Template:FightsTenya Iida, Izuku Midoriya & Shouto Todoroki vs. Stain is a battle fought between Class 1-A Heroes, Tenya Iida, Izuku Midoriya and Shouto Todoroki vs. villain, Stain during the Field Training Arc in Hosu.


Just as Stain is about to strike Tenya with his sword, Shouto shows up using his hot side to detour him. Izuku asks him why he there, he says,"thats my line". Shouto shows up because of the mass text Izuku sends. Stain tries to get up, but Shouto stops him with his cold side. He uses his hot side to hit Stain, but he dodges and it hit everyone else. Shouto then says he won't let him kill them. Izuku the tells Shouto about his Quick Bloodcurdle. Stain then throws a knife and Shouto dodges, but Stain jumps in front of him and tries to strike with the other. Shouto then sues his cold side to make an ice wall. Stain jumps up and licks Shouto's neck and Shouto uses both sides to knock stain away. Tenya then notices that Stain is really strong and that he should be fighting. He also talks about inheriting his brothers name "Ingenium". Shouto tells Tenya he never saw Tensei Iida make a face like that before. While they're talking Shouto makes an ice wall, but Stain cuts it up. Shouto tries to retaliate with fire, but Stain gets in the air and tries to drop his sword on Shouto. Izuku then jumps off the walls, grabs Stain and tries to throw him. Stain grabs him instead and sends him flying. Shouto then thinks of a strategy to beat Stain by listing his patterns. Stain then says that Shouto is correct, by his Quirk working by blood types. Izuku then jumps toward Stain and Shouto uses his both sides. Stain breaks through and goes for Shouto, while Tenya has memories of his brother. Stain gets close to Shouto and tries to cut him, but Tenya gets up and runs to aid him and stop the attack. He breaks Stains sword and Shouto shoots a blast of fire at Stain, but he again dodges and jumps on the wall. He then throws another knife which hits Tenya's arm and pins him on the ground. Tenya rips the knife out of his arm with his mouth and gos at Stain, while Izuku jumps in from the back. Tenya kicks Stain while Izuku punches him. He falls on the ground, but gets up quick and tries to hit Tenya. Tenya swings his fist and Shouto uses his cold side to shoot ice up a wall. Stains is then knocked out and tied up.


They walk back to where the pro heroes are and a Artificial Human grabs Izuku. Stain pulls out a knife, licks the pro heroes and jumps to kill the Artificial Human saving Izuku.

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