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Juubei Namimaru is a Middle schooler of the spin-off Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.


Juubei is a shorty and bulky middle schooler, he has chops as his most striking feature. He wears himself as a tipical Yankii (A japanese delinquent), he wears his jacket open with torn ends and folded sleeves, black pants, and sandals, he also uses a visored cap, torn at the back that mixes with his hair.


Juubei appears intimidating and aggressive at first sight, but he is very kind and friendly towards his friends, being a fan and follower of Pop Step, he is willing to assist the vigilantes in capturing distributors of the trigger drug.



Quirk and Abilities

Sword: Juubei has a Quirk that allows him to generate wooden swords from his palms. They are roughly the length of his arms.



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