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The Internship Arc's name is Conjectural. No official name has been given, and it is subject to change at any time.

The Internship Arc is the eleventh story arc in My Hero Academia and the second story arc in the Rise of Villains Saga. It is currently the longest arc in the series, both in publication duration (lasting from January to December 2017), as well as amount of chapters (41).

The students Class 1-A learn about Hero Internships, which deals with being mentored by a real Hero where real experience can be gained.


The Next Stage is Set: The Big 3 Reveal Themselves!

Before the U.A. High students leave after Nezu's speech, Hound Dog, U.A's lifestyle counselor, barks at them. Sekijiro Kan interprets Hounddog's words to the students; he says that there has been an incident of a fight last night and asks them to conduct themselves according to the lifestyle standards expected of them all. Nezu asks the U.A. students to head back to their classrooms starting with the third-year students. As the third-year students leave to head back to their classrooms, one of the third-years asks their peer as to whom was fighting last night..

Back in Class 1-A, Shota Aizawa tells Class 1-A that starting from today they will resume normal class activities. Shota warns them that the training will be tougher than last semester. Tsuyu Asui asks Shota about the Hero Internships, which garners the interest of Fumikage Tokoyami, Momo Yaoyorozu, and Hanta Sero. Shota decides to tell Class 1-A; the Hero Internships are hero activities done off campus, saying that it is a more formalized version of the Field Training they did with pro heroes before. Ochaco Uraraka wonders whether the Sports Festival had any meaning behind being scouted if they were going to get actual experience anyway. Shota explains that the Hero Internships are an opportunity to make use of the connections they garnered at the Sports Festival. The Hero Internships are managed at the discretion of students themselves nowadays because in the past each office would conduct their own recruiting efforts which would cause them to fight over U.A students. Since most of them have Provisional Hero Licenses, Class 1-A can now participate in formal, longer term activities. Shota tells Class 1-A that they will be expected to write about their experiences but he will explain at a later time. Shota leaves as Hizashi Yamada takes over.

Back at Heights Alliance in Class 1-A dormitory, Izuku Midoriya is lifting weights and feels that the pain from his arms is almost gone. Izuku remembers what the doctor told him about his arms. Izuku decides to hold back his emotions when fighting so that he does not use his arms and to focus on his One For All Shoot Style instead. It is evening now. Minoru Mineta criticizes Katsuki Bakugo for the dormitory still being unclean, much to his annoyance. As Izuku leaves to take the trash out, he overhears some of Class 1-A talking about Hizashi's new grammar lessons and the Hero Internships mentioned by Shota. Izuku feels that he has been left in the dark due to his three-day house arrest. Izuku asks Tenya Iida about the Hero Internship, but Tenya refuses to answer his question due to his misbehavior and being unable to relay any information to him.

Izuku goes to the garbage dump and is stressed that he has been left behind due to not attending class and needs to find a way to catch up before the gap furthers between him and Class 1-A. As he walks to the garbage dump, Izuku sees a face on the wall. The face tells Izuku that the garbage dump is in the direction he is pointing at. The face disappears as Izuku is left confused. Suddenly, the face appears on the ground and comments on Izuku being one of the livelier first-years. The face pops around the ground in Izuku's vicinity, to which Izuku asks what he is. The face tells Izuku that he will know about him soon enough and encourages him to keep his spirits up. As it leaves, the face tells Izuku about a rumor flying around and asks him to keep his wits about him.

Izuku's house arrest ends after three impatient days. In Class 1-A, Izuku apologizes for the inconvenience he caused and tells Tenya that he is sorry for disappointing him, to which Tenya accepts. Izuku vows to bridge the gap between them from the last three days. Shota arrives and decides to properly talk about Hero Internships. Shota tells them to come inside, which confuses Class 1-A. Shota tells Class 1-A that they will hear firsthand from those with personal experience how the Hero Internships are different from Field Training. Shota advises Class 1-A to listen carefully to what they have to say as they have made time in their busy schedules to come and talk to them all.

Shota introduces Class 1-A to the people who will teach them about Hero Internships; the third-year students who rank among the top of all U.A. students known as The Big 3. The three third-year students enter the classroom: a male with shaggy black hair, a female with beautiful long hair, and a male with the same face that Izuku saw on his way to the garbage dump.[1]

U.A.'s Big 3 have arrived to teach Class 1-A about Hero Internships. Izuku Midoriya remembers the male with the weird face from last year's Sports Festival and notes that he did not display any notable results. Izuku also remembers that the other two did not finish in the top of the Sports Festival and wonders what heroes the Big 3 are.

Shota Aizawa asks Tamaki Amajiki, the male U.A student with the messy black hair and pointy ears, to introduce himself. Tamaki glares at Class 1-A which sends a shiver down some of their spines. Tamaki appears to be unimpressed with Class 1-A, seeing everything but their heads (which are potatoes from his perspective) as human. Due to being unable to see them as anything but human, Tamaki places his head against the blackboard and desires to go home. Class 1-A are perplexed at Tamaki's strange behavior. The female introduces herself as Nejire Hado and wants to talk about Hero Internships with Class 1-A. However, Nejire instead asks questions pertaining to some of Class 1-A's unique features due to her curiosity; Nejire asks about Mezo's mask, Shoto's burn, Mina's horns, Minoru's hair, Tsuyu's frog species, and Mashirao's tail. Shota sees that U.A's Big 3 lacks rationality. Mirio Togata, the last of U.A's Big Three, tells Shota not to worry as he is the star performer today.

Mirio yells out, "The journey ahead," which confuses Class 1-A. Mirio tells Class 1-A that they were supposed to respond with "will be full of difficulties." Some of Class 1-A find U.A's Big 3 to be weird. Mirio sees that Class 1-A do not understand what is going on and tells them that he understands that feeling. Mirio comments that Class 1-A is energetic due to them receiving their Provisional Hero Licenses as first years. Seeing that his introduction has fell flat, Mirio offers Class 1-A the chance to team up together and fight him, much to Class 1-A's surprise. Mirio decided to challenge Class 1-A because having them witness their experiences personally would be better than a simple explanation. Shota tells Mirio to do as he pleases.

At Gym Gamma, Hanta Sero asks Mirio if he really wants to fight all of Class 1-A at the same time, to which Mirio replies that he is serious. Tamaki, who is placing his head against a wall, informs Mirio not to discourage Class 1-A with his skills. While playing with Mina's horns, Nejire notes that Mirio had a rough time as a child and warns Class 1-A to think things through before attacking Mirio. Fumikage Tokoyami and Eijiro Kirishima note that they have the advantage and Eijiro asks Mirio if he sees them as nothing but small fry, to which Mirio replies he does. Mirio tells Class 1-A to attack him whenever, wherever they want and asks who wants to go first. Izuku and Eijiro decide to go first. Surprised at Izuku's determination, Eijiro lets Izuku go first.

Mirio of the Big 3: Class 1-A's Overwhelming Defeat!

Izuku activates One For All: Full Cowl and charges at Mirio while the rest of Class 1-A prepare their Quirks. Suddenly, Mirio's clothes fall off, which surprises some of Class 1-A. Mirio apologizes as it is difficult for him to adjust his clothing correctly. Izuku sees that Mirio is full of openings and kicks Mirio in the face with a One For All enhanced kick. However, Izuku's enhanced kick phases through Mirio. Izuku is surprised that Mirio has an intangibility Quirk. Mirio is attacked by Hanta's Tape, Mina's Acid, and Yuuga's Navel Laser, but all their attacks phase through Mirio, leaving him completely unharmed. After the attacks dissipate, Mirio has disappeared. Out of nowhere, Mirio appears behind Kyoka Jiro and prepares to attack her. Eijiro is surprised that Mirio's Quirk allows him to teleport as well. Tamaki notes that Class 1-A should not be jealous of Mirio's Quirk but rather his incredible technique; after being scouted, Mirio completely devoted himself to his internship under a certain hero and was carefully cultivated.

Using a combination of his Quirk and technique, Mirio has defeated half of Class 1-A within a few minutes; Mezo, Denki, Kyoka, Mina, Fumikage, Momo, Tsuyu, Yuga, Minoru, and Hanta. Shota tells Class 1-A to take this great opportunity and learn from it because as he knows it, Mirio Togata is the closest man to becoming the Number One Hero which includes the pro heroes as well, which shocks the rest of Class 1-A.[2]

Shoto Todoroki is astonished and surprised at the level of great strength Mirio Togata has displayed. Shota Aizawa asks Shoto if he is going to join in. Shoto replies that he hasn't obtained a Provisional Hero License and feels that he doesn't have the right to engage Mirio in combat. Having dealt with the long range combatants, Mirio turns his attention to the close ranged combatants of Class 1-A. Eijiro is shocked that Mirio has a Quirk that can make him invincible, but Izuku thinks that there must be a trick behind his Quirk; Izuku analyzes that whatever he does he will use a direct attack and during that moment they should counter attack.

Mirio charges and he begins submerging into the ground. Suddenly, Mirio appears behind Izuku, to which Izuku stops his advance with a One For All Full Cowl enhanced kick which Mirio phases through. Mirio is surprised that Izuku predicted that he would appear behind him. Mirio continues phasing through and begins to poke Izuku's eye, to which Izuku closes his eyes. In actuality, Mirio fakes poking Izuku's eye by phasing his finger to act as a diversion; instead, Mirio hits Izuku in the stomach. Mirio comments that everyone counters him that way so he naturally trained to counter back. Tenya calls out to Izuku, but before he can do anything Mirio appears behind Tenya and hits him in the stomach Within a few moments, Mirio hits the rest of Class 1-A in their stomachs as well, defeating them.

As Class 1-A recovers, Mirio asks if his Quirk was too strong, which some of Class 1-A agree with, annoyed that they couldn't do anything. Mirio explains that he has one Quirk called "Permeation" and his "teleportation" is an application of his Quirk. Mirio further explains that his Permeation allows him to pass through anything, including the ground. Whenever he passes through and falls into the ground, Mirio can deactivate his Quirk which causes a mysterious phenomenon to occur; if he deactivates his Permeation while in the ground, Mirio gets shot out of the ground in an instant which is the phenomenon behind his "teleportation" and by adjusting the pose and direction of his body, he can control the angle and target where he is shot out to. Mina summarizes Mirio's teleportation as a video game glitch.

Tsuyu comments that Mirio's Quirk is very strong, to which Mirio replies that he made it strong. Mirio explains that his Permeation has drawbacks; when he activates his Quirk, no oxygen comes into his lungs since the oxygen would pass through him even if he inhaled. His eardrums do not vibrate and his retinas catch no light. Since everything passes through him, he becomes unable to feels anything, but since he has mass the only thing he feels is the sensation of falling. Mirio states that the simple usage of his Permeation requires a set of operations to be used. Mirio says that the reason he is able to use his Quirk easily is by predicting since it tricks time and allows him to be faster than his surroundings. The reason he is able to make predictions is through experience.

Mirio states that the reason he wanted to fight Class 1-A is to show the experience he gained from the Hero Internships; Mirio was able to transform his Quirk and reach the top. Class 1-A start seeing that Hero Internships are different from the Field Training they went through. Izuku is surprised that despite Mirio's Quirk having big drawbacks, he was able to overcome them with perseverance and hard work. After Class 1-A thank Mirio, the Big 3 walk back to their class. While walking, Hado is impressed that Mirio did not injure Class 1-A with his strength and she asks if there was anyone interesting. Mirio comments that Izuku caught his eye due to him analyzing and predicting his first move and responding accordingly.

