Kai Chisaki vs. League of Villains is a battle fought between Shie Hassaikai leader Kai Chisaki and the League of Villains.


After watching Overhaul literally dismantle Team Reservoir Dogs, Twice invites the masked villain to meet with the League of Villains.[1]

Overhaul meets the League of Villains

Overhaul makes contact with the League of Villains.

Twice takes Overhaul to an abandoned factory building where the villains plan to hold an interview. Overhaul complains that it looks run down and fears he might get sick from all the dust. Tomura Shigaraki comments that Twice brought them a crazy big fish.[2]

Overhaul mocks Tomura's claim. Tomura recognizes Overhaul as the young yakuza leader of the Shie Hassaikai. Compress explains to Himiko that Overhaul is a yakuza relic from the old times and Overhaul somewhat agrees. Magne asks if the new villain is riding high on the tails of All Might's retirement. Overhaul replies that his organization actually gained more traction from All For One's defeat.

Overhaul explains that there is no longer a king of the light or the darkness. Tomura replies that he will be the next to rule but Overhaul argues the League of Villains wasted pieces like Muscular, Moonfish, and Hero Killer: Stain. He confidently asks the League of Villains to join him so that he can become the next ruler of darkness. [3]


Magne's Death

Overhaul murders Magne.

Tomura immediately tells Overhaul to leave. Magne unsheathes her metal pole and uses her Magnetism Quirk to attract Overhaul's head toward it. Magne reveals that she gained inspiration from a like-minded friend to always live freely. Refusing to live beneath Overhaul, Magne strikes him in the head. Overhaul quickly removes the glove over his left hand and touches Magne's arm with his index finger. Magne notices Overhaul's Quirk taking effect, but its too late as her torso explodes into a pool of blood.

Compress leaps into action and tries to use his Quirk on Overhaul. However, he's struck in the shoulder by a mysterious needle that nullifies his powers. Overhaul has an angry germaphobic response and demands Compress not touch him before blowing the masked man's arm completely off.

Tomura quickly rushes Overhaul and tries to disintegrate him. Overhaul quickly calls for a shield and a member of his party suddenly appears to take the full brunt of Tomura's Quirk. Overhaul's ally dies and the rest of his men barge into the hideout, ending the battle in a stalemate. [3]


Overhaul claims it's unfortunate their meeting turned hostile. He believes the League of Villains won't be able to make level-headed decisions anymore. Twice and Himiko want to avenge their allies but Tomura orders them to stand down. Overhaul leaves his card and asks Tomura to contact him when his group has calmed down. [3]


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