The Kanidoge's Mechs are industrial lifting arms used by the employers of the Kanidoge food chain. They have crab-shaped appearance, due Kanidoge specializes in the distribution and sale of crab food. The company mainly uses these mechs to move their products, but they also have an advertising function, as the company decided to remodeled the machines into walking advertisements, giving them their characteristic crab appearance, without losing its original function.
Kanidoge's Mech Back

Kanidoge's Mech Back

The Kanidoge's mechs have four legs to walk and pincers to grip and move things to one place to another. In the front sits the operator, who handles the machine and the pincers, while in the back have the appearance of a crab shell with the logo of the company.[1]

During an event at the SS Mall in Super Minami, in the city of Osaka, the police tried to arrest Number 6, who used the company's products to introduce Trigger to Japan. However the Villain had modified the company's mechs, and by activating a code, the mechs started rampage the place, and explode once they were neutralized. The Villain took advantage of the chaos to escape.[2][3]


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