Back at Heights Alliance in Class 1-A's dormitory, the females of Class 1-A are discussing the Hero Internships. Momo comments that they have the green light from Shota to undergo Hero Internships. Izuku calls Gran Torino and asks if he is accepting any Hero Internships. Gran Torino is unable to accept Izuku through a Hero Internship since he is too busy at the moment. Gran Torino advises Izuku to seek out his master's advise, All Might. Izuku comments that he needs to use the connections he gained from the Sports Festival, to which Gran Torino replies that it's only for people who do have connections which All Might can introduce him to a number of people. Gran Torino says that one of the people All Might can introduce him to is his former sidekick.

Somewhere, a man is sitting at a computer. Suddenly, someone shows up to tell the man about the perpetrator's movements. The man asks the person to give the report. The person states that the leader of the villain organization under their investigation, Overhaul, has made contact with the League of Villains.

Overhaul and Tomura Shigaraki meet face to face due to Twice bringing Overhaul to him. Tomura is pleased with Twice for bringing in Overhaul.[3]

New Generation vs. Old Generation: Breakdown in Negotiations

Overhaul and Twice have arrived at the League of Villains' hideout and come to face Tomura Shigaraki and his fellow League of Villain members: Magne, Mr. Compress, and Himiko Toga. However, Overhaul is unimpressed with the League of Villains "hideout", calling it run down and does not like the quality of the League of Villains. Magne wonders why Overhaul is critical of them. Tomura responds that the man standing before them is Overhaul, the yakuza and the leader of the Eight Precepts of Death. Himiko feels that Overhaul is entirely different from them; Mr. Compress explains to Himiko that Overhaul and his group come from an old era of villains where there were a number of frightening organizations that ran the underworld, but the rise of heroes started to put an end to those underworld villain organizations and All Might's rise ended that era. However, the underworld villain organizations that were not dismantled have been treated like criminals and been under constant surveillance, living at the bottom of the barrel. Mr. Compress summarizes that Overhaul and his Eight Precepts of Death are an endangered species from that bygone era. Overhaul agrees with Mr. Compress's assessment while Magne wants to know if Overhaul and his villain organization are capitalizing on All Might's retirement.

Overhaul replies that his villain organization are focused on the fall of All For One. Overhaul and his generation refer to All For One as the Emperor of Darkness who controlled the underworld and regarded him as an urban legend that was feared. Overhaul has heard rumors of All For One's demise and his imprisonment, which means there is no longer anyone who rules over the day or night which begs the question; who will be the next one to rule. Tomura answers that he will be the next one to rule and explains to Overhaul that his organization is gathering more members and with their combined power they will bring down the current Hero society. Overhaul asks if they have a plan to achieve this objective.

Tomura is confused as he thought that Overhaul came here to become allies with them. Overhaul states that an objective without a plan is a mere delusion and is troubled that the League of Villains do not have any plan, asking what they will do when they have gathered their strength, who will pull the strings and the kind of organization they plan to build. Overhaul mentions Stain the Hero Killer, Muscular, and Moonfish, all of whom are first-class pawns, and is disappointed that Tomura let them go to waste so quickly. Overhaul is not pleased that Tomura cannot control the power he gains and instead reveals that he did not come here to join the League of Villains. Overhaul states that the first step to carrying out his plan is a great amount of financial capital which will be difficult for him to get since a relic like himself is not going to have an easy time finding investors, but if he has the over-hyped League of Villains on his side this finance will not be an issue. Overhaul tells the League of Villains to join him instead where he will show them true control and he will become the next ruler of the underworld.

As Tomura tells Overhaul to leave, Magne begins to charge at Overhaul, explaining that the League of Villains will not be subordinate to anybody. Magne talks about her friend who praised her for not being shackled by society and then states that the reason she joined the League of Villains was to live such a life without shackles. Magne uses her Magnetism to force Overhaul to her and Magne hits Overhaul on the head with her weapon, saying that the League of Villains will decide where they belong. Overhaul touches Magne's arm with his finger which causes Magne's upper torso to explode, killing her. Tomura, Himiko, Twice, and Mr. Compress are shocked at what Overhaul has done. Overhaul blames the League of Villains for throwing the first punch and complains about the filth. Mr. Compress jumps towards Overhaul and plans to lock him up with his Quirk. As he touches Overhaul with his left hand, Mr. Compress is shot in the arm and is unable to use his Quirk. Overhaul is enraged at Mr. Compress for touching him and explodes Mr. Compress's left arm in retaliation.

Furious, Tomura dashes at Overhaul and prepares to disintegrate him. Overhaul calls for a shield. Tomura touches Overhaul's subordinate instead which causes the subordinate to disintegrate and die. Suddenly, Overhaul's subordinates crash in, to which Tomura comments that things would be easier if they did that from the start. Overhaul is unhappy at how this meeting turned out since Tomura won't be able to make a level-headed decision anymore. Since they have a casualty on each side, Overhaul decides to end the meeting and they will talk again when the League of Villains have cooled down. Himiko and Twice are enraged at Overhaul for his actions and desire to kill him. Although he is also angry, Tomura tells Himiko and Twice to stand down. While walking away, Overhaul wishes to meet with them again and asks Tomura to think long and hard about the organization he is building. At Tomura's feet is a business card; Overhaul tells Tomura to call him after he has calmed down.

At U.A. in the nap room, Toshinori talks to Izuku and Mirio, saying that they have a few things to talk about.[4]

Shota Aizawa tells Class 1-A that yesterday's conference took place amongst the teachers to decide whether the first years can take on Hero Internships. Shota announces that the majority of teachers have voted against the Hero Internships and have called it off. This news saddens Class 1-A, except Katsuki Bakugo who does not understand the situation due to being under house arrest and has no knowledge about the Hero Internships. However, Shota says that the first years will be allowed to have Hero Internships with offices that have a good track record. After class finishes and taking Gran Torino's advice, Izuku goes to All Might in the staff room and asks him to introduce him to Sir Nighteye for a Hero Internship. All Might refuses to help Izuku, much to his surprise. All Might says that there are three reasons he cannot help Izuku with the Hero Internships: first, he was also against letting the first years conduct Hero Internships so early; second, he wants Izuku to focus on strengthening his Shoot Style; third, he and Nighteye broke off their friendship. Izuku tells All Might that if he is under the guidance of Nighteye, it will serve as a strong point of comparison to him and he must become stronger than anyone else. All Might does not dislike Izuku's determination but he still will not be getting an introduction, not from him.

All Might calls Izuku and Mirio Togata to the nap room to talk about a few things. All Might tells Izuku that Mirio is serving a Hero Internship under Nighteye, much to Izuku's surprise. All Might asks Mirio if Izuku is fit to work under Nighteye. Mirio now understands that All Might wants him to introduce Izuku to Nighteye. However, Mirio does not understand why he must be the middleman when All Might could introduce Izuku by himself since Nighteye is always watching videos of him. All Might does not feel comfortable meeting Nighteye because he became exactly what Nighteye warned him about. Mirio asks Izuku what Hero he wants to become. Having experienced much to get to this point and having gotten so much support from everyone around, in order for all of that to be a payoff, Izuku says aloud that he wants to be the best Hero of them all. Although Izuku's goal is all over the place, Mirio cannot refuse and accepts to introduce Izuku to Nighteye. As Izuku thanks Mirio, All Might thinks back to when Nedzu recommended Mirio as One For All's successor; while his grades are subpar, his presence is impressive and his smile cannot be exterminated which fits the bill for All Might's description of a great Hero. All Might ponders that if he had not met Izuku, Mirio would have been his successor.

Sir Nighteye, Former Sidekick of All Might

On the weekend, Izuku rushes to meet with Mirio while Shoto and Katsuki go to their Provisional Hero License course. After one hour on the train, Izuku and Mirio arrive at Nighteye's office. Mirio mentions that Sir Nighteye is quite strict, which Izuku understands after hearing that he is a Hero famous for doing his jobs in a stoic demeanor. Mirio informs Izuku about another side to Nighteye and warns him that from now until he is finished talking with Nighteye, he must make him laugh at least once. This new information surprises Izuku. As they go in, Mirio mentions that despite his looks, Nighteye holds humor in high regard. Walking in the corridor, Mirio says that he cannot help Izuku make Nighteye acknowledge him and he must do so on his own. Izuku asks Mirio why he is helping him even when they just met. Mirio answers if there is someone in trouble or needs help, meddling in their affairs is standard protocol. Izuku and Mirio arrive at Nighteye's room.

Inside, Bubble Girl reports to Nighteye regarding the meeting between the League of Villains and the Eight Precepts of Death, that a fight had occurred between the two villain organizations which means that their negotiations were unsuccessful. While watching a video of All Might on his laptop computer, Nighteye informs Bubble Girl that it is his belief that a society without humor and liveliness has no future. Izuku opens the door as Mirio informs Nighteye about Izuku. Nighteye has placed Bubble Girl in a tickle device as punishment for her lack of humor in her report. Mirio tells Izuku that the female Hero is Bubble Girl, Nighteye's sidekick, and is being punished for not being funny. Nighteye gazes at Izuku, who is intimidated by Nighteye's strong presence and resolves to make Nighteye laugh. Izuku dons an All Might expression and introduces himself to Nighteye. However, Nighteye is unamused and wonders if Izuku is making fun of All Might[5]

Sir Nighteye criticizes Izuku for making an improper All Might expression, telling him about All Might's proper expression. Izuku looks around the room and sees All Might merchandise and begins realizing that Nighteye is an All Might superfan. Not impressed, Nighteye asks Izuku to leave, but Izuku responds that he made that expression from the Vinegar Suicide Incident in which a middle schooler who could change the properties of water to vinegar was drowning; All Might saved him but suffered injuries to his eyes as a result of the vinegar. Nighteye is well aware of the incident, but since it is unremarkable it is seldom brought up on fansites. As Nighteye and Izuku continue discussing the Vinegar Suicide Incident, Mirio Toogata releases Bubble Girl and tells her that Izuku is an underclassman of his. Nighteye gets down to business and surmises that Izuku wants an internship under him. Izuku brings out the contract. Nighteye informs Izuku that his internship will be harsh where he will have to work several days in the week, be employed for at least a month and will be forced to take many absences. Although the working conditions are harsh, Izuku still wants to work an internship under Nighteye. Nighteye takes the stamp but does not stamp the contract.

Nighteye does not feel like stamping the contract because he does not feel that he will benefit from hiring Izuku and notes that his company is doing fine with two sidekicks and one student intern. Nighteye wants Izuku to demonstrate his abilities and how they can be useful to society. Nighteye explains that All Might's abundant power and humor granted hope to those frightened by crime which is why he is adored to the masses. Nighteye gives Izuku a challenge to demonstrate himself; he must take the stamp from him within three minutes and if he wishes to work at his company as a Hero, he must stamp the contract himself to become his official intern. Nighteye orders Mirio and Bubble Girl to leave. After walking out, Bubble Girl asks Mirio if he needed a practical interview like Izuku, to which Mirio replies that Nighteye nominated him so he did not need one[6]

Sir Nighteye's Challenge: Izuku's Pride is on the Line!

