Johnny (ジョン Jon?) was a small Nomu who was kept in Daruma Ujiko's secret laboratory. Daruma used him to teleport people.


Johnny presents the typical look of a Nomu, possessing dark skin, round eyes and an exposed brain, only of a much smaller size. His most prominent characteristic is that he seems to lack the lower half of his body, which is instead replaced by a cable that connects to the bottom of his torso.

He wears a pair of pale lace-up shoes on his upper limbs and has a strange transparent helmet on his head with various mechanisms protruding from each side, one of which is used to manually activate his Quirk, Warping.[2]


Nothing has been seen regarding his personality, though he appears to enjoy going on walks.



Warping (転送 Tensō?): Johnny's Quirk allows him to make a person vomit a black ooze from their mouth. The ooze then envelopes the person and serves as medium for a portal to another location.

Johnny can only teleport people to and from his own location. He also requires a person he's familiar with at the other location to serve as an anchor.

Overusing this Quirk will give Johnny tonsillitis.

Thanks to the helmet device he wears, Daruma can control Johnny's Quirk.[2]


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