This angers Katsuki, who yells at the kids and makes them cry. Best Jeanist asks Katsuki to deal with them properly, but Katsuki ends up intimidating them further.[40]

Eijiro and Hanta make fun of Katsuki

Hanta and Eijiro laugh at Katsuki

The internship concludes at the end of the Week and Katsuki returns to U.A. High. His first day back he is immediately met by Eijiro and Hanta hysterically laughing and making fun of his new haircut. Embarrassed, Katsuki lashes out at them in anger and his hair returns to normal.

During Basic Hero Training, Katsuki immediately declares Izuku will lose but watches the Rescue Training Race and notices Izuku's new abilities are copies of his own movements. Katsuki is greatly shocked and irritated that Izuku improved a great deal while he was stuck wasting his time with Best Jeanist.[41]

Final Exams Arc

One week prior to Final Exams, Eijiro notes that Momo is being virtuous in her studies and suggests that he may join her. Katsuki who came in third in mid-term grades, angrily asks if Eijiro wants him to beat the lessons into his head, as Eijiro states he's counting on it. After lunch, Katsuki overhears Denki and Mina talking about how the practical portion of the finals consists of fighting robotic villains. Katsuki believes they're far too excited and yells at them both, telling them he'd destroy whatever was in the way and they needed to learn to control their Quirks as the scared duo note he is right.

Katsuki turns his attention to Izuku and states that the way the latter is using his Quirk now is pissing him off. Ochaco figures that Katsuki is referring to Izuku's movements, during the rescue training race and how they matched Katsuki's own. Katsuki claims that he doesn't want an empty victory like the U.A. Sports Festival, and says that their personal grades in the upcoming finals will determine their status. Katsuki declares he will the best as he threatens to defeat Shoto as well before he storms out of class. Eijiro notes that Katsuki hasn't been so intense in a while, and Fumikage replies that impatience and hatred have gotten the better of him. As Katsuki walks through the school corridors, Aizawa notes that Katsuki is getting worse.[42] 

Izuku and Katsuki paired for finals

Katsuki finds out he's been paired with Izuku

In the days leading up to final exams, Katsuki helps Eijiro study. After completing the written portion of the exams, Katsuki and his class meet at the training grounds in their costumes for the practical portion. There, Class 1-A meets with the teachers and Principal Nezu explains that the practical has been changed from fighting robotic villains to being paired together and facing off with one of the teachers. Katsuki is shocked to find out that he and Izuku have been paired together against All Might in the tenth and final match.[42]

Principal Nezu goes on to explain that students can either escape or handcuff their teacher to pass the exam within thirty minutes. All Might adds that the teachers will wear high-density weights to give the students a handicap. Katsuki claims that the teachers are underestimating the students but All Might replies that they will see during their battle. Aizawa dismisses the students, and Katsuki shuns Izuku to wait for their battle alone.[43]

When the time arrives for their match, Katsuki tries to ignore Izuku while walking through the replica city. Izuku pleads with Katsuki to consider escaping rather than fighting All Might. Katsuki refutes him and says that he will beat All Might himself. Izuku replies that it isn't possible, angering Katsuki enough for him to hit Izuku and demand he stops speaking. Izuku says he's trying to communicate so they can pass, but Katsuki replies that Izuku's power isn't needed in this battle. They begin yelling at each other but are interrupted when a shockwave sent by All Might decimates the city street.[44]

Katsuki blasts All Might

Katsuki tries to fight All Might alone

Katsuki notices All Might's malicious presence and notes how intimidating it is. Izuku wishes to run, but despite this Katsuki decides to stand his ground. He uses Stun Grenade to blind All Might but the hero resists and grabs Katsuki's face. Katsuki counterattacks with small consecutive explosions that don't appear to harm All Might and he slams Katsuki into the ground. When he recovers, Katsuki tries to rush All Might but ends up crashing into a fleeing Izuku. After the recoil, Izuku tells Katsuki they need to retreat and Katsuki replies that he will win because that's what heroes do. This prompts Izuku to remember their childhood and how Katsuki admired All Might as a hero because he always won in the end regardless of the situation. 

Izuku continues his pleas to no avail and then suddenly All Might pins down Izuku using a guardrail before sending Katsuki flying with a punch powerful enough to make him vomit. All Might approaches Katsuki and says he understands Katsuki's anger is because of Izuku's sudden growth. He continues, saying that Katsuki is stifling his own potential but Katsuki interrupts and says that if he has to work with Izuku, then he'd rather lose. Disappointed with his students reply, All Might prepares to finish him off. Izuku swiftly comes to the rescue and punches Katsuki away, telling him not to say he'd rather lose. Izuku carries Katsuki away down an alleyway until Katsuki makes him stop. He tells Katsuki to at least try working together because saying he'd rather lose is against Katsuki's nature. 

Episode 37

Katsuki tearfully compromises on his pride, and works with Izuku

Angered, Katsuki blasts the piece of wall next to Izuku's head and says that they can't avoid fighting All Might. Katsuki believes their only chance is to blast him at point blank range with all the firepower they have. When All Might passes by their alleyway, Katsuki makes himself known and blasts All Might from behind. All while struggling to come to terms with his decision to work with Izuku. Once Katsuki gets All Might's attention, he calls for Izuku to appear behind the number one hero, having given him a grenadier bracer beforehand. Izuku pulls the pin from the gauntlet and blasts All Might. He questions how Katsuki has been using such a powerful weapon and Katsuki orders them to run for the escape gate together.[45]

While fleeing, Katsuki notices that All Might destroyed the entire area from their initial entrance to the escape gate earlier. Izuku comments that All Might isn't chasing them and perhaps got knocked out by the explosion. Katsuki tells him that he's an idiot for believing that and gets taken by surprise when All Might suddenly catches up to them with his blistering speed and breaks both of the grenadier bracers. All Might knees Katsuki into a building and grabs Izuku. Katsuki quickly recovers and rushes All Might again, only for him to slam Izuku into him and subsequently pin them both down.[46] While immobilized, Katsuki mulls over All Might's overwhelming power and admits he is the worlds greatest hero. 

Maximum Firepower

Katsuki risks it all to win.