Nighteye will not harm Izuku and he is free to attack him from wherever and whenever, not worried in the slightest about the room. Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl and charges at Nighteye, Izuku jumps above and tries hitting Nighteye. However, Nighteye predicted that Izuku would hit him from above and blocks him. Izuku launches another attack but Nighteye blocks it as well. A minute has passed. Nighteye suggests that Izuku should put some distance between them and fret at the reality that he cannot possibly overcome his Foresight. By touching any part of his target and matching his gaze with theirs, Nighteye's Quirk gives him the ability to predict the actions that person will take in advance for the period of an hour.

As Izuku thinks of a way to overcome Nighteye's Foresight, Nighteye admits that he had high expectations of Izuku but, after seeing him himself, Nighteye states that Izuku is mediocre. Due to the current state of world affairs and that villains are making a comeback in droves, Nighteye was correct in believing that it should have been Mirio to inherit One For All. Izuku is surprised at this revelation. While he has deep respect and admiration for All Might, he could never fathom as to why he would choose Izuku as his successor. Nighteye bluntly states that there is someone more worthy of One For All and he does not acknowledge Izuku in the slightest.

Izuku refuses to let All Might's acknowledgment of him and everything up to this point be for nothing and becomes angry. Izuku uses his enhanced agility to jump around the room at high speeds similar to Gran Torino. An angry Izuku declares that he will be stamping that contract and he will get Nighteye to acknowledge him no matter what.

Izuku vows to make Sir Nighteye acknowledge him and plans to overcome his Foresight by increasing his speed to a point that Nighteye will not be able to predict his movements. Nighteye sees Izuku's Gran Torino-like movements and comments on his futile strategy. Nighteye predicts his opponent and dodges Izuku's attack and berates for having an uneasy expression rather than a calm expression that All Might must have taught him. Nighteye states that Heroes at the top do not show hesitation or uncertainty and Izuku has demonstrated none of those qualities. Nighteye states that the more he looks at Izuku, the more unconvinced he is that Izuku should have been the One For All successor. Izuku becomes enraged and yells that All Might told him that he could become the greatest Hero.

Izuku takes Nighteye's desk and throws it, sending all the papers and books flying about in front of Nighteye. Izuku's plan is to see if Nighteye's Quirk can predict the conditions of the future or the change in a targeted subject's behavior. If it is the latter, then Nighteye cannot predict objects flying at random. Nighteye is distracted by the objects flying at random and Izuku reaches out for the stamp in Nighteye's hand. However, Nighteye manages to get his hand away, causing Izuku to crash into the wall. Nighteye states that time is up and is unimpressed that Izuku loses his cool when a plan of his fails. Izuku tells Nighteye that he was careful while moving around because he did not want to step on the 10-Year Anniversary Commemorative All Might Hero Tapestry. Nighteye looks around his room and sees that the All Might memorabilia is unharmed and realizes that Izuku was avoiding them while jetting around like Gran Torino. Nighteye is surprised that Izuku was moving about and evaluating his surroundings and countermeasures against him while he was under emotional distress.

Hero Contract Signed: Izuku's Internship Begins

Mirio and Bubble Girl arrive and ask if the interview is over. Nighteye tells Mirio that Izuku is employed, much to Izuku's shock and he failed the challenge. Nighteye did not say that he would not give the stamp if he was not able to take it. Nighteye reveals that he planned on employing Izuku all along but he still will not acknowledge him. Nighteye notes that the civilians of the world are looking for not a faint light to give them hope, but a dazzling light. Nighteye plans on making Izuku that dazzling light and hands the stamp to him. Izuku looks forward to working with Nighteye and stamps the employment contract.

The next day at the Nighteye Office, Sir Nighteye tells Izuku, Mirio, and Bubble Girl that they will be patrolling and surveying and they will split up into groups: Bubble Girl and himself, Mirio and Izuku. Bubble Girl reveals that the Nighteye Office is undergoing a secret investigation. Nighteye elaborates further, stating that they are investigating a small, designated villain organization called the Eight Precepts of Death. Nighteye says that their leader Chisaki, or Overhaul, has been making unusual movements. Izuku comments that Chisaki's type is not seen these days. Bubble Girl mentions that Overhaul's villain generation experienced a downfall and suspects that he is trying to reunite the old villain generation again. Recently, Overhaul; has made contact with the League of Villains, but they have not been able to gather any evidence that shows the Eight Precepts of Death are acting like villains. Nighteye states that they are seeking proof of the Eight Precepts of Death's criminal activities.

In an alley, a girl is running towards the street and bumps into Izuku. The young girl has bandages on her body and a small horn sticking out of her right side of her head. Izuku apologizes to the little girl. Before she can speak, a man tells the little girl that they must not cause any problems for the Heroes. The man is revealed to be Overhaul, who tells Eri that they must go back, while Izuku is surprised to see the villain[7]

Before starting their patrol, Mirio and Izuku reveal to each other their Hero names. Izuku tells Mirio that his Hero name is Deku, much to Mirio's surprise; Mirio, on the other hand, tells Izuku that his Hero name is "Lemillion" inspired by wanting to save a million people. Mirio tells Izuku that they are now Heroes and he mustn't let his guard down, to which Izuku affirms.

In the present, Izuku has encountered the little girl Eri and Chisaki, the Leader of the Eight Precepts of Death, which shocks Izuku. Chisaki apologizes to Izuku for his daughter's behavior because she gets carried away with her fun and games. Mirio arrives and tells Izuku that he forgot to put his mask on, causing Izuku to put his mask on. As Mirio apologizes to Chisaki, Izuku is aggravated by his mistake of letting Chisaki know that he and Mirio know each other, which will make Sir Nighteye's job more difficult. Izuku acts innocuously to correct his mistake while Mirio identifies Chisaki as a member of the Eight Precepts of Death due to his mask, to which Chisaki states not to pay heed to his mask as he simply dislikes dirt. Chisaki mentions that he has never seen the two of them before and wonders if they are rookies due to their youth. Mirio replies that they are indeed rookies. Chisaki asks Mirio the Hero office he is affiliated with and Mirio replies that they are still students participating in field training. Mirio and Izuku prepare to leave, but Eri tells Izuku not to leave as she starts shedding tears.

Izuku tells Chisaki that his daughter is frightened by something, to which Chisaki replies that he scolded her. However, Izuku is not convinced since Eri is clutching onto him tightly and suspects that there is more than meets the eye. Izuku asks about the bandages, which Overhaul replies that Eri falls down a lot, but Izuku is still not convinced as she is completely frightened and finds the situation to be unnatural. Chisaki politely asks Izuku to not impose his idea of normal on other's families while Mirio tries convincing Izuku to leave since many people have different dispositions. However, Izuku finds the entire situation to be suspicious due to Eri's being absolutely frightened and he cannot turn a blind eye to a frightened child. Izuku breaks the ice and asks Overhaul what he is doing to the girl.

Chisaki gives in and tells the Heroes to follow him as his situation with his daughter is an embarrassing topic. Chisaki, Mirio, and Izuku holding Eri follow Chisaki into the alley. Chisaki comments that his daughter defies him all the time and finds understanding children to be quite difficult especially when it comes to considering the kind of person they want to become. Izuku and Mirio see Chisaki removing his glove and has killer intent. Suddenly, Eri runs to her father, causing Chisaki to stop removing his glove. Chisaki apologizes to Izuku and Mirio for Eri's tantrum and thanks them for listening to his worries. Chisaki wishes the Heroes good luck as he leaves with Eri. Mirio stops Izuku from going after Eri while commenting that Chisaki used his killer intent to make Eri listen to him. Mirio asks Izuku to respects Sir Nighteye's orders because chasing Chisaki too far will make him harder to catch.

At his hideout, Chisaki comments on Eri's sickly behavior and asks Chrono to prepare a bath as his subordinate apologizes for letting Eri out of his sight. However, Chisaki is not interested in the subordinate's excuse and kills the subordinate with his Quirk, telling Chrono to clean up as well. Chrono prepares to carry out his leader's orders while Chisaki comments that all people are sick with Hero Syndrome.

Chisaki wants Eri to stop being selfish as she is the key to his entire plan. Chisaki shows her an experimentation lab and asks her to no longer sully his hands. As one of Chisaki's subordinate's remove Eri's bandages, another subordinate tells Overhaul that he has a phone call from Tomura Shigaraki of the League of Villains who wants Overhaul to listen to his response.

Sir Nighteye and Bubble Girl are staking out near Overhaul's hideout, nearly been a week and a half since they began watching Overhaul's movements. Sir Nighteye notices that there are less people going in and out than usual. Suddenly, Bubble Girl gets a phone call from Mirio, who says that he encountered Overhaul. Sir Nighteye and Bubble Girl meet up with Izuku and Mirio. Mirio apologizes for messing up, but Sir Nighteye refutes Mirio's apology and says it was his error since if he had been "watching them" from the start it could have been prevented. Bubble Girl is glad that Izuku and Mirio are safe and unharmed since if they had made the wrong move Overhaul would have become suspicious. Izuku comments that he didn't get the sense that Overhaul was dangerous. Sir Nighteye states that a gang of thieves were involved in a truck accident involving Overhaul and the Eight Precepts of Death, but there were "zero casualties" which surprises Izuku. After feeling a sense of pain and loss of consciousness, the gang came out of the incident completely unscathed; not only that, all their chronic illnesses from rheumatism to cavities were all healed without a trace. The reason for this phenomenon is believed to be due to Overhaul's Quirk, but as a result, since there were zero wounded and the gang was apprehended, Overhaul could not be charged with any crimes. The money that was stolen was the only thing that completely vanished without a trace to which the Police Force believed that no crime had occurred. Bubble Girl finishes Sir Nighteye's story by saying that they became suspicious and began a full stakeout.

Mirio tells Sir Nighteye that they gained new information; Overhaul has a daughter named Eri. Izuku mentions that Eri was bandaged and extremely frightened and knows that she was crying for help. Izuku wishes that they could have somehow taken her into custody. Sir Nighteye warns Izuku to not get arrogant thoughts, which surprises Izuku. Sir Nighteye advises Izuku that if he had rushed everything, he would have failed and impatience would have let Overhaul out of his grasp. Sir Nighteye teaches Izuku that he must first predict his opponent's goal and after completing a thorough analysis he must make preparations for every possible circumstance. Sir Nighteye tells Izuku that will alone will not help him save everyone because the truly intelligent villains conceal themselves in darkness which must cause Heroes to bide their time until the opportunity is ripe. With his lesson finished, Sir Nighteye tells Izuku and Mirio to return to his office for today. As Sir Nighteye and Bubble Girl leave, Izuku's first day of Internship ended in a flash but left an unpleasant truth in his mouth.

It is the beginning of the week; in Class 1-A, Mina notices the injuries on Katsuki's face, to which Denki mentions that Shoto's face also has injuries, which shocks her. Both Katsuki and Shoto have been through rigorous training at the Provisional License Training Course. Tenya tells the class that the lesson is about to begin and wonders where Ochaco and Tsuyu are; Momo states that Ochaco and Tsuyu are on authorized absences and Kyoka notices that Eijiro is also absent. Minoru and Mina ask Izuku about his internship, but Izuku is disorientated. Izuku is a deep state of thought about the events that occurred; Sir Nighteye revealed to be All Might's former sidekick, Mirio who was supposed to be All Might's successor and the possible abuse Eri is going through. This murkiness kept getting worse which has been causing Izuku to lose focus in class. Unable to keep going like this, a frustrated Izuku goes to the staff room to find All Might. Midnight tells Izuku that All Might is out jogging.

