No regrets! If we lose, we lose! But... are my friends losing because of me? I won't let that happen!
Juzo Honenuki in "Detour"

Juzo Honenuki ( (ほね) (ぬき) (じゅう) (ぞう) Honenuki Jūzō?), also known as Mudman (マッドマン Maddoman?), is a student in Class 1-B at U.A. High School, where he got in through official recommendations[2], and is training there to become a Pro Hero.


Juzo is a pale-skinned young man with angular eyes, mid-length spiked hair of beige color, a flat nose and small eyebrows. His most unusual feature is that his teeth sit on the outside of his skin, and thus he has no discernible lips, giving him a skull-like appearance, although is not related to his Quirk in any readily apparent way. According to Horikoshi, he has the appearance of a good-looking guy.[3]

His hero costume is slightly similar to Tenya Iida’s in that they both consist of a dark bodysuit with a set of armor over the top, and a mask that covers the face. There are differences, however, as rather then being knight-like, Juzo’s helmet is round and elliptical, tinted black with orange lines to support the sides, and it doesn’t cover his entire head; some tufts of hair around the back of his head and his chin are still visible. His chestplate is made up of three pieces, and is held on by two thick metal straps which go over his shoulders, some sort of jewel placed between them. He wears vambraces and white knee pads, and orange plates are placed over his thighs, calves and upper arms, a pair of elevated, green and orange boots with pipe-like shafts on his feet and white gloves on his hands.


Juzo hates losing. However, like the rest of his class, he does not feel bad about letting others receive what they deserve as shown when he let his classmates continue at the Sports Festival.

Juzo is also shown to have a calm, understanding demeanor when dealing with his classmates' antics, notably during the Joint Training Battle. Juzo notably cares about his friends' well-being, mentioning that he wouldn't let them down due to his mistake during Round 3 of his battle against Team 3-A.

Juzo admitted he's not stubborn enough to draw out battle in unfavorable conditions. When Tenya Iida unveiled a new ability, Juzo realized he was at a grave disadvantage and decided to retreat. This shows that Juzo has good judgment when it comes to having to stay and fight, or retreat.


Overall Abilities: Juzo is a recommended student, which implies that he possesses a very good level of skill. Mashirao Ojiro has noted that Juzo possesses great reflexes that allowed him to counter Shoto Todoroki's Giant Ice Wall, before the attack completely encased Juzo's team in ice. Juzo also possesses great proficiency over his Quirk, and can use it effectively against opponents who rely on their footing during a battle, such as Tenya Iida. When the latter activated his new technique, "Recipro Turbo", Juzo decided to retreat knowing he can’t win a drawn out battle against opponents who have an advantage over him.

Keen Intellect: As one of the recommended students that got into U.A., Juzo is shown to demonstrate a high level of flexibility and intelligence. This was shown during the Joint Training Arc, in which he was capable of analyzing his teammates' flaws and creating an disadvantage for his enemies using his keen observation. By having knowledge of the fighting styles and Quirks of different people, Juzo was capable of correctly discerning what the opposing team's strategy will be. Knowing of Shoto's habit of starting a fight with ice attacks, Juzo was able to use the generated ice to his own advantage, and trap Shoto's team in the softened ice.[4]

Bilingualism: Juzo speaks both Japanese and English competently as he could hold a conversation in English with his classmate Pony Tsunotori.[5]


Softening ( (じゅう) () Jūka?): Juzo can soften anything non-living he touches, for example, he can soften the ground to make it similar to quicksand; hindering movements and mobility. If Juzo makes contact again, he can undo the effect. He's also capable of swimming through softened material.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • Juzo's name contains the kanji for "soft" (?), and "structure" (?). "Honenuki" refers to "deboning" (骨抜?).
  • Juzo likes giving and receiving massages.
  • Juzo's voice actor in English, Dallas Reid, also voices Nirengeki Shoda.


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