Invisibility ( (とう) (めい) () Tōmeika?) is the Quirk used by Toru Hagakure.


Embarassed Toru

Toru embarrassed of being naked.

Invisibility grants Toru a completely invisible body.

Because of Invisibility, none of Toru's physical features can be observed through the naked eye, making it hard to detect her presence or read her emotions unless she announces them herself.

While still unexplained, this Quirk also appears to involve a degree of light manipulation.


Invisibility does not extend to clothing or objects, meaning that she needs to constantly strip off her clothes in order for her Quirk to be useful. However, going fully naked also means that her skin is exposed to the elements and, therefore, her body may be affected by extreme temperatures. In addition, her invisibility cannot be turned off.


Invisibility's primary purpose is for stealth. Toru can easily bypass regular, visual detection, making it ideal for ambush attacks, spying missions or just avoiding enemy strikes. However, those advantages only come in handy if she strips herself of any sort of clothing or equipment, which leaves her vulnerable to other senses, like contact with cold surfaces.

Toru redirecting Yuga's Navel Laser

Toru redirecting Aoyama's Navel Laser.

Through training, Toru has learned how to use the light manipulation capabilities of her Quirk, being able to refract light inside of her and intensify it, making her capable of blinding people.[1] After her Hero Work-Studies with Yoroi Musha, Toru has strengthened and improved this ability, being able to manipulate Yuga's Navel Laser.[2]

Named Super Moves

  • Light Refraction (集光屈折 Shūkō Kussetsu?): Toru uses her invisible body as a lens, bending light and blinding those who are nearby.[1]


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