All Might dissects their earlier plan and states that the fight is over because he's destroyed the grenadier bracers. Katsuki demands he stops talking and blasts All Might with a super explosion similar to the one he used against Ochaco in their Sports Festival fight. Then he grabs Izuku and warns him he's going flying. He throws Izuku towards the escape gate only for All Might to smash him into a nearby bus.

Katsuki rushes over to distract All Might and admits to himself that it was foolish to believe he could best All Might without taking any risks, and uses a second super explosion against him. Izuku moves slowly towards the gate and Katsuki yells for him to hurry. Katsuki continues to blast All Might with super explosions so that Izuku can make for the escape point which would force All Might to stop him. All Might does just that, giving Katsuki the opening they were looking for. However, All Might avoids Katsuki's attack and slams him into the ground. Falling out of consciousness, Katsuki bites All Might's hand and says he refuses to believe that he can't win even if he's up against All Might.

Izuku and Katsuki escape from All Might

Izuku carries Katsuki through the escape gate.

Surprisingly, Izuku does not escape; instead, he rushes back to help Katsuki. Izuku smiles and punches All Might in the face, asking his mentor to move aside. While All Might is suffering from slight recoil, Izuku grabs Katsuki's unconscious body and gets through the escape gate.[47]

Katsuki and Izuku pass the exam and are taken to Recovery Girl's office to receive treatment.[48] Recovery Girl scolds All Might for not restraining himself during the fight. Recovery Girl says that Katsuki likely won't wake up for a while and they should both rest with her. All Might muses over Katsuki's ability to smile in the face of adversity and says that he cannot wait to see how much stronger Katsuki will become much stronger in the future.[1]

Once final exams conclude, Katsuki learns that he passed both portions of the final exams and will attend training camp during the summer. After class, Katsuki's peers decide to go shopping to buy what they need for the camp. Eijiro asks Katsuki to join them, but he refuses.[49]

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Forest Training Camp Arc

A day prior to summer break, Izuku invites Shoto and the other boys from Class 1-A to the pool for endurance training. They hold competitive swimming races and Katsuki wins his leg by flying over the pool instead of actually swimming. Just before Katsuki, Izuku and Shoto compete in the final race, Shota arrives and tells them they're out of time to use the pool and kicks them out. Afterward, Katsuki claims he'll never lose to Izuku or Shoto.[50]

Summer break begins and Class 1-A rides a bus to a forest reserve belonging to the hero team: The Wild, Wild Pussycats. Pixie-Bob and Mandalay introduce themselves and challenge the students to reach base camp past the forest in three hours. When most of Shoto's peers refuse, he and his class are forcibly thrown into Beast's Forest by Pixie-Bob's quirk.

Katsuki destroys dirt monster

Katsuki destroys one of Pixie-Bob's dirt monsters.

A monster created from dirt clods immediately attacks Minoru. Katsuki works together with Izuku, Shoto, and Tenya to defeat it. Class 1-A works together to fight their way through Beast's Forest.[51] They encounter several different dirt monsters. Katsuki and Shoto take one out together, much to Katsuki's displeasure.

Class 1-A doesn't arrive at basecamp for several more hours. Well over their time limit, Class 1-A arrives at the base camp exhausted and battered. Mandalay reveals the time limit was the expectancy for actual heroes, not the students. Mandalay's nephew Kota, punches Izuku in his groin. Katsuki says the boy is precious, and Shoto compares the two to each other. This angers Katsuki and he threatens Shoto until Shota breaks it up. The Pussycats serve the students dinner and the boys bathe in the hot springs afterward.

Training begins the next day. Shota makes an example out of Katsuki by having him throw the ball like he did during the fitness tests. Katsuki expects to toss the ball over a kilometer but only throws it four meters farther. Shota explains that while the students have gotten stronger, their quirks have not.[52] Katsuki trains by soaking his hands in boiling water to open his sweat glands and then creating a large explosion repeatedly.[53] On the evening of the third day, Katsuki ends up paired with Shoto for the test of courage. He tries to make Mashirao switch partners with him, but Mashirao refuses. Class 1-A students roam the forest while Class 1-B students try to scare them. The duo is slightly shaken by a Yui Kodai and Ragdoll.[54]

The League of Villain's Vanguard Action Squad unexpectedly attacks the training camp during the night. Shoto, who is carrying an injured Kosei Tsuburaba, and Katsuki walk through the forest while trying to avoid the poisonous gas. Mandalay sends out a message using her Telepathy Quirk, telling the students not to engage the invading villains. On their way, they encounter the villain Moonfish. Katsuki asks Shoto which group was ahead of them, to which Shoto answers Fumikage and Mezo. The villain admires a severed arm on the ground and turns his attention to the duo before warning them not to distract him from the flesh.[55]

Katsuki and Shoto vs Moonfish

Katsuki and Shoto encounter Moonfish.

Mandalay sends a telepathic message to all the students giving them permission to engage in combat. She also informs everyone that Katsuki is one of the villain's targets. Katsuki ignores Mandalay's warning and rushes to attack Moonfish. Moonfish nearly stabs Katsuki with his Quirk enhanced teeth blades, but Shoto blocks it with his ice.

Shoto warns Katsuki not to attack carelessly. Irritated, Katsuki mentions that he gets the feeling Izuku is involved in Mandalay's sudden change of heart. Moonfish nearly stabs Katsuki again, but he evades. Shoto repels him using ice and the villain moves through the treetops using his Quirk. Shoto sternly tells Katsuki not to start fires because they could ignite the forest and kill their own classmates.[56]

Moonfish continues his assault on the tandem from the sky. He rains down teeth attacks that pierce Shoto's ice and nearly strike the boys. Frustrated with his inability to fight back, Katsuki threatens to blast the villain without restraint. Shoto tells him not to and Katsuki angrily tells Shoto to cover the forest with ice should they burn. Shoto replies that a large scale explosion could impair his vision and make it difficult for him to target a fire.[57]

Episode 44

Katsuki and Shoto tame Dark Shadow.

Their battle is interrupted when a berserk Dark Shadow rampages through the forest chasing after Mezo, who is carrying an injured Izuku on his back. Mezo desperately pleads for one of them to provide light to tame Dark Shadow.