Outside of U.A., All Might is jogging. Izuku catches up to All Might and asks him if he knew everything; that Sir Nighteye knew about One For All and that Mirio was supposed to be his successor. Izuku wants to know why All Might didn't tell him anything. All Might states that there was a need to tell him everything, to which Izuku yells that there was. Izuku is frustrated with all these new developments and is angry that he is being denied without knowing anything; worst of all, he doesn't know All Might's hidden intentions which is why he is unable to focus. Izuku doesn't understand why All Might didn't tell him these important details and isn't saying this as his fan but as his successor. Izuku demands to know the whole truth. All Might decides to tell Izuku the truth but he mustn't regret it, to which Izuku replies that he won't.

All Might begins his story; Sir Nighteye was a huge fan of his and wanted to be his sidekick, but All Might refused. However, Nighteye was so persistent that All Might eventually let Nighteye be his side kick. Nighteye was the brains of his operations since his physical abilities weren't that impressive. Izuku understands that Sir Nighteye took on a supporting role while All Might fought on the front lines and they got along well. All Might agrees that he and Sir Nighteye got along well, but six years ago, they dissolved their partnership due to his injuries and because of the differences in their values.

Six years ago after the fearsome and gruesome battle with All For One, at a secret facility, Sir Nighteye begs All Might to retire due to his grievous injuries as he doesn't want All Might to push himself to the brink of death. All Might refuses to since the world is waiting for his return and he must answer their pleas. Sir Nighteye tells All Might that his grievous injuries will cause agony for all parties involved and his respiratory system is completely damaged. Sir Nighteye begs All Might to retire and let his legend live on for the sake of the peace he desires. Nezu agrees with Sir Nighteye and tells All Might that he can look for a One For All successor at U.A, to which Sir Nighteye finds Nezu's idea to be the best solution. All Might asks who the Symbol of Peace will be until he finds that successor. Even though All For One is gone, they live in a society of superhumans and another All For One will eventually appear. Sir Nighteye helps All Might to his feet and understands the importance of the Symbol of Peace, but if he keeps pushing himself, All Might will no longer be able to smile. If All Might plans on continuing as a Hero, Sir Nighteye states that he will stop supporting him. All Might notices that Nighteye was "looking" at him with his Quirk. Sir Nighteye tries getting All Might to agree, saying that even if he retires, the next Number One Hero will eventually rise and although that "short while" will be difficult they may be able to ward the villains off. However, All Might still refuses since that short while will be a period of fear. All Might notes that Nighteye's Foresight is never wrong, to which Sir Nighteye fears as he has seen what will happen to All Might at this rate. Sir Nighteye states the reason he is here is to help All Might, while All Might states that him staying here would be of no use to the world. Sir Nighteye tells All Might the truth regarding his future in order to coerce him into retirement to save him; that All Might will confront a villain and head towards a gruesome demise, one so terrible that he cannot put into words.

All Might tells Izuku that after his fight with Sir Nighteye regarding his future, they went their separate ways. Nezu recommended Mirio Togata, but he ended up meeting Izuku before he met Mirio. All Might did not want to tell Izuku all of this since he was his fan and apologizes. Izuku is shocked and distraught with the truth All Might told him; that All Might may die soon and that he was never meant to be All Might's successor in the first place.

Not only does Izuku realize that he was never meant to be One For All's successor, he realizes another terrible fate for his mentor based on Sir Nighteye's Foresight: Toshinori Yagi will eventually die. Although he knew that everyone eventually dies, that fact cut Izuku through like a knife. Toshinori tells Izuku that when he met him, he told Nighteye about him, but Nighteye was vehemently against Izuku becoming One For All's successor, which further drove them apart. Toshinori and Nighteye argued on the phone regarding Izuku; Toshinori argued that Izuku was intent on saving others while Nighteye argued that intentions were not good enough since there are more capable candidates with the same intentions as Izuku. However, Toshinori stated that Izuku is Quirkless which made him a befitting candidate over the others. Toshinori says that after their heated debate over the succession of One For All, Nighteye took it upon himself to cultivate Mirio Togata, whom he believed to be the truly appropriate successor. Izuku asks Toshinori when Nighteye used his Foresight, when did it say that his death would occur and whether Nighteye's Foresight can be changed. However, Toshinori's answer crushes Izuku's hopes; that his death would occur in six to seven years and although there is a margin of error of his estimation into far events into the future, there is no changing what he sees in his Foresight.

Izuku falls into despair, knowing that Toshinori will die this year or during the next. Izuku reminds Toshinori about the promise he made to him; that he will let the world know that he is here and he cannot die until that moment. Toshinori tells Izuku that after he learned of Nighteye's Foresight prediction about him, he accepted it with ease and because the goal was in sight, he ran full speed towards it. Toshinori reveals that the goal was his final confrontation with All For One at Kamino and that he planned on dying there. However, Izuku was there, a timid Quirkless boy who day after day rose to meet his expectations. Having seen Izuku's determination, Toshinori willed himself to keep on living which is why he is still alive, and after hearing Izuku's mother telling him to live on and protect Izuku, he is still clawing onto life. Due to Izuku's determination and his mother's encouragement, Toshinori has been twisting fate into whatever shape he likes and demonstrates this by briefly transforming into his Hero form. Alas, no matter what he has done, Toshinori admits that Nighteye's Foresight is still correct and everything is turning out exactly as the prediction foretold; that he will die regardless. Now, Toshinori is ashamed to meet with Nighteye face to face due to him being correct and him being wrong. Toshinori plans on not holding Izuku back and relents that its too late to change his fate. However, Izuku replies that Toshinori does not know whether or not Nighteye's Foresight has changed and no matter what happens, he will twist fate along with Toshinori, to which Toshinori states that he will do his best not to cause him any trouble. Izuku suggests that Toshinori make peace with Nighteye and have him use his Foresight again to see if the future has changed or not, but Toshinori refuses since it would be too convenient. As Izuku is learning about Toshinori's secret, the state of affairs was gradually developing.

Somewhere, a dispute between two villain groups have broken out and two villains with Gigantification Quirks. The giant villains fighting is causing carnage and destruction. Suddenly, Nejire Hado appears and uses Wring Wave to blast the giant villains onto the ground, which damages them in the process. Hado criticizes the giant villains for fighting due to their Quirks being the same. Hadou orders them to attack. Uravity and Froppy appear and using their Quirks, they unleash Meteor Fafrotskies, a move that consists of Ochaco removing gravity from large rubble and Tsuyu launching the weightless rubble at the giant villains. Ochaco and Tsuyu's combination move causes large rubble to rain down onto the giant villains, knocking them out. Having defeated the giant villains, Hado congratulates Ochaco and Tsuyu, asking if they were nervous, to which Ochaco replies that they executed the plan according to Hado's idea and Tsuyu replies that they were surprisingly calm. "Dragon Hero" Ryukyu, Hado's mentor, now understands why Hado brought Ochaco and Tsuyu here because they both have aptitude. Ochaco and Tsuyu thank Ryukyu for employing them under internships while Hado mentions that Ochaco and Tsuyu were turned down for internships by their Field Training hosts.

Ruykyu promises to help flourish Ochaco and Tsuyu's fighting ability. Ryukyu mentions that they will be able to play a role in "that case". Ryukyu states that they will be teaming up with All Might's former sidekick, Sir Nighteye and his interns Lemillion and Deku along with another known Hero and his Interns, Red Riot and Suneater. As Ochaco wonders why they will be teaming up, Ryukyu states that the reason for teaming up is due to the matters surrounding the villain organization, the Eight Precepts of Death and it is a big job that may be connected to the League of Villains Both Chisaki and Tomura Shigaraki meet face to face once again.

In the Eight Precepts of Death underground, Tomura Shigaraki meets with Chisaki in the reception room. Tomura comments on the dreariness of the room, although Chisaki likes the room for since it is not cluttered. Tomura also complains about having to go around their hideout for 30 minutes, to which Chisaki replies that they have many routes underground to help them prevent anyone who could be spying on them. Mimic, the General Manager of the Eight Precepts of Death, adds that their yakuza group has survived this way. Mimic asks Tomura if what he said on the phone the other day was true; that he would side with them depending on the conditions. Tomura puts his foot on the table and states that their villain organizations' motives align; Chisaki wants to use the influence of the League of Villains' name while he wants to expand their influence. Chisaki asks Tomura to put his foot off the table, but Tomura defiantly says that he should be bowing before him in respect. Tomura tells Chisaki that the League of Villains do not answer to anyone and they move however they like, but that the League of Villains are willing to work with anyone in a "joint venture". Chisaki asks if this is the only condition, to which Tomura states there is another condition: Chisaki must tell him about his plan since he cannot give his organization's name for a worthless scheme. Tomura reaches into his coat for something.

Suddenly, Chronostasis, Chisaki's right hand man, puts his gun at Tomura's head while Mimic uses his Quirk and grabs Tomura on the head. Both Mimic and Chronostasis condemn Tomura for his arrogant nature. Tomura condemns them in retaliation for getting rid of Kenji Hikiishi and for blowing off Atsuhiro Sako's arm. Chisaki orders Chronostasis and Mimic to leave Tomura alone as he willingly came to their hideout to discuss the future. Chronostasis and Mimic obey their leader's command. Tomura pulls out what seems to be a tranquilizing bullet and asks if Chisaki's plan has something to do with it.

In the Kansai Region in the Esuha Market, Eijiro Kirishima and Tamaki Amajiki are patrolling the streets with BMI Hero, Fatgum. Fatgum notes that his Hero Office does not like to take up arms and tells Eijirou that he is in the right place, to which Eijirou replies that he looks forward to working under Fatgum as an Internship, whereas Fourth Kind did not take him and is glad that Fatgum accepted him. Tamaki finds Eijiro's determination scary after he came after him so forcefully. Fatgum tells Tamaki that they need to fix his terrible mentality of his since he has a lot of talent, which stresses Tamaki. Tamaki thinks that the only reason Fatgum scouted him was because he wanted to torment him, although Eijiro reassures Tamaki that Fatgum was trying to encourage him. Tamaki states that he is not one of those optimistic Heroes like Mirio Togata, to which Eijiro replies that he is not like that either, and there have been many desperate times where he could not do anything and he wants to close the gap so that he can stand amongst his fellow classmates.

Suddenly, a fight breaks out. A thug is attacking another group of thugs for doing business on his turf. The group of thugs manage to get away, only for them to land into Fatgum. The thugs start submerging into Fatgum's body. However, one of the thugs manages to escape from Fatgum's body using a Quirk that is similar to Edgeshot's Quirk. The thug starts running away, but is caught by Tamaki's octopus fingers. Tamaki uses his octopus fingers to reel the thug in and slashes the thug through the face with his clam hand, which defeats the thug. Tamaki's Quirk is called Reappearance which allows Tamaki's body to manifest the characteristics of the things he eats. Tamaki wonders if he did a good job, to which Eijiro replies that he was awesome. Fatgum comments that Tamaki's Quirk has already been outclassing many Pro Heroes and the only aspect that he needs to focus on is his mentality, much to Tamaki's loathing. In the crowd of civilians, there is a man who takes out a gun, wanting to help his brothers which are the group of thugs. Fatgum takes notice of this and yells at the crowd to get down.

