Izuku Midoriya vs. Swordkil is a battle fought between U.A. Student Izuku Midoriya against Wolfram's Minion's lead by Swordkil during the I-Island Incident.


Thanks to all their friends efforts, Izuku and Melissa make it to the top floor of the central tower. Their landing was a little rough to Melissa checks on Izuku's condition. He's fine and he's quick to make sure Melissa is too. Melissa confirms that she only received a few scratches.[1]


Izuku suddenly notices Swordkil trying to attack and grabs Melissa out of the way. He rolls over and parries Swordkil's next blade strike with Full Gauntlet. Swordkil is angry about having to chase the students all over the tower. Izuku asks what the villains are after but Swordkil's only answer is turning both his arms into swords with his Quirk and telling Izuku to stop pretending to be a hero.

Deku defeats Swordkil


Swordkil gets Izuku off balance and knocks him over the edge of the broken wall. Melissa tackles Swordkil before he can finish Izuku off. The villain knocks Melissa aside and takes a moment to brag. This moment is more than enough for Izuku to swoop back into the fight and finish the villain off with a Full Gauntlet smash.

Izuku checks on Melissa and apologizes. She teases him, saying he should be thanking her for saving him. Izuku bandages up Melissa's wounds and they press forward to the control room. Gun-wielding henchmen try to shoot the students as they ascend the staircases. Izuku uses Full Cowl to propel himself off walls to evade the bullets. He effortlessly takes down one of the villains by dropkicking him into a wall and immediately punches the other down the stairs.[1]


Melissa and Izuku eventually reach the storage where David Shield and his assistant Sam are. Melissa is confused as to what he's doing and Izuku surmises the villains are forcing him to get something for them. Melissa says they have to save him and Izuku agrees.[1]


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