Izuku Midoriya vs. Mirai Sasaki is a battle fought between U.A. Student Izuku Midoriya and Pro Hero Sir Nighteye.


Sir Nighteye challenges Izuku

Sir challenges Izuku to get the approval stamp on his own.

Mirio Togata takes Izuku to Sir Nighteye's office and introduces him. Izuku fails to make the first impression he intended but gains a little of Sir Nighteye's interest nonetheless.

They connect over their shared fanaticism over All Might and Sir Nighteye asks Izuku if he intends to work at his Hero Office. Sir Nighteye explains that employing Izuku would last at least a month and he would have to keep up on his own work at U.A. High.

Izuku agrees to this but Sir Nighteye purposely misses stamping his contract. Sir Nighteye claims he doesn't know how Izuku can be useful and asks how he can make an impact on society as All Might has. He challenges Izuku to take the stamp from him within three minutes. Sir asks Mirio and Bubble Girl to leave the room. Mirio worries that Izuku won't be able to overcome Sir Nighteye's Foresight.[1]


Izuku Midoriya dashes at Sir Nighteye

Izuku accepts Sir's challenge.

Sir Nighteye claims he won't try to harm Izuku and he couldn't care less what happens to the room they're in. Izuku activates One For All: Full Cowl and dashes directly at Sir. The man sees through Izuku's feint at a full frontal assault and evades his next attack from above. Izuku propels himself back off the ground and reaches for the stamp. Sir tells him that a minute has passed and he should begin to worry because he can't prevail over foresight.

Izuku realizes multiple attacks won't create an opening if Sir can see into his future. Sir claims that he had high expectations of Izuku and is disappointed All Might chose such an unworthy successor. Sir Nighteye announces that Mirio Togata should've been the one to inherit One For All, surprising Izuku. Izuku mulls over why All Might never told him about this but Sir interrupts and tells Izuku blatantly that he does not acknowledge him as the fledgling symbol of peace.

Izuku refuses to take this lying down. He's not the same old Izuku who was used to getting denied and put down by everyone. All Might told Izuku he could be a hero and the words reinvigorate his desire as he recalls them. He reactivates Full Cowl and bounces around the room in the same manor Gran Torino did when they first met.[1]

Izuku Midoriya vs. Sir Nighteye

Sir Nighteye sees through all Izuku's movements.

Izuku plans on increasing his speed so he can outpace Sir even if he sees the attack coming. Sir Nighteye comments that Izuku is a poor man's Gran Torino and claims his movements are slow. Sir sees through Izuku's next attack as the student lunges forward. The Pro strikes Izuku on the back of his neck and claims he'll never get the stamp. Izuku follows up with an attack from behind but Sir evades it as well.

Sir tells Izuku that he needs to erase his uncertainty yet his expression screams hesitation. He claims the more he looks at Izuku, the less convinced he is that he should've inherited One For All. Izuku refuses Sir's words and throws a desk with books on top of it. His hope is that Sir won't be able to read through the randomly falling books.

Izuku confidently announces that he's All Might's disciple and lunges for Sir's hand carrying the stamp. Sir Nighteye effortlessly avoids Izuku once again and the young student rams face first into the wall. [2]


Sir Nighteye accepts Izuku Midoriya

Sir Nighteye employs Izuku.

Sir Nighteye asks Izuku if his last mistake was a result of a loss of focus. Izuku replies that he wasn't trying to ruin any of the All Might memorabilia around the office. Sir Nighteye realizes Izuku controlled his wild movements enough to avoid ruining any of the memorabilia even while being provoked. This revelation makes Sir Nighteye laugh slightly. Mirio and Bubble Girl enter the office and Sir reveals that Izuku is going to be employed.

Confused, Izuku says that he failed. Sir Nighteye replies that he never said he wouldn't employ the student if he failed. He claims he had planned on taking on Izuku and their Work-Study together is aimed to prove if Izuku is really suited to One For All.[2]


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