Shoto prepares to use his fire, but Katsuki tells him to wait. Moonfish attacks Dark Shadow and is ultimately crushed as a result. Katsuki advises Shoto to wait until Dark Shadow finishes the job and it defeats Moonfish. Immediately following the criminal's demise, Katsuki and Shoto create light with their Quirks to return Dark Shadow to its weaker form.

Katsuki reminds Fumikage that his Quirk is a bad matchup for Dark Shadow. Fumikage thanks the boys for saving him, and then the group decides their next priority is to escort Katsuki back to camp. Katsuki watches in confusion as the group devises a plan to protect him. When they decide on their strategy, Katsuki yells at them and tells them he doesn't need protection. They start to move out as Katsuki continues to complain.

Katsuki gets kidnapped

The villains successfully kidnap Katsuki.

The Bakugo Escort Team eventually reach Ochaco and Tsuyu fighting off Himiko Toga. Izuku recruits them to their mission. The girls question why Katsuki isn't present, forcing the team to realize that Katsuki and Fumikage are missing. Mr. Compress makes his presence known and explains that he took Katsuki with his magic because he'll shine brighter on the villain's side.[58]

Izuku, Katsuki, Shoto, Ochaco and Tsuyu chase Mr. Compress until the boys are able to tackle him out of the air. They stop him at the villains rendezvous point and a battle ensues to decide the fate of Katsuki and Fumikage.

The team is able to rescue Fumikage, but Katsuki is ultimately captured by the Vanguard Action Squad. As his body is reverted from Mr. Compress' Quirk, Katsuki is dragged by his neck by Dabi into Kurogiri's portal. Izuku cries out for Katsuki, only for the latter to nervously reply for Izuku to stay back.[59]

Hideout Raid Arc

The League of Villains kidnap Katsuki and restrain him to a chair. He's surrounded by villains and hidden inside their secret bar. They all listen to a broadcast berating U.A. for allowing one of their students to fall into the hands of the villains. Tomura Shigaraki explains that hero society has been shattered and the villains have gained a victory over Pro Heroes. Tomura suggests that Katsuki join them since he's known for winning.

Katsuki blasts Tomura

Katsuki refuses to join the League of Villains.

Tomura asks Dabi to release Katsuki's restraints. Dabi refuses because he knows Katsuki will fight back. He makes Twice do it instead. Mr. Compress apologizes for kidnapping Katsuki in such a violent manner and assures him that the League of Villains is an organized group. Katsuki is relieved of his restraints and he immediately knocks Twice over and blasts Tomura's mask off with an explosion to his face.

Katsuki complains about the villains endless talking and surmises that they just want him to join so they can start trouble. He emphatically states that he loves to win but he'll only win as a hero like All Might and the villains will never change that. [60] Katsuki knows his value to the league and believes he can take some of them out before he escapes. Magne mentions that Katsuki is clever but Mr. Compress argues he should've pretended to be on the villain's side. Katsuki replies that he'll never fake anything he does.

Tomura Shigaraki recovers and orders his allies to stand down. Tomura puts his mask back on and expresses his disapproval of Katsuki's refusal. With no other choice, Tomura asks his master to lend him his power. Katsuki is surprised to learn that Tomura isn't the actual leader and taunts him for it. [61] Tomura orders Compress and Kurogiri to restrain Katsuki again and the young student worries that Kurogiri is too fast for him to fight.

Katsuki watches All For One

Katsuki watches as All Might clashes with All For One.

Their confrontation is interrupted by a sudden knock at the door from Kamino's pizza delivery. While everyone is focused on the mysterious knock, All Might breaks in the opposite wall of the hideout behind the villains to take them by surprise. Kamui Woods quickly restrains everyone except Katsuki. All Might apologizes to Katsuki, who refuses to admit he was ever scared. [62]

Before All Might can finish interrogating the villains, a mysterious black liquid transports Nomu into the hideout. They distract the heroes while the black liquid spills from Katsuki's mouth and warps him away before All Might can save him.[63] Katsuki is transported to the Nomu Factory by All For One. All For One helps Tomura start his scheme over again because he deemed Katsuki an important piece of the plan. All Might swiftly catches up to the villains and confronts All For One alone. [64]

Katsuki is shocked the boss villain is able to hold All Might back with his bare hands. All For One repels All Might with a powerful Air Cannon and Katsuki yells out in disbelief. All For One assures him All Might will return and orders his subordinates to capture Katsuki and retreat. The villains surround Katsuki and the young man knows he has to fight to survive.

Katsuki escapes from the Villains

Katsuki escapes from the villains.

Katsuki fights the villains six on one, using his explosions to evade their attacks and keep them at bay He knows the villains are trying to drag him away by force this time and he can't let Compress lay a finger on him. All For One is holding All Might back so Katsuki is on his own. Katsuki keeps his distance from the villains. He knows All Might can't fight at full power with him around.

Izuku, Tenya, and Eijiro suddenly launch themselves into the air high above the battlefield. Eijiro calls out to Katsuki, telling him to come and escape with them. Katsuki listens to his closest friend and uses a giant explosion to propel himself high into the air. He uses a second explosion to soar through the sky and catches up with his fellow students, calling them idiots after he grabs Eijiro's hands. [65]

Compress pursues the group, but Mt. Lady stops him. Gran Torino stops the other villains from chasing the kids and they escape safely. Katsuki times an explosion that helps the group land safely. They escape into the city and Izuku calls Shoto to confirm the rescue was a success. Katsuki argues that he wasn't rescued and only left with them so All Might could fight at max power.

Izuku and Katsuki cheer on All Might

"Win All Might!!"

The world watches the epic clash between light and darkness on a public screening. All For One manages to injure All Might and reveals his weak form to the world. Katsuki stares in shock as he finds out his idol has been of his unstoppable image. As All Might stands silently near defeat, Katsuki becomes nervous. He and Izuku both yell out for their favorite hero to fight back and win. [66]

All Might defeats All For One in epic fashion, putting Katsuki's mind at ease. After his victory, All Might delivers an inspiring message saying "you're next". Everyone believes All Might is referring to putting a stop to the other villains but Izuku starts crying dramatically. Katsuki notices the strong difference between Izuku's reaction compared to everyone else. [67]

Katsuki's classmates take him to the police station and he's returned home. After the events of his kidnapping and the fight in Kamino, U.A. decides to transform into a boarding school. All Might and Aizawa visit the Bakugo household to get Katsuki's parents permission. His mother Mitsuki immediately agrees to the plan and slaps Katsuki across the head for being weak. He yells at her not to hit him but she does it again and yells back. Katsuki's father tells them to stop arguing in front of the teachers but Katsuki tells him to stay out of it.