Back at the Eight Precepts of Death's underground hideout, Tomura shows Chisaki a bullet and says that Atsuhiro was no longer able to use his Quirk after the bullet was fired onto him. Tomura asks Chisaki what the bullet is and what he plans to do with it. Chisaki replies that he is going to destroy justice. Chisaki comments that he heard that All For One controlled others by taking their Quirks; his plan brushes up on that approach a little bit and notes that all the preparations are proceeding according to plan

The man fires the gun that releases a special bullet which hits Tamaki. The man fires another bullet, but Eijiro protects Tamaki and is hit instead. Fatgum rushes to Eijiro and Tamaki's aid. However, Eijiro activated his Hardening before the bullet hit, which caused the bullet to simply bounce off him, much to the man's shock. Angry, Eijiro yells out that he will capture the man.

Eijiro Kirishima manages to protect Tamaki Amajiki. However, Tamaki manages to stand up with no injuries from the bullet, which shocks the man who fired the bullet. Tamaki attempts to capture the criminal who fired the bullet, but is not able to activate his Quirk. The man begins running away while Eijiro and Fatgum chase after him. Fatgum orders Tamaki to stay and guard the area while Tamaki replies that while he is not injured, he cannot activate his Quirk, which surprises Fatgum. Eijiro manages to catch up to the man. Eijiro criticizes the man for running away instead of helping his friends. The man is cornered due to running into a dead end. The man decides to fight and uses his Quirk, which causes three small blades to appear on his arm. The man attacks Eijiro with his bladed arm but is unable to cut through Eijiro's Hardening. Eijiro counters with Red Counter, a Hardened fist to the man's face, which causes the man to tumble to the ground. As Eijiro orders him to surrender, the man starts crying because of his weak Quirk which prevented him from having the courage to save his brothers in the first place. Eijiro understands the man's feelings and helps him to his feet. However, the man dislikes Eijiro for thinking that he could empathize with his feelings and injects a drug into himself. The man starts screaming in pain while Eijiro tries calming him. Suddenly, dozens of long sharp blades shoot out from the man and pierce Eijiro.

Meanwhile, the Police Force has rounded up the man's brothers thanks to Tamaki. As Tamaki surmises that his Quirk will not activate due to the bullet, one of the criminals tells Tamaki to die, causing Tamaki to sulk. The policeman tells Tamaki that he can leave the rest to them. Tamaki has a bad feeling about the situation.

In the alley, the man's long sharp blades start cutting the area he is in. Eijiro managed to defend himself from the man's blades thanks to his Hardening. Eijiro assumes that the man used a drug to power up his Quirk. Eijiro cannot allow the man's sharp blades to hit the streets and decides to end the fight in the alley. Eijiro tells the civilians nearby to take cover away from the blades. The man attacks Eijiro with his sharp blades that cuts through Eijiro's Hardening, causing Eijiro to bleed. The man yells that the time of Heroes is at an end and the time of social outcasts has come. The man feels empowered and decides to go and save his brothers, noting that Eijiro is in the way. Eijiro sees that his current Hardening is not strong enough to defend himself against the man's long sharp blades. Eijiro thinks back to what All Might said about using a strong brute force technique to compliment his Hardening. Back at Class 1-A's Heights Alliance talking with Denki Kaminari, Katsuki Bakugo, Hanta Sero, and Fumikage Tokoyami, Eijiro notes that they have Quirks better suited than his and have a lot more versatility than his Hardening. Katsuki mentions that Eijiro said at the Sports Festival that he would not crumble and reminds him that All Might had an unbreakable will during the Kamino Incident.

Red Riot Unbreakable

Eijiro uses Red Riot Unbreakable.

Taking All Might's unbreakable will and the Quirk training he went through before the Hero License Exam into account, Eijiro focuses all his energy and spirit in his Hardening and pushes it to the max. The man's long sharp blades attack Eijiro but shatter when they hit Eijirou's tough Hardening, which shocks the man. Eijiro has managed to activate his maximum hardening level: Red Riot Unbreakable, which has left Eijiro's body extremely hard and rugged, causing him to have a monstrous appearance.

Eijiro has activated his maximum Hardening level: Red Riot Unbreakable. Despite his new move making a creaking sound and can last for only thirty to forty seconds, Eijiro is confident that he will be able to defeat the enhanced Blade Quirk thug. Seeing that he is in trouble, the thug concentrates dozens of his blades into a blade blast attack, sending the concentrated blades towards Eijiro. However, Eijiro withstands the concentrated blades with ease and starts pushing back the thug. Eijiro shatters the blades easily with his enhanced might and charges towards the thug. In the thugs's range, Eijiro attacks and defeats the thug with Red Gauntlet. The civilians witness Eijiro's victory and are impressed with him. Eijiro's Red Riot Unbreakable dissipates and, despite having many scratches, Eijiro is happy that the thug has been defeated and the civilians are safe. The thug pleads to Eijiro to let him go, but Eijiro refuses to do so because he shot Tamaki. Before Eijiro can states that he relates to him since they have similar pasts, the thug yells at him to shut it as he doesn't care about his story. The thug extends two large blades from his back, which shoots him past Eijiro. Eijiro uses his Hardening to break the blades and laments for being an idiot in allowing himself to be fooled by the thug. As the injured thug gets away, Fat Gum appears in front of his and uses his body to entrap the thug. The thug struggles to no avail in breaking free using his blades and eventually gives up. Fat Gum tells Eijiro that when suppressing villains, he must extinguish their will to fight quickly using any means necessary. The thug is trapped inside Fat Gum's Quirk, Fat Absorption, which allows Fat Gum's body to adhere to anything, causing those objects to sink into his body. Eijiro thanks Fat Gum for the assistance while a middle aged civilian praises Eijiro for thinking about their safety and stopping the thug. Fat Gum also praises Eijiro's Hero debut and thanks him instead for his help and guarantees that he will be a great Hero in the future, much to Eijiro's happiness. 

With the thug defeated and captured, Fat Gum comments on the thug's Quirk powering up, stating that the drug he used is illegal in Japan and the drug came from an Asian manufacturer since it lasted for a few minutes and the American version lasts for one to two hours. A Policeman comes running to tell Fat Gum about the gun the thug used; although he smashed the gun with his Quirks. Most peculiar, there were no bullets and the gun used isn't the normal everyday gun. As Fat Gum thanks the Policeman for his update, Fat Gum sees Tamaki's gloomy expression. Tamaki is ashamed that he is unable to use his Quirk and hides his face using his hood, but thanks Eijiro for protecting him. Although he has heard of drugs that can power up Quirks, made specifically as a plan to help boots weak Quirks, Fat Gum has never heard of drugs that disable people's Quirks. Fat Gum decides to take Tamaki to the hospital to have him checked out while also checking out something else. Tamaki and Eijiro go with Fat Gum. 

The next day at U.A in Class 1-A, Denki comments that Eijiro's Hero name, Red Riot, is on the Internet and his Hero debut in defeating the thug and saving civilians is also on the Internet. Ochaco and Tsuyu are also on the Internet as well as their help in taking down the Giant villains. Tenya praises Ochaco, Tsuyu and Eijiro for their Heroic feats and reminds them that schoolwork is also important. Denki comments on Eijiro's bad grades; Eijiro notes that Shota prepared supplementary lessons for him while Hanta comments that he should have gone to those supplementary lessons but didn't since they were too difficult. Meanwhile, Izuku is thinking to himself; Izuku is at peace for being able to resolve his issues regarding All Might, Mirio and Sir Nighteye. However, 'that girl' has been weighing on his mind for quite some time.  

A few days later, Eijiro sees that Izuku, Ochaco and Tsuyu are heading out at the same time as him. The four decide to go to the station together and a Hero patrolling the campus escorts them to the station. At the station, Izuku is surprised that Eijiro is heading his way, to which Eijiro, Ochaco and Tsuyu explain that today's meet up location is different than usual. All four board the same train to the same station and after getting off the train, head in the same direction and turn into the same corner. Izuku, Eijiro, Ochaco and Tsuyu run into Nejire, Mirio and Tamaki. The four young Heroes along with the Big Three enter the building which is Sir Nighteye's Office and see that many Heroes are gathered; Fat Gum; Eijiro and Tamaki's Internship mentor and Ryukyu; Ochaco, Tsuyu and Nejire's Internship mentor. Surprisingly, Shota and Gran Torino have also gathered. Nejire greets Ryukyu and asks about the meeting; Ryukyu replies that she will soon know enough, stating that Sir Nighteye is about to start the meeting.  

Thanks to the information all the Heroes provided him with, Sir Nighteye was able to make substantial progress with his investigation. Sir Nighteye reveals that he called for this meeting to share information as well as to discuss how to proceed in dealing with the plots of a certain small organization named The Eight Precepts of Death; this captures Eijiro, Izuku, Ochaco and Tsuyu's attention.  

At Sir Nighteye's Office on the second floor in the large meeting room, Sir Nighteye decides to begin the meeting. As they go to sit down, Ochaco and Tsuyu ask why Shota is here, to which he explains that they asked him for his help. Eijiro wonders what is happening and Fatgum tells him that everything will be explained. The meeting begins with Bubble Girl explaining that the Heroes at Nighteye Office have been investigating the villain organization called the Eight Precepts of Death; this investigation was sparked after an incident involving the Eight Precepts of Death's run in with Team Reservoir Dogs. However, the Police Force labeled it as an accident which the Nighteye Office found strange since it didn't make any sense and decided to investigate the Eight Precepts of Death. Centipeder, a sidekick of the Nighteye Office, explains that he made follow up investigations regarding the Eight Precepts of Death and found out that they have been contacting other villainous groups and involvement with black market groups all over Japan; their motive for doing so is to increase their organization and finance. Soon after the official investigation began, the Eight Precepts of Death made contact with a member of the League of Villains called Twice and although they were not able to track them, the help of the Police Force allowed them to determine that a dispute between the two groups broke out. Gran Torino assumes that he and Naomasa Tsukauchi were called in because the League of Villains is involved; a Hero sitting next to him asks Naomasa's whereabouts, to which Gran Torino replies that he is out doing investigations. Gran Torino turns his attention to Izuku and tells him that they have become involved in something troublesome. Izuku replies that this is nothing troublesome; Mirio asks how Izuku knows of Gran Torino, to which Izuku states that Gran Torino was his mentor from Field Training. Eijiro recognizes Gran Torino from the Kamino Incident and is surprised that Izuku knows of Gran Torino.

Centipeder and Bubble Girl continue with their explanation. Due to their investigation revealing these developments, Bubble Girl states that they requested their help through the HN. As Centipeder tells Bubble Girl to skip that part, Ochaco wonders what the HN is; Nejire explains that the HN called the Hero Network is an online service that only those with professional licenses can access; the Hero Network allows fellow Heroes to look up the activities of other Heroes across the country and can request the assistance of Heroes with specific Quirks that may be of use. One of the Heroes asks about the presence of the U.A students since they will hold back the discussion when things get dark. Fatgum defends his interns, Eijiro and Tamaki since they are important. Sir Nighteye explains that the Eight Precepts of Death were suspected of selling illegal drugs and requested the assistance of a Hero who is familiar with this topic, which is Fatgum. Fatgum explains that he, Eijiro and Tamaki were involved the other day in a battle against a thug in which Tamaki was shot with something that he had never seen before; a medicine that breaks Quirks.

