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16 ([[Field Training Arc]])
16 ([[Field Training Arc]])
|gender = Male
|gender = Male
|height =174cm (5'8")
|height =174cm (5'9")
|quirk =
|quirk =
|status = Alive
|status = Alive

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Juuzou Honenuki (骨抜柔造, Honenuki Jūzō) is a Student in Class 1-B at Yuuei.


He is a young male student with angular eyes, mid-length spiked hair, and small eyebrows. His most unusual feature is that his teeth sit on the outside of his skin, and thus he has no discernible lips, giving him a skull-like appearance. According to Kohei, he has the appearance of a good-looking guy.[1]


He hates losing. However like the rest of his class he doesn't feel bad about letting others receive what they deserve as shown when he let his classmate continue at the Sports Festival.


Sports Festival Arc

Juuzou came in 5th place during the Obstacle Course. For the Human Cavalry Battle, he teamed up with Tetsutetsu as the rider, Yousetsu and Ibara.[2]

At the beginning of the event, Tetsutetsu's team attacks Izuku's team with Juuzou using his Quirk to trap them, but Izuku uses his jetpack to escape. Tetsutetsu's team attacks them again, but Fumikage's Dark Shadow blocks them off. After the Human Cavalry Battle ends, Tetsutetsu's team fails to qualify for the final event, with Tetsutetsu confused as to how they lost all their points, and Ibara remarking that it is possibly punishment for taking the dwarfy kid's headband in such an unfair way.[3]

School Trip Arc

When Class 1-B arrives at the training camp. Homeroom teacher Blood King explains they'll be extending their quirks and the more they use their quirks the stronger they'll be by breaking their limits. When Class 1-B witness Class 1-A's training. Itsuka Kendou asks Shouta Aizawa if can they observe everyone, he explains that's the reason The Pussy-Cats are around.[4] Later that night, Class 1-B act as the scaring group during the test of courage. In the forest, Itsuka and Juuzou commend Yui Kodaifor scaring Shouto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugou. However, smoke entering the forest knocks out Juuzou.[5]

Quirk and Abilities

Quirk: He can manipulate the ground to easily create quicksand around himself.




  • 骨 (hone) stands for bone, 抜 (nuki) for removing, 柔 (yawa, juu) for soft.
  • Along with Momo Yaoyorozu and Shouto Todoroki, he got into Yuuei through a scholarship.
  • He likes giving and receiving massages.



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