Katsuki confronts All Might about Izuku

Katsuki asks All Might about his relationship with Deku.

All Might and Aizawa ask again if Katsuki's parents are sure about moving Katsuki into a dorm. Mitsuki claims she's grateful for it because she was relieved to hear Aizawa claim the villains would have no sway on Katsuki at the press conference following the kidnapping. She goes further of how she is happy, they see him for who he is and don't pride him like others did, which is what caused his personality. She knows U.A. will face harsh criticism but claims the Bakugo family will entrust Katsuki to them as they're forever thankful for what they've done.

Afterward, Katsuki follows All Might outside and asks what Deku is to him. All Might claims he's his student just like Katsuki is. Katsuki's disappointed with the answer. Mitsuki tells him not to go outside and Katsuki returns to his home. [68]

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Class 1-A moves into Heights Alliance following U.A.'s conversion to a boarding school. Aizawa introduces his class to their new homes, but first, he confronts them about Katsuki's rescue. He claims everyone but Katsuki, Kyoka, and Toru would be expelled if it weren't for All Might's retirement. The mood over the class becomes gloomy. Katsuki raises everyone's spirits by forcing Denki into his stupid state. Then he repays Eijiro for the night vision goggles he bought for the rescue mission.

Katsuki repays Eijiro

Katsuki repays Eijiro for saving him.

Everyone moves into their new dorms and the girls try to host a room king contest. Katsuki thinks its stupid and goes to bed instead.[69] Class 1-A begins training for the Provisional Hero License Exam the next day. Ectoplasm, Midnight, and Cementoss bring the class to Gym Gamma to develop a set of Super Moves for the exam.

Katsuki trains to develop his Quirk by using his explosions to spar with an Ectoplasm clone. He's able to destroy one with a large scale explosion and expresses his joy about being able to let loose again. He demands Ectoplasm give him another clone to fight and continues training. All Might and Aizawa watch and agree that Katsuki will continue to grow stronger. [70]

A few days later, Katsuki develops a new Super Move. He focuses his explosion into a single point and then fires it off as a concentrated blast. Katsuki develops AP Shot (Armor Piercing Shot) and uses it to pierce a solid slab of stone. A piece of the stone falls close to All Might and Katsuki warns him. Deku suddenly swoops in and kicks the stone to pieces, surprising Katsuki and everyone watching. [71]

Katsuki Bakugo vs Ectoplasm

Katsuki training to increase the scale of his explosions.

Irritated, Katsuki tells All Might to watch himself and storms off with an explosion. The day of the licensing exam arrives and Class 1-A travels to the National Dagobah Arena. Inasa Yoarashi introduces himself to Class 1-A and Katsuki notices he's from the most famous hero course in western Japan, Shiketsu High School. [72]

Ketsubutsu Academy High School students arrive and introduce themselves to Class 1-A. Yo Shindo tries to shake Katsuki's hand and comments he has a strong heart after being at the center of the Kamino Incident. Katsuki refuses Yo's hand and tells him to stop pretending because he can see through his fake facade.

Everyone enters the stadium and Yokumiru Mera explains the purpose and rules of the licensing exam to over one thousand participants from various schools. Only 1% of students can pass the first phase of the exam. Students must use orange balls to tag the three "weak points" that everyone must place on their bodies. The first one hundred students to eliminate two people will advance. Katsuki takes his three targets and puts them in plain view across his waist.

The first phase begins and Izuku suggests that Class 1-A stick together, but Katsuki refuses and goes off on his own.[73] Eijiro and Denki follow Katsuki to a streetside area of the arena. Katsuki yells at them both to stop talking and Eijiro replies telling Katsuki to relax. A mound of flesh is thrown at Katsuki and Eijiro throws himself in the way to save his friend. The flesh attack transforms Eijiro into a meatball that lands in Seiji Shishikura's hand.

AP Shot Auto-Cannon

Katsuki destroys Seiji's flesh bullets.

Seiji starts monologuing about Class 1-A's vulgarity compared to their Shiketsu rivals. Katsuki mentions that he hates Seiji's type but Denki is intimidated. He even taunts Seiji's eyes and Denki pleads with Katsuki to stop provoking him. Seiji activates his Quirk and claims that Katsuki acts in ways that disgrace heroes. Katsuki refutes Seiji's claims and tells him to speak with actions instead of words. [74]

Seiji attacks with flesh bullets and Katsuki counters with his AP Shot: Auto-Cannon Super Move. The violent U.A. student claims he made a weaker version of his Super Move so he doesn't kill anyone. Seiji prepares his next attack and claims he'll break Katsuki's pride so he'll become dignified. Katsuki rushes Seiji and says he'll shut up once he's blown to pieces. Denki reminds Katsuki that they're in the middle of the test and the latter replies that's why he has to kill his Shiketsu opponent.

Katsuki Bakugo meatball

Seiji turns Katsuki into a meatball.

Denki tries to intervene but ends up missing his target. Seiji taunts him and Katsuki interrupts with an armor-piercing shot. Seiji manages to block the attack and sneaks a piece of flesh onto Katsuki's neck. Before Katsuki is kneaded into a meatball, he throws one of his grenades to Denki. Denki uses the grenade during his fight with Seiji. Denki commends Katsuki for thinking ahead and not putting his teammates in danger.

Denki manages to injure Seiji and he loses his hold on the meatballs. Katsuki and Eijiro return to normal and both deliver the finishing blow. Katsuki berates Denki for taking so long and upsets him. Seiji's other victims return to normal as well. Excited, Katsuki licks his lips and announces they have targets. [75]

Katsuki, Denki, and Eijiro manage to eliminate two people each and pass the exam. They go toward the anteroom and happen upon Izuku, Ochaco, and Hanta on their way. Katsuki says he isn't surprised that Izuku passed and says he's made his borrowed Quirk his own. This shocks Izuku as Katsuki walks by him straight into the waiting area. [76]

All of Class 1-A manages to pass the first test and the arena is transformed into a disaster zone. Before rescue exercises begin, Nagamasa Mora confronts Katsuki along with Inasa Yoarashi and Camie Utsushimi. He asks Katsuki if he met Seiji during the first phase. Katsuki confirms he defeated Seiji and Nagamasa apologizes for Seiji's attitude. Nagamasa claims Seiji can't help projecting his ideals onto someone famous like Katsuki.

Katsuki, Eijiro, and Denki rescuing people

Katsuki refusing to rescue people.

The second phase of the exam begins and Katsuki rushes off on his own again. Once again Eijiro and Denki follow him through the arena. [77] They arrive at the mountain area and there are two H.U.C people asking for help. Katsuki yells at them and orders them to save themselves. They conclude that Katsuki realized they were low priority rescue but dock his points for an inappropriate tone. Katsuki overhears this and scares them with his anger. [78]

Katsuki refuses to help other people that Denki and Eijiro decide to rescue. The exam ends after Denki and Eijiro save the last two people from H.U.C. [79] Everyone meets to look over a presentation board revealing who passed the exam. Katsuki is livid to find out that he failed the exam. He demands Denki let him see his grading sheet. Yokumiru Mera eventually addresses those who failed, which includes Shoto and Inasa as well. Yokumiru reveals that there is a three-month special training course that students can pass to obtain their provisional licenses. Katsuki, Shoto, and Inasa all decide they will participate rather than taking the test again. [80]

Episode 60

"We need to talk about your Quirk."

That evening, Class 1-A talks about classes starting up again. Katsuki walks past Izuku and tells him to come outside to have a talk about his Quirk.[81] Katsuki reminds Deku that he's always gotten under his skin. Deku used to be a nobody and now Katsuki wants to know how he got into school with a Quirk that appeared out of nowhere. Ever since All Might arrived at U.A., Deku has gotten stronger until finally, he passed the licensing exam while Katsuki failed.

Katsuki asks Izuku if he got his Quirk from All Might. He knows that All For One has the ability to take people's Quirks because he stole Ragdoll's. Izuku met All Might and started growing while All Might lost his power and had to retire. Katsuki brings up the last thing All Might said after beating All For One. He realizes now that Deku was the only one who knew what All Might actually meant by "you're next". More evidence includes the Nomu's multiple Quirks and the relationship between All Might and All For One.

Katsuki tried asking All Might before but didn't get an answer, so now he asks Izuku for the truth. When seeing Izuku doesn't deny anything, Katsuki figures he's correct. Izuku asks what's next and Katsuki tells him that because Katsuki's idol chose Izuku, they must fight to settle things once and for all.[82] Izuku doesn't want to fight and tells Katsuki they can spar in a training room instead. Katsuki reminds Izuku they won't be able to go all out. He wants to see why All Might chose a person like Izuku to inherit his power.

Katsuki Bakugo wants to know why All Might chose Izuku

"I want to know what All Might see's in you".

Katsuki wants to know if Izuku's admiration was for better reasons than Katsuki's and if everything he's done to be like him is wrong. He starts stretching and Izuku tries to talk him out of fighting. Katsuki tells Izuku to put his fists up and then remembers that his rival uses kicks now. Kacchan attacks Izuku and nearly blows him up with a right hook. He tells Izuku that he's always overthinking things and to just fight.[83]

Izuku wants to talk things out but Katsuki is infuriated by memories of Deku constantly following him throughout their lives. He attacks until Deku is forced to defend himself and kicks Kacchan back. On the brink of tears, Katsuki asks why he was the cause of All Might losing his strength. Katsuki feels like if he had never gotten captured than All Might would've never had to lose his power fighting All For One. It's been haunting him and this fight is an outlet for him to get his feelings out. Deku recognizes this and accepts Katsuki's challenge.

Katsuki Bakugo blames himself for All Might's end

Katsuki blames himself for All Might's end.

Izuku kicks Katsuki in the face and declares he won't be Katsuki's punching bag.[84] They've known each other for years but this is the first time Katsuki and Izuku have finally let their feelings out into the open. They connect their hearts through combat as Katsuki relentlessly attacks Izuku without giving him time to think or catch his breath.

Katsuki gets annoyed because he believes Izuku has a plan and is looking down on him. Izuku has always followed him throughout their lives but Katsuki still thinks that Izuku just wants to be better. Izuku is surprised and takes a moment to explain that Katsuki is wrong. His power explodes as he gets emotionally and states that he wanted to see what his amazing friend would become. Izuku delivers an 8% One For All kick that destroys Katsuki's attack, as the former claims that's why he's always chased him. [85]

Katsuki slides back and recovers from his injuries. He thinks on Deku's words and admits to himself that Deku has surpassed him. Both of them go all out and clash their Quirks at full power. Izuku surprises Katsuki with his new level of speed and manages to force him back. Izuku gets riled up and he starts talking like Katsuki. They clash in mid-air and Katsuki believes she has the advantage. However, Izuku fakes a kick and catches Katsuki off guard with a 5% Detroit Smash.

Katsuki Bakugo defeats Izuku Midoriya

"I won't lose to you!!"

Izuku comes extremely close to getting the best of Katsuki, but he uses all of his power and refuses to lose. Katsuki flips himself on top of Deku and uses a large explosion to crash them both into the ground. When the smoke clears, Katsuki pins down his rival and claims victory. A distraught Katsuki is not comforted, he wants to know how Izuku could lose a fight with All Might's power.

All Might suddenly appearss and breaks up the fight, revealing he was watching it happen. Katsuki asks why All Might chose Izuku after the Sludge Villain incident. All Might explains that Izuku's heroism is what garnered him a chance to compete with strong people like Katsuki. Katsuki replies that he's weak too and that it's his fault All Might lost his power. All Might embraces Katsuki and tells him that One For All was always going to fade regardless of what happened. All Might apologizes for focusing too much on Katsuki's physical strength.

All Might tells the boys that needing to be the best and wanting to save others are both key to becoming a great Pro Hero. He advises them to learn from each other and grow into heroes that can win by saving people and save people to win. Katsuki knows All Might is right and tells Izuku not to lose anymore with All Might's power.

Katsuki asks who knows about All Might and Deku and the former says out of the students only Katsuki knows the truth. Katsuki promises to keep it a secret and the two heroes thank him. Katsuki claims that it would just be a pain if the truth got out. All Might explains to Katsuki about the whole truth about One For All, his injury, and how he chose his successor. [86]

Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo become true rivals

Kacchan and Deku become proper rivals.

All Might leads them both out of Ground Beta and reminds Katsuki it's not his fault. Katsuki claims that his goal to become a hero that surpasses All Might hasn't changed. Katsuki tells Izuku that he's going to absorb knowledge from his classmates and surpass even the chosen one. Izuku claims that he'll climb even higher and this irritates Katsuki. They start arguing about surpassing each other and All Might recognizes that they've evolved into proper rivals now.

When they return to Heights Alliance, Aizawa restrains them both with his scarf and scolds them for fighting. All Might tries to get his colleague to calm down but he still issues four days house arrest to Katsuki and three to Izuku. They must clean all the rooms and write a written apology on the last day of their punishments.

The next morning, Katsuki's classmates berate the duo for fighting. Already irritated, Katsuki gets even more annoyed when Shoto inquires about their extra classes. After everyone else leaves, Izuku asks Katsuki what he thinks about Shoot Style. After a small pause, Katsuki calmly tells Izuku that his movements are too obvious and even when he got faster his attacks were readable. He also adds that Izuku's punch irritated him. This is the first time that Katsuki and Izuku have a normal conversation with each other. [87]

Shie Hassaikai Arc

After his recent fight with Izuku, Katsuki still spends one more day of his house arrest. Katsuki feels irritated that he's still a few days behind his classmates, especially Izuku. However, Katsuki eventually returns to his class and resumes his daily lessons. For the following days, Katsuki and Shoto both go out of their dorms to retake the Hero License Exam, with Shoto constantly reminding the former to catch up with their other classmates.

Remedial Course Arc

The next day, Katsuki and Shoto retake the Hero License exam with Inasa and Camie Utsushimi. While there, they have to reach out to a group of unruly children with their hearts. Katsuki accurately deduces that there is a leader among the children who sets the mood for them to be rebellious. During all of this, Katsuki meets a young boy who has a similar attitude towards everything. Katsuki then advises him to not look down on others because then he would never acknowledge his own weaknesses. Katsuki ends up passing his exam alongside the others.[88]

Eijiro requests for Katsuki to train with him since he wants to test his limits. Katsuki ignores him and asks Izuku if he has made any improvements in his Quirk but Izuku states he has not. Katsuki berates him for his lack of initiative, as he brings up Izuku's promise to surpass him before he leaves. He then takes Eijiro upon his request.[89]

U.A. School Festival Arc

At U.A. High School, Class 1-A chooses to make a band and dance performance for the U.A. School Festival.[90] While walking outside, Katsuki Bakugo overhears the Department of General Education talking about his class's performance for all of them. The Department of General Education students are taken aback by their arrogance even when they start all the conflict.

Back in Class 1-A's Heights Alliance, Tenya Iida is busy helping plan Class 1-A band and dance performance. Kyoka Jiro suggests club rock and asks if anyone can play instruments such as drums. Denki Kaminari remembers Katsuki having experience in playing drums which Hanta Sero agrees to. Katsuki refuses to as Hanta mocks Katsuki's inability to do so. Katsuki grabs some drum sticks and starts playing the drums proficiently. Katsuki's performance impresses Kyoka who wants him to play the drums. Katsuki begins walking away while expressing his disinterest.

Class 1-A's School Festival Peformance

Katsuki and his classmates performing for the school festival.

Katsuki also expresses his discontent with Class 1-A presenting the band and dance performance as a stress reliever, believing people who sicken him do not deserve his courtesy, and states that all they are doing is indulging the other students. Tenya and Momo Yaoyorozu take Katsuki's views into consideration as Shoto Todoroki points out that Katsuki should not speak ill of them if he has not even partake in the conversation. Katsuki tells them that they do not fight villains because they enjoy it and likewise they should not consider people's feelings for a band and dance performance; if they are going to do a band and dance performance, they should do it for the sake of it and not please or help people. Katsuki announces that he will blow everyone away in U.A. with his sound. Some of Class 1-A are surprised by Katsuki's willingness to participate; Kyoka also decides to do her best.[91]

Joint Training Arc

Katsuki spots Izuku speaking to All Might and decides to get answers. He surprises the pair and tells them that their secret talks would get them caught and asks about Izuku's quirk and discovers it activated on its own. He questions if Izuku has truly made it his own since he intends to prove himself stronger than before getting annoyed by Izuku smiling at his challenge.[92]

Before the battle, Katsuki and his team discuss their strategy for the fourth round of the Joint Training Battle. Katsuki wanted to take the lead and charge ahead with the others serving as back up. He tells Kyoka to pick up on the sounds coming from the Class 1-B team and to figure out their location. When Hanta spoke up against this, Katsuki mocked him and says that if they do not make the first move it is over for them. He says that they do not have time to take caution, they have to act immediately. Leading his team, Katsuki has them keep up and orders Kyoka to forget about listening to the sounds, to their annoyance his behavior.

Setsuna Tokage reveals herself to Katsuki

Katsuki realizes he was tricked.

While surveying on his own, Katsuki believed he spotted Class 1-B and had Kyoka use her Quirk. She proceeds to do so and says that all the Class 1-B team members should be nearby and to go find them. Upon further use of her Quirk, she yells to her teammates that it's a trap. Setsuna appears behind Katsuki and says that his time is up and proceeds to attack him with her Quirk. It is revealed that Setsuna's Quirk is Lizard Tail Splitter. With her Quirk, she is able to split her body into several pieces and move them. At the moment she is able to divide her body up to 50 different parts depending on the length. Katsuki gets bombarded by Setsuna's Quirk and notes that while their strength does not amount to much, they annoy him because they are too small of targets.

Katsuki Bakugo saves Kyoka from Togaru

Katsuki saves Kyoka.

Soon Katsuki evaded her and arrived to help his teammates. The explosive hero stops Rikido from sacrificing himself by destroying the glue-covered pipes and barricade with his explosion while still being relentlessly assaulted by Setsuna's lizard parts. With the barricade gone, Togaru dives towards the Class 1-A team to attack them with Setsuna telling him to take care of Kyoka first since she is the most troublesome. Just as Togaru is about to land a fatal blow on her, Katsuki intercepts him and hits him with a powerful explosion at point-blank range.[93]

Blasting Togaru away, Katsuki takes command again by declaring to his team that they're going to score a perfect victory by ending the match in a 4-0 with everyone unscathed. After being told that Kyoka is receiving interference, Katsuki blasts forward with full speed.

Team Katsuki's Perfect Teamwork

A perfect team!

However, this allows Yosetsu to reveal himself and detained Katsuki with his newly developed Super Move "High-Speed Construction: Weldcraft". Struggling to break out of Yosetsu's trap, Katsuki witnesses Rikido arrive to free him with his Sugar Rush power-up. Now released, Katsuki proceeds to chase after Yosetsu, who then tries to protect himself by attaching multiple steel plates to his body. It is revealed Katsuki deceived him by blasting upwards, only for Hanta and Kyoka to stun Yosetsu with a combined attack. Pleased by this, Katsuki shows confidence in his allies, as he locates Kojiro making himself an open target. Setsuna and Kojiro attempt to ambush Katsuki, but he manages to knock down the latter with a powerful explosion. While his comrades are revealed to have successfully restrained their opponents.

Katsuki defeats Setsuna

An explosive victory!

Directed by Kyoka, Katsuki heads towards the remaining members of 1-B. After locating Togaru, Katsuki engages in combat with him, before he manages to defeat Togaru with a fiery Super Move, while a recovering Setsuna notices one of Katsuki's grenades attached to a spare part. This gives Class 1-A an advantage as they notice an explosion from a not-so-far distance. Just as Setsuna believes that she avoided getting caught, Katsuki catches her off-guard by firing off a "Point-Blank Stun Grenade" directly at her body. Setsuna commends Katsuki for how much he changed as she gets caught in the explosion. The explosive Hero replies back that he hasn't changed a bit as he still retains his main goal of becoming the No. 1 Hero that surpasses All Might.[94]

Returning to the rest of his class, Katsuki is commended by Aizawa for his leadership and cooperative nature. Katsuki then notices All Might, who compliments the explosive hero's outstanding performance. Shrugging this off, Katsuki is approached by Izuku who praises Katsuki's accomplishment, in which he tells Izuku to hurry up and show some improvements at least.[95]

While witnessing Izuku's team battle, Katsuki is shocked by Izuku using a new quirk.[96][97]

Chapter 217

Katsuki tries to get Izuku to unlock his second quirk in a sparring match.

After the training, he, Izuku, and All Might gathered in the lounge to discuss Izuku's sudden quirk and the One For All predecessor who possessed it. Katsuki asks All Might how he knew about the black tendrils, but All Might admits that he too was in the dark about it until Izuku filled him in. All Might wonderss about the bald predecessor and the fact that One For All is capable of letting Izuku use previous wielders' Quirk, saying that his master, Nana Shimura, probably didn't know that this was a possibility either. Katsuki asks Izuku if there was a trigger that caused Blackwhip to manifest, but the latter denies this, explaining that he was only told that ‘the time has come' and wondering if there could've been some form of external catalyst.

Katsuki then asks if this turn of events has anything to do with All For One, explaining that it would make sense as he was the person who created One For All in the first place and he can also possess multiple Quirks. To test Izuku's activation, All Might has Katsuki and Izuku engage in a sparring match at Gym Gamma. During the match, Katsuki questions Izuku on why he hasn't activated his Blackwhip ability, in which the latter reveals that it apparently can't be unlocked as of now. All Might immediately halts the match for the sake of discussing more of Izuku's current development. Katsuki points out that Izuku's black tendrils only appear whenever he's put into mortal danger.

At the dorms of U.A., he is present when Class 1-B comes to socialize with Class 1-A and overhears Shoto question Izuku on his second quirk. He notes on Shoto's oblivious nature to Izuku's quirk.[98]

Meta Liberation Army Arc

Katsuki & Shoto's Hero Debut

Katsuki and Shoto obtain their hero license's.

During the early morning of December, Katsuki and Shoto left for the final lesson of the provisional license course. He is seen eager to obtain his license when Gang Orca and his sidekicks prepare to carry out the final lesson for those present, stating that if they succeed. Eventually, they pass the exams and obtain their licenses. While out on the streets with All Might , chaos breaks out in the city because of villains stealing from the public. Katsuki and Shoto were eager to intervene while All Might tells them to analyze the situation before leaping into action. The students tell him they can handle it. All Might tries to dissuade them since they’ve only just earned their provisional licenses, but they pay no heed and attack the villains nonetheless, making use of their new privileges.[99]

Endeavor Agency Arc

At Class 1-A's dorms, both Katsuki and Shoto Todoroki are interviewed for their outstanding hero behavior during the time when they both took out the wannabe villains. Katsuki is particularly irritated when a reporter asks if Katsuki and Shoto are good friends and when Shoto casually confirms it.

Afterwards, Katsuki appears irritated that the interview staff had cut him out from the interview. Some of his classmates laugh off at the interview only showing Shoto's face instead of Katsuki's. His classmates remark on the no surprise with his behavior. Later on, Katsuki shows disgust over Izuku being happy about his slow development of Blackwhip.[100] At the dorms, Katsuki and the rest of Class 1-A celebrate Christmas with a party before they go over the topic of the impending Work-Studies, Katsuki is asked by Eijiro if he is heading back to Best Jeanist, to which he replies that he still does not know, while remembering the news about Jeanist's disappearance.

Katsuki soon remembers when he did his Hero Agency Internship with him and when Best Jeanist asked him about his hero name and told him that an alias represents what he wants to be and what he ought to be, so he asks him that when he become a second-year student and received his provisional license, return to him and tells him his name. After the party is over, Katsuki and Izuku are approached by Shoto who overheard that they have no where to go for their Work-Studies. Shoto asks them if they would be interested in coming with him to intern at his father's agency.[101]

Izuku, Shoto and Katsuki spring into action

Katsuki, Izuku, and Shoto prepare to take on Endeavor's internship.

Katsuki and the others meet with Endeavor, the current number one hero doesn't hesitate to tell him or Izuku that he only accepted them because his son asked him to, and he would have preferred Shoto to come alone. Hearing this, Katsuki bluntly insults the pro hero who is quite irritated but thinking back to how All Might compared him and Endeavor, Katsuki tells him that he is looking forward to the training since he is number one among the heroes. Suddenly, Endeavor runs off saying that he won’t be wasting time training others than Shoto, telling them that if they want to learn then stay behind him, only to be surprised to see them already in their gear, ready for action. Katsuki hears Endeavor repeat his order to stay behind him.[102] A sonic boom goes off in the city while the boys try to keep up with their new employer. Katsuki complains that Endeavor took off before anyone even noticed the commotion, which takes more than just speed and the hero berates him for not having the fortitude required.

They found that a villain known as Starservant is causing panic with his manipulation Quirk. Endeavor's intervention forces the villain to flee flees down an alley and calls his minions, being chased by Endeavor. When they come out of the other end, Starservant's minions are ready to attack. The next moment, Izuku and Katsuki take on the minions directly. However, in an even faster flash, Hawks appears and effortlessly dispatches them with his feathers.

After the villains are arrested, Hawks briefly chats with the three interns with Katsuki is not too fazed at meeting the second best hero and complains about him taking the action. Endeavor asks Hawks what he wants, to which Hawks deflects the question completely before promoting the Paranormal Liberation Front's book.[103] Seeing how Japan's No. 2 hero recommends the book, Izuku expresses his desire to read it too, and Hawks gives him, Shoto and Katsuki extra copies that he carried with him, before leaving.

Once they arrive at Endeavor Hero Agency, Katsuki meets several of Endeavor's Sidekicks, who give them a hot welcome. After Izuku notices that the place is busy with their large number of requests, Katsuki wants to start training now, but the sidekick tells that they have to wait for Endeavor's orders, who has gone to his office to read the book Hawks gave him. After a while, he leaves his office and tells three students that he will train them personally.[104][105]

In the agency's gym, Endeavor asks his trainees what they want to achieve. Izuku says wants to be able to control his power and use it with maximum performance. Endeavor recalls that he ha a super-strength Quirk that is powerful but self-destructive. Katsuki is confused on how Endeavor understands Izuku's muttering.

After listening to Katsuki and Shoto, Endeavor starts the Work-Studies. He explains that his agency is governed by three fundamentals: Rescue, Evacuation, and Battle. With his training, they will make these processes their M.O. Endeavor ends the lesson by telling Izuku, Shoto, and Katsuki that, during the winter break, their task is to beat a villain faster than him, even if only once.[106]

Izuku, Katsuki and Shoto training

Class 1-A's big three continue their internship.

During the following days, the three students try to surpass Endeavor's test, but the veteran hero always manages to catch the villains before them. Endeavor does not hesitate to criticize them, telling them in what facets they need to improve.[107]

A week later, Endeavor brings Shoto, Izuku, and Katsuki over to his house for dinner per his daughter's suggestion. Dinner starts well, but Katsuki becomes irritated with Izuku praising the food Fuyumi cooked, but things ended up being quite awkward, due to the complicated relationship between Endeavor and his children, and specifically due to Natsuo's resentment towards his father, and after he finishes, he quickly leaves, unable to sit near his father. Katsuki is also aware of the situation, and when he asks him if he knew about Shoto's past, to which he reveals he was listening when the two of them were talking during the Sports Festival.

Although it is clear that Endeavor regrets what he did and now tries to do his best for his family, it's hard for his children to forgive him. Izuku tells Shoto that he feels he's getting ready to forgive Endeavor, as he feels that if Shoto truly hated him, it would be fine to not forgive him, but Izuku voices his thoughts on that Shoto is a very kind person waiting for the right moment.[108]

Dinner at Todoroki abode

Dinner with the Todoroki Family.

Fuyumi and Shoto tell Katsuki and Izuku about Toya, and how close he was to Natsuo, to the point he blames Endeavor for Toya's death. Fuyumi then says that an incident occurred after their mother was hospitalized, which only made things worse. Although family relationships have improved a lot, there are still many wounds to heal. Endeavor then comes in and tells the three of them that he'll be taking them to U.A. High School. As the three of them thank Fuyumi for the meal, Fuyumi thanks Izuku for being Shoto's friend.

While Endeavor's chauffeur drives them back to the U.A, Endeavor tells the boys that they will have to keep going to his Agency to continue the training on weekdays and weekends if their schedule allows. Just then a villain appears in the middle of the road, holding Natsuo as a hostage and calls out Endeavor to come to face him. Endeavor leaps out the car to save his son. The villain introduces himself as Ending, is obsessed with Endeavor and wants him to kill him.[109]

Ending takes a step back when he sees the interns, giving Endeavor an opportunity to attack the off-balance villain. However, when he sees Natsuo being held in front of Ending, Endeavor slows down, not wanting to endanger him, and allowing the three students to past him in order to rescue Natsuo and defeat the villain. Disappointed, Ending threats to increase the death toll if the Flame Hero doesn't kill him, sending several incoming cars into the air. He also puts Natsuo directly in the path of a car but Katsuki rescues him in an instant
Katsuki Bakugo rescues Natsuo Todoroki

Katsuki saves Natsuo's life.

As Natsuo is held in the grasp of Ending, Katsuki successfully condenses and releases his Quirk while declaring that there will be no corpses if he can help it. With Natsuo safe, Katsuki watches Shoto attack Ending and defeats. Katsuki is then caught in the embrace of Endeavor and Natsuo after the hero is relieved about his son.[110]

After escaping Endeavor's embrace and subduing Ending, Bakugo boasts about the fact that they managed to subdue a villain faster than Endeavor, but to Bakugo's surprise and annoyance, Endeavor doesn't object to Bakugo's statement, actually complimenting him and the other two for their speed and picking up his slack. He stands awkwardly as Endeavor and his son talk. Later, when Ending is taken by the authorities, Natsuo thanks Bakugo and asks for his hero name. Izuku assumes it's just Bakugo, but his childhood friend says it's not and that he's already chosen a hero name. Izuku is curious to know what it is, but Bakugo refuses to reveal it, telling Izuku to go fall in a hole, adding that there's someone else he has to tell first.[111]


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