This catches the other Heroes attention; Mirio asks Tamaki if he is alright, to which Tamaki explains that he has recovered and can still use his Quirk, which he demonstrates by manifesting a cow hoof. Shota Aizawa explains that Tamaki's Quirk injury is different from his Erasure as he does not attack Quirks. Shota explains that a Quirk is born after a human body's structure is specially altered by plus alphaing it. The Plus Alpha in a Quirk is called the Quirk Factor. Shota explains that his Erasure momentarily halts the activation of the Quirk Factor which allows him to cancel other people's Quirks; his Erasure cannot damage the Quirk Factor. Fatgum follows up by explaining that Tamaki has checked at the hospital after being shot and found out that Tamaki's Quirk Factor was damaged, but thankfully Tamaki has able to naturally recover. The object that was fired onto Tamaki had no abnormalities and only his Quirk was attacked; the thug that fired the gun refuses to speak and the gun itself is in pieces, meaning only a portion of the bullet was obtained. However, thanks to Eijiro's brave actions by protecting Tamaki, they were able to obtain a bullet with the contents still inside, which surprises Eijiro; Ochaco, Tsuyu and Nejire praise Eijiro. Fatgum explains that after examining the contents of the bullet, they discovered that inside the bullet were human blood and cells, which disturbs the U.A. students. Ryukyu surmises that the bullet contained the DNA of a Quirk that destroys other Quirks. However, one of the Heroes does not see the connection of the Quirk-destroying bullet to the Eight Precepts of Death. Fatgum states that the intermediary distributors did have exchanges with the Eight Precepts of Death but there is no evidence of the villain group selling the bullets themselves. Sir Nighteye explains that Ryukyu and her interns, Ochaco, Tsuyu and Nejire ended a dispute between two villain groups; it was later found out that the boss of one of the groups had exchanges with the same distributor. One of the Heroes sees that Sir Nighteye is trying to implicate the Eight Precepts of Death and asks for a more convincing connection.

Sir Nighteye explains that Chisaki, the Leader of the Eight Precepts of Death, has a Quirk called Overhaul. Chisaki's Overhaul Quirk gives him the ability to disassemble or restore objects, an ability that can break down something and then reassemble it. Sir Nighteye states that Chisaki's Quirk and the Quirk-destroying bullet are related. Suddenly, Izuku and Mirio break down into a sweat as they realize that Chisaki's daughter, Eri, is involved with this and they could have stopped Chisaki right then and there if they had taken Eri into custody. Sir Nighteye explains that Chisaki's daughter had no birth certificate and details about her are unknown; Izuku and Mirio encountered her on their patrol and she had a number of bandages on her. Gran Torino comments that since they live in a superhuman society, anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. Eijiro asks what Gran Torino means. Sir Nighteye explains that Chisaki is probably using his daughter to make those Quirk destroying bullets, which disgusts Eijiro, Ochaco and Tsuyu. However, Sir Nighteye deems the bullet used on Tamaki to be a prototype since it did not destroy Tamaki's Quirk and they don't have evidence that Chisaki is selling the bullets. Fatgum is disgusted with Chisaki's crimes and demands that they hunt them down. One of the Heroes states that this problem would have been solved already if Izuku and Mirio took Chisaki's daughter into custody. Sir Nighteye states that he takes full responsibility for that and does not want him attacking them since it is his fault that he prevented them from rescuing the girl. A frustrated Izuku and Mirio lament their failure in attempting to rescue Eri and condemn themselves for thinking that they will be the best Heroes.

Izuku and Mirio stand up and declare that this time they will definitely rescue Eri. Sir Nighteye states that their objective will be to save Chisaki's daughter.

Izuku and Mirio vow to rescue Eri. One of the Heroes comment that since Izuku and Mirio were able to encounter Eri so easily, he assumes that the ringleader, Chisaki who requires Eri as part of his plan, will no longer be hiding her in his headquarters and wants to know Eri's whereabouts. Ryukyu agrees and asks Sir Nighteye about the girl's whereabouts. Nighteye does not know about the girl's location which is the problem and since they do not know the full details of Chisaki's plans, the Eight Precepts of Death will have many opportunities to counter attack if they do not strike now. In order to find Eri quickly, Nighteye and his Hero Office have looked into organizations and groups that are affiliated with the Eight Precepts of Death as well as all locations that the Eight Precepts of Death have used. Nighteye asks the Heroes to assist in searching each of these locations so that they can find Eri's whereabouts quickly. One of the Heroes sees that Nighteye has selected Heroes who are familiar with the areas that the locations are in. Fatgum criticizes Nighteye for wasting time in carefully investigating the Eight Precepts of Death, giving the Eight Precepts of Death more time to torture her. Nighteye states that they will not become like All Might and for that reason, they have investigated as thoroughly as possible in order to maximize the chances of saving Eri. Gran Torino agrees with Nighteye as taking a misstep will give the Eight Precepts of Death an advantage, similar to Stain's arrest performance that gave the League of Villains a huge public relations boost. However, the other Heroes begin disagreeing with Gran Torino.

Seeing that the meeting is currently going nowhere, Shota Aizawa asks Sir Nighteye about his Quirk ability; since he can see into the future, he can see the outcome of their rescue operation. Nighteye reveals that he is unable to. Nighteye explains that his Quirk has a twenty-four-hour recharge period before he can use it again, meaning that for one hour everyday he can see one person's future. Similar to a series of flashbacks frame-by-frame, Nighteye can see the film of an individual's life; however, the future he sees is from the perspective of the person and all he can foresee is that person's actions and immediate surroundings. Shota is somewhat confused since Nighteye's Foresight will give them more than enough information and asks why he cannot. Nighteye gives an example; if he sees a person's death awaiting them, there is nothing he can do about it. Izuku and Gran Torino are well aware that the example Sir Nighteye is referring to is All Might. Nighteye states that he only uses his Foresight Quirk when the chances of success are at their highest and as a result, he uses it as insurance. One of the Heroes states that even death is information which can allow them to avoid the death, but Sir Nighteye replies that his Foresight is not fortune telling since he cannot give any evidence to show that he can avoid the outcome. The Hero asks Nighteye to use his Foresight on him. However, Nighteye is unable to. The atmosphere turns solemn; Ryukyu breaks the ice by saying that they should proceed with the plan since a girl's life is at stake. Nighteye declares that their mission is to locate Eri and secure her rescue as well as resolving this issue as soon as possible. Nighteye thanks everyone at the meeting for their cooperation.

With the meeting over, Izuku, Ochaco Uraraka, Eijiro Kirishima, Tsuyu Asui, Mirio, Tamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hado are sitting at a table downstairs. Izuku and Mirio explain to the others what occurred between them and Chisaki. Izuku and Mirio are still crestfallen for being unable to save Eri when she was right in their hands. Shota spots his Class 1-A students and talks to them about originally suspending their Internships since the League of Villains are involved. Before they start protesting, Shota comments to Izuku that he still has not restored his trust in him yet. However, Shota believes that if he stops Izuku, he will simply jump back in again. Shota gives Izuku permission to take part in Eri's rescue operation and signifies his decision by fist bumping Izuku's chest. Tamaki and Nejire convince Mirio to snap out of his misery, with Nejire telling him that there is no point in feeling regretful. Mirio agrees with them. Shota tells Izuku that the hand that barely missed rescuing Eri, he bets that Eri is feeling something other than despair and tells Izuku to keep moving forward, to which a delightful Izuku replies he will.

Elsewhere in the Hero Office, Gran Torino and Sir Nighteye meet. Nighteye wonders if Gran Torino directed Izuku to him in order to mend his relationship with All Might. Gran Torino replies it was not his intention and instead asks what he thinks of Izuku. Sir Nighteye remarks that Izuku is similar to All Might, including having the mad driven desire of All Might's.[8]

Meanwhile, Eri is in her darkened bedroom resting on her bed. Scattered on the bedroom floor are unopened dolls and toys. Suddenly, Eri's bedroom door opens; one of Chisaki's subordinates tells Eri that he simply came to check on her. While walking towards her, the subordinate is surprised that Eri has not opened her new toys that he brought her and asks her to let down her guard. The subordinate pats Eri gently while thinking about the orders Chisaki gave him; that he would be Eri's new mediator and must become the kind of person Eri trusts. While walking in the hallway, the subordinate is unsure about how to get Eri's trust. On her bed, Eri thinks about Izuku touching her and that his hand felt different; Izuku's hand felt kind, causing Eri to start tearing up.

Izuku puts on his Hero Costume with a determined look on his face.

While Eri's location was being pinpointed, Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, and Eijiro Kirishima remain on standby while continuing their training. However, they are forbidden from disclosing any information regarding the operation. After the meeting with Sir Nighteye, Shota Aizawa asks Eijiro, Ochaco, and Tsuyu what they want to do. The three of them declare that they will participate in the operation to rescue Eri; Tamaki Amajiki agrees with their decision since they were allowed in the meeting, the Heroes acknowledge their skills. Shota asked this because he wanted to confirm that their participation is of their own free will; the operation will simply be taking Eri into custody. Although the possibility is low, Shota states that the operation will be stopped if the League of Villains is involved. Izuku, Eijiro, Ochaco, and Tsuyu agree with Shota.

In U.A's cafeteria, even though everyone was in high spirits for Eri's rescue operation, something was weighing on Izuku's heart; he could not ask Sir Nighteye about All Might as the mood was not right and due to being unable to disclose information about the operation, he cannot ask All Might himself and cannot get help from Eijiro. Shoto Todorokiasks Izuku if he is going to eat; Izuku snaps back to reality and states that he will. Tenya Iida and Shoto ask Izuku if he is alright since he has had a long face for quite a while. Tenya tells Izuku that if he is in a bind with no way out, say something to his friends. Tenya tells Izuku that he stated those words to him before their Field Training. Izuku desperately tries not to cry and thanks Tenya for his support; Tenya's words have made Izuku's heart a little lighter. Shoto thinks that even Heroes must cry before offering half of his soba to Izuku.

One of the Heroes part of the operation to rescue Eri is investigating near the vicinity of the Eight Precepts of Death's facility. Two days later late at night, Izuku, Eijiro, Ochaco, and Tsuyu receive messages that the operation to rescue Eri starts today. All the Heroes report to Sir Nighteye's office. Sir Nighteye reveals that Eri is in the Eight Precepts of Death Headquarters. Sir Nighteye shows a toy intended for little girls and assumed that the person buying the toy was a member of the Eight Precepts of Death. Fatgum thinks that the person buying the doll was just some enthusiast. However, at the toy store, Nighteye spotted Eri's cater buying a toy. Sir Nighteye touches the cater's shoulder and uses his Foresight Quirk ability; Nighteye sees the man's future involving Eri. The sidekicks of Sir Nighteye's Office state that they have a time frame of when they will be home while Gran Torinoremarks that they have the warrant as well. Mirio Togata is excited for the operation which pleases Izuku.

In front of the Eight Precepts of Death's Headquarters, Izuku, Eijiro, Ochaco, Tsuyu, Mirio, Tamaki, Nejire Hado, Fatgum, and Shota are ready to charge in. Inside his headquarters, Chisaki notes that the Heroes have come.

