Jet (ジェット Jetto?) is a Quirk used by Gran Torino.


Gran Torino can shoot air from the propulsion boosters at the bottom of his feet, giving him an incredible jumping ability at great speed.

With this Quirk, Gran Torino can easily overwhelm enemies with high-speed attacks. In enclosed spaces, he is capable of bouncing around the walls in order to confuse and then strike opponents. Gran Torino can use his Quirk for support as well, by activating his powers while holding someone, he can allow them limited flight.

Gran Torino can only use the air that he breathes to propel himself.[1] His advanced age means that he cannot use this Quirk repeatedly as his bones and organs have grown weaker.


  • This Quirk is similar to Iida Tenya's Engine, as both grant the user propulsion devices in their lower bodies that provide enhanced speed. The main difference is that in Jet they are located at the bottoms of feet and provide enhanced jumping, while in Engine they are located in the lower leg and provide enhanced running.
  • Horikoshi revealed the inspiration for Jet is the water shooting out of a shower head.


  1. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 55.

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