Heroes partaking in the operation to save Eri from the Eight Precepts of Death have been given detailed information on papers which includes the map of the Eight Precepts of Death's secret complex underground facility; the map also include the shortest route to Eri's location and the papers have information on some of the Eight Precepts of Death's Quirks. It is 8:00 AM in front of the Police Station. Sir Nighteye tells the Police Force that he wants everyone's positions accounted for as quickly as possible to avoid giving the Eight Precepts of Death any time to conceal themselves. Eijiro is eager to start the operation while Ochaco feels nervous; Tsuyu also comments on the operation being difficult since everything she is doing has been unfamiliar to her. Ryukyu understands Tsuyu's anxiety since this also happened to her during her rookie days. As Eijiro displays his eagerness towards Izuku, Izuku wonders where Gran Torino is. Izuku overhears someone talking to Sir Nighteye; the man tells Sir Nighteye that Gran Torino is unable to attend the operation due to something coming up involving the League of Villains. Shota Aizawa approaches Izuku and asks him if he understands what fighting alongside him means, to which Izuku confirms. One of the men in charge of the operation tells the Heroes that if they see any suspicious behavior or resistance, they must deal with it immediately; Fatgum gives Tamaki a swordfish to eat. He explains that their opponents are yakuzas so they must brace themselves. The man wants everyone to fulfill their roles to the utmost without letting down their guard for a second.

Inside the Eight Precepts of Death Headquarters in one of the rooms, Chisaki is looking at a bedridden man who is on life support and refers to the man as "father". Chisaki apologizes to his father about the noise that is going to unfold. It is 8:30 AM and the Heroes and Police Force are outside the Eight Precepts of Death Headquarters, and commence the operation. The man goes to press the intercom to read the warrant to the Eight Precepts of Death.

Suddenly, the gates smash open courtesy of an Eight Precepts of Death member which sends some Police Force members flying. The large and muscular Eight Precepts of Death member is not pleased with the crowd so early in the morning. Izuku enhances himself with One For All Full Cowl and manages to save one of the the Police Force members along with Shota who saves the remaining officers. The Police Force members are surprised that the large Eight Precepts of Death member was aware of their presence and wonders if the Eight Precepts of Death knows about the operation. The Eight Precepts of Death member asks about their presence here and prepares to punch them. However, Ryukyu reveals her Quirk, being able to transform into a dragon, and easily intercepts the large man's punch with her draconian claw. Ryukyu, now in her dragon form, orders her Heroes from the Ryukyu Offices to deal with the large Eight Precepts of Death member and asks the other groups to move on. Ryukyu smashes the large Eight Precepts of Death member to the ground as the other Heroes and Police Force members start storming into the headquarters.

Three of the Eight Precepts of Death members are startled by the sudden appearance of the Police Force and the Heroes. The Police Force announce that they have a search warrant on counts of the manufacture and illegal sales of drugs. One of the Eight Precepts of Death members attacks the Police Force and Heroes with his leaf manipulation Quirk, but is taken down by one of the Heroes. Fatgum orders the Police Force and the Heroes to make a beeline for the objective.

In the Eight Precepts of Death Headquarters underground, Chronostasis comments to Chisaki that the Heroes and Police Force are heading towards the underground at top speed and assumes that they know about Eri as well as their operations. Chisaki is not surprised that the Heroes and Police Force are here since he imagined that this state of affairs would happen eventually, but did not think it would happen so soon. Chisaki makes a plan; he was never at the hideout and that his pawns went on a rampage of their own accord. Chisaki comments that he raised his pawns for this occasion.

Whenever Chisaki chooses someone to keep at his side, he makes them wear a mask, for being at his side means that he entrusts them to do some dirty work. Another reason Chisaki makes them wear masks is because he does not want to breathe the same air as those so defiled; the masks are proof of being a pawn. Chronostasis knows that Chisaki is referring to the Eight Expendables, eight men who serve Chisaki as sacrifices.

Chisaki decides to let the Eight Expendables buy him time while he and Chronostasis haul everything away to hide, including Eri.

Sir Nighteye and Fatgum's groups have charged into the Eight Precepts of Death's Headquarters. Lock Down has a bad feeling since something is wrong due to them while Shota assumes that since Chisaki has not shown himself, he must be in the basement evacuating everything to hide which includes Eri. The Heroes reach a shrine with a vase on it; Sir Nighteye removes the vase and pushes on a wooden panel, which causes a door to open. Suddenly, yakuza members of the Eight Precepts of Death appear and prepare to attack. Shota disables their Quirks with his Erasure while Bubble Girl and Centipederapprehend the yakuza members. The rest of the Heroes go ahead while Bubble Girl and Centipeder continue to apprehend the yakuza members.

The Heroes head down towards the basement but are surprised to see a wall before them. Mirio uses his Quirk to phase through the wall, with Tamaki explaining that Mirio's Hero Costume is made with special fibers from his hair, allowing his clothes to phase with him. Mirio has phased through the wall and sees that the path stretches on like Nighteye said. Mirio returns and tells the Heroes that the wall was thrown in the way to block them; Lock Down suspects that it was Chisaki's Quirk that put the wall there in the first place. Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl and Eijiro activates his Hardening. Using their enhanced might, Izuku and Eijiro shatter the wall together.

Having shattered the wall before them, the Heroes are surprised to see that the pathway has become distorted and warping. Fatgum believes that this is the work of Mimic's Quirk, which allows him to enter objects and control them freely, but is in disbelief that he can freely control an entire basement. Fatgum asks Shota to disable Mimic's Quirk, but Shota is unable to since he cannot see Mimic's body. Tamaki surmises that Chisaki is stalling them for time to hide everything and escape and starts becoming stressed out since their lives could be at stake. Mirio encourages Tamaki by saying that they will definitely rescue Eri. Mirio decides to go on ahead and phases through. Tamaki starts blaming himself for falling under pressure. Although he cannot stop Mirio's phasing Quirk, Mimic is confident that even if he does reach the end Mirio won't be able to do anything by himself.

Mimic causes the floor to open up beneath the Heroes, causing the heroes to fall down a single floor. The heroes are in a hall; three figures appear from the dust, revealing themselves to be three members of the Eight Expendables. As Fatgum prepares for battle, Tamaki decides to battle the three Eight Expendables himself in order to make up for falling under pressure.

Tamaki thinks back to the day where he transferred to his new school during the spring, his first day as a third grader. Tamaki could not give a proper self-introduction and after the opening ceremony where they moved into the classrooms and formed groups, Tamaki was not able to insert himself into any group because he lacked the courage and due to thinking himself as a boring person, he was not able to make any friends. Suddenly, Mirio Togata approached him and realized that Tamaki was trying to say that he likes Heroes.

The Police Force above see that the Heroes have been thrown underneath them and decide to forge on. Irinaka decides to deal with the Police Force. Underneath in the hall, Tamaki decides to deal with the three Eight Expendables: Setsuno, Hojo, and Tabe. The director of the operation reveals that one of the Eight Expendables in front of them is Setsuno and his Quirk can nullify guns. Shota uses his Quirk to erase Setsuno's Quirk, Larceny. However, Hojo pulls out a gun, to which the Police Force members respond with pulling out their own guns while Fatgum asks them to surrender. Suddenly, Tamaki, while manifested into a clam, appears before the group of Eight Expendables. He opens up the clamshell and grabs hold of the three Eight Expendables with his octopus tentacles. he tells the three Eight Expendables that he will be their opponents before throwing them onto the ground. Tamaki manages also to grab their guns and swords and crushes them by manifesting a crab claw. Tamaki sees that the three Eight Expendables are buying time so that the ringleaders can escape with Eri and asks the Heroes and Police Force to go on ahead. Eijiro tries to stop him, but Tamaki is resolute in stopping the three Eight Expendables on his own since Heroes like Shota are needed on ahead and tells Fatgum that he will be fine. Before leaving, Shota disables the three Eight Expendables' Quirks. Tamaki pins the three down his octopus tentacles and asks them to help Mirio since he tends to push himself too hard.

The Heroes go ahead; Lock Rock and Eijiro are unsure if it was a good idea to let Tamaki handle the three Expendables on his own. However, Fatgum is confident in Tamaki's prowess as he managed to climb all the way to the Big Three under pressure. Back in the hall, Tamaki wonders about the Police Force members above him while thinking that Mimic is unable to manipulate the entire labyrinth at once. Tamaki focuses on his duty in holding the three Eight Expendables at bay. Tamaki decides to put them to sleep and strikes them with his octopus tentacles. However, Tamaki injures himself after striking Setsuno's mask who reveals that he was hiding a knife in his mask. Shota's Erasure has ended, allowing Hojo to activate his Crystallization and to grow crystals from his body which allows him to break free from Tamaki's octopus tentacles. Tamaki manifests his hand into a clam, but suddenly, it disappears because Setsuno used his Quirk to steal it from him. Setsuno remarks on their status as being the Eight Expendables; they had given up on life but their boss, Chisaki, picked pieces of trash like them from the garbage heap and put them to use again. Hojo is prideful in being just trash and is more than obliged to fulfill the expectations of Chisaki. Hojo strikes Tamaki with his crystallized punch.

Tamaki thinks back to his days middle school; Quirks can not only be used by Heroes, but for any job, which is what the Quirk Education subject was for. Tamaki tried manifesting something but only managed to manifest a tiny plant on his hand due to his nervousness. Meanwhile, Mirio tried phasing through a wall but only managed to phase his hands through it. Some of Mirio's classmates laughed at Mirio's struggles, but Mirio was not disheartened at all and resolved to pull off his phasing properly next time. While walking home, Tamaki praised Mirio's optimism while lamenting on his own lack of self-esteem. Mirio cheered up Tamaki and said that he will shine brightly like the sun and the reason he can give it his all is due to Tamaki being there for him. Although he was nervous, Mirio praised Tamaki's resolve to never give up which inspired him to never give up either. Despite Tamaki thinking himself as a boring person with low self-esteem, Mirio always thought of Tamaki as a talented person who is cool and super fun and sunny to be around with.

Tamaki manages to block Hojo's crystallized punch by manifesting strong crab claw fingers and grabs hold of Hojo's fist with a strong grip. Fueled by Mirio's confidence in him, Tamaki tells the three Eight Expendables to give up because he is Suneater, which is his Hero name that was inspired after Mirio told him that he would outshine the sun.

Tamaki has manifested a mass of octopus arms to catch the blows of Hojo's Crystallized punch and layers of shells and carapace to mitigate the damage, allowing him to successfully block Hojo's attack. Hojo praises Tamaki's tactic, but counters by growing more crystals which allows him to break free from Tamaki. Having spent the last two and a half years at U.A training and honing his Manifest Quirk in size variation, concurrent manifestation, and feature selection, Tamaki vows to finish the battle. After manifesting a shelled mask over his face, Tamaki manifests dozens of large octopus legs and unleashes his Chimera Kraken move, which he attacks Setsuno and Hojo with a barrage of large octopus legs. Setsuno and Hojo are overwhelmed by Tamaki's Chimera Kraken move.

Needing assistance, Setsuno asks Tabe to wake up. Tabe gets up, opens his mouth and devours one part of Temaki's octopus arm, which hurts him. The tables are turned as Tabe begins devouring Tamaki's octopus arms. Setsuno states that Tabe's Quirk deals with eating and digesting anything. Tamaki realizes that Shota erased Tabe's Quirk first after taking into account that his Quirk could be troublesome for him, but it doesn't matter now since he can maneuver easily now. Suddenly, Tamaki's shelled mask is stolen by Setsuno which takes him by surprise. As Setsuno mocks Tamaki for thinking that he could defeat them with octopus legs, Hojo punches the distracted Tamaki in the face with his crystallized fist which damages Tamaki and sends him reeling. Tabe continues devouring Tamaki's octopus legs; Tamaki decides to manifest the neurotoxin contained in octopus saliva in his arms to paralyze Tabe and stop him from moving. Tamaki manifests the octopus saliva in his arms and before Tabe devours it, the octopus arm drenched in octopus saliva disappears. Setsuno has stolen the octopus arm and comments that he can steal items as long as they are not too big. Hojo slams Tamaki with his mass of crystallized arm, hurting Tamaki.

Tamaki is on the ground injured from Hojo's attacks. The three Eight Expendables comment that while they are trash, they have hardened bonds that tie them together. Tamaki responds that even if they defeat him, they will be captured regardless. However, Setsuno doesn't care if he is captured; the three Eight Expendables comment on the bias and cruelty of society. Those who are unable to conform and fit into society are discarded, Setsuno comments there are those who have been betrayed and incurred great debts as a result and Hojo comments that there are those who are used as tools by money mongers and when they realize that the resulting jewels are worthless fakes, they are overwhelmed by the realization that they are worthless. However, despite Hojo, Setsuno and Tabe being those worthless people, Chisaki welcomed them with open arms into the Eight Precepts of Death, stating that they should not be rotting away. This is why Setsuno doesn't care about being captured or any other consequences, because Chisaki gave them worth and vows to kill anyone who gets in his way. Tamaki sees that Hojo, Setsuno and Tabe have been brainwashed into thinking that they have worth and asks the three Eight Expendables if they are fine with being used and thrown away.

Hojo ignores Tamaki's question as a Hero like him could never understand and decides to finish Tamaki off by striking him with his crystallized arm. Tamaki manifests a chicken leg and uses its talons to flick a crystal shard at Setsuno, which distracts Setsuno and recoil in pain, preventing him from using his Larceny since he can only steal objects that he sees. Hojo strikes Tamaki with his crystallized arm. However, Hojo is shocked that his crystallized strike has been mitigated. Suddenly, Hojo's crystallized body has been clutched by Tamaki's large crystallized chicken leg. Tamaki is impressed with the trust the three Eight Expendables have in each other which has made them a good combination. As Tabe goes on the offensive while Setsuno is still recovering, Tamaki comments that while he may not understand their circumstances and anger, he does understand the hardened bonds they speak of.

Tamaki extends his large crystallized chicken leg and smashes the crystallized Hojo into Setsuna and Tabe, damaging Setsuno and Tabe and then smashes the three Eight Expendables into the wall, further increasing the damage. Hojo, Setsuno and Tabe have been defeated. Tamaki states that the hardened bonds they spoke of show that they are not just using each other for their own gain and comments that friendship is a powerful thing.

Tamaki ties up Hojo, Setsuno, and Tabe with one of his tentacles; the wrapped up tentacle is releasing a small dosage of poison, causing the three Eight Expendables to become paralyzed. Lastly, Tamaki removed their masks and begins walking away. Battered and tired, Tamaki hopes that everyone else was able to get away safely. Succumbing to his wounds, Tamaki falls to the ground and before becoming unconscious, sees a face in the distance.

Running towards their objective, Eijiro cannot help but feel worried for Tamaki, to which Izuku consents to. Seeing their worried looks, Fatgum encourages the young Heroes by saying that the mark of a true man is to have the ability to completely trust someone who has their back. Eijiro feels better while Izuku is surprised that Eijiro changed his mind so easily. Sir Nighteye spots a staircase while Shota is concerned that Mimic, who has been manipulating the underground labyrinth, hasn't made a single move against them yet. Since they have been getting through the underground labyrinth without encountering any obstacles and assumes that Mimic is unable to manipulate the entire labyrinth at once. Shota concludes that Mimic is busy dealing with the Police Force above them and Lock Rock summarizes that Mimic's Quirk's range of control is limited. Shota hypothesizes that Mimic's range of control depends on where his body is at the time, moving around the surface of the walls and then in a particular area, starts manipulating it. Mimic looks inside the room where Tamaki was battling Hojo, Setsuno and Tabe. Mimic is surprised that Tamaki was able to defeat the three Eight Expendables.

Meanwhile inside the Eight Precepts of Death's headquarters near the entrance to the underground labyrinth, Bubble Girl and Centipeder have defeated and rounded up the yakuza. One of the yakuza mentions that the Heroes should have cooperated, to which Bubble Girl replies that he is crazy for thinking that. Another yakuza mentions that they are all quite sane and if they had cooperated with the Heroes, Overhaul would have killed them in an instant. Bubble Girl remarks that they are referring to Chisaki. One of the yakuza mentions that Chisaki started using the name "Overhaul" after he fell and became like that. The yakuza state that their boss was once a noble yakuza, looking for a way for the yakuza to live in today's world and he resented the fact that the Eight Precepts of Death have been designated as a villain organization rather than yakuza. The yakuza mention that they were all devoted to the boss, but their new boss who has given himself a villain name and started taking in actual villains into their group, fear that this may be the beginning of the end. Bubble Girl assumes that Overhaul is quite hated and asks if they didn't think he'd be caught, to which the yakuza agree. The captured yakuza mention that the ones who don't think about or care about the consequences are strong.

In the underground labyrinth, Shota is attacked by a piece of manipulated wall, courtesy of Mimic. Shota deduces that Mimic is angry at him for figuring out the mechanics behind his Quirk. Mimic prepares to shove Shota into another room using the slab of manipulated wall, but Fatgum shoves Shota out of the way because the Heroes need him. Fatgum is thrown into another. As Fatgum gets up, he is surprised to see that Eijiro is with him. Eijiro tells Fatgum that he was also trying to protect Shota as well but once he did, he was swallowed by Fatgum's Quirk. As they get up, Fatgum states that they should brace themselves.

Suddenly, a large and muscular member of the Eight Expendables appear. Eijiro activates his Red Riot Unbreakable. The Eight Exppendable member known as Rappa launches rapid bullet-like punches at great speed, striking Fatgum and Eijiro with a flurry of fast and strong punches. Rappa stops and remarks that fighting with weapons such as guns and swords is boorish and believes that using such weapons isn't fighting since they can automatically win using weapons. Rappa states that a true fight is when people use their own potential and strength to win. Fatgum was able to mitigate the damages of the rapid fire punches thanks to his Quirk and asks Eijiro is he is fine. Eijiro was smashed into a wall and mitigated the impact thanks to Red Riot Unbreakable. However, Eijiro sees that his arms are bleeding and becomes shocked that Rappa's punches managed to break through Red Riot Unbreakable's defenses. Fatgum counters with a punch of his own, but is surprised that his punch strikes a barrier instead.

The Eight Expendable member who made the barrier known as Tengai, notices that Fatgum and the boy that can harden his body, have Quirks that excel at defense and voices his disappointment to Rappa. Rappa strikes Fatgum with another set of rapid bullet-like punches. Fatgum was able to hold up but his body has bruises on it and is surprised Rappa could damage his own fat. Rappa isn't sure about them excelling at defense since Fatgum is barely standing, although he praises Fatgum for not turning into ground meat right away. Fatgum analyzes that the Eight Expendables standing in front of them have a bullet-like punch and barrier Quirks respectively and sees that they will be a problematic combination to deal with. Tengai remarks that they are shield and lance while Fatgum and Eijiro are shield and shield. Rappa is disappointed that they won't have a fair fight since Fatgum and Eijiro are not a good combination. Tengai notices that Eijiro can hardly be called a shield. Eijiro grimaces in pain after Rappa managed to break through Red Riot Unbreakable's defense. Eijiro is afraid that if Rappa punches him once more time, he won't be able to take it and is disappointed that he hasn't gotten stronger.

Fatgum encourages Eijiro to be unbreakable because if his spirit breaks as well, then they are done for, telling Eijiro that eliminating villains is about making them lose the will to fight and asks Eijiro what they will do if their spirits are broken before theirs. Tengai remarks that they intend to win against them while Rappa is satisfied that Fatgum understands his beliefs. Having a bit more of confidence, Eijiro decides that they are going to crush their opponents and Fatgum declares that they are going to get back to everyone else.

Excited that the battle is going to get more interesting, Rappa asks Tengai to let down his barrier since he does not need it, but Tengai replies that Rappa should not be so selfish since they must not forget Chisaki's orders and that they must use their combination to ensure victory for Overhaul's sake. Annoyed, Rappa strikes Tengai with multiple fast punches, only for Tengai to raise a barrier to shield himself from Rappa's attacks. Tengai admonishes Rappa for his foolhardiness, to which Rappa replies that he was deciding things for him which he did not like; Tengai ends the argument by saying that Rappa can do whatever he likes as long as he takes care of business. Satisfied with Tengai's understanding, Rappa agrees with him.

Now that their small argument is over, Rappa turns his attention to Fatgum and strikes him with fast multiple punches like before. While he withstands Rappa's attacks, Fatgum ponders about his next course of action; Rappa's attacks are too fast for him to dodge and by simply tanking Rappa's attacks he will eventually wear down. Even if he was able to fight against Rappa, Tengai will raise his barrier to protect him. Fatgum concludes that taking down Tengai is the best course of action for winning the battle, but this will prove difficult since Eijiro is badly hurt. Having no choice, Fatgum taunts Rappa into a fight to determine who is stronger: Rappa's punches or his own body.

Fatgum demands that they duke it out, making Rappa extremely excited. Tengai decides not to interfere, which makes Rappa happy. Rappa launches an assault on Fatgum with his multiple fast punches while Eijiro watches in disgrace as he is unable to do anything. Eijiro is still disheartened that his newest technique, Red Riot Unbreakable, is useless and that all he has done thus far is get in the way. Rappa continues his rapid punch assault and kicks it up a notch; Fatgum is starting to take strain while an excited Rappa hopes that Fatgum doesn't go down yet as his shoulders are finally getting loosened up. Eijiro is stressed that he cannot figure out what to do and wonders if there is nothing he can do, becoming distraught over his lack of strength. Tengai sees Eijiro's fear and notes that the look in his eyes confirms he has accepted defeat.

Fatgum starts bleeding and hopes that he can withstands Rappa for a few more seconds. Rappa prepares for another assault while Fatgum points out Rappa and Tengai's flaw in their assumption that he is just a mere shield. Fatgum has actually been absorbing Rappa's fierce punches and accumulating them; although absorbing the punches is taking a lot of energy and as a result are burning away his fat which makes his defense weaker, in return, Fatgum is able to turn Rappa's accumulated punches into strength. Sensing something is off, Tengai asks Rappa to finish Fatgum off. However, despite absorbing all of Rappa's punches and accumulating them into strength, Fatgum is not able to release the stored up attacks. Too excited because Fatgum is still alive after taking many assaults, Rappa continues his battle frenzy assault.

Suddenly, Eijiro appears in front of Rappa, which surprises Tengai. Eijiro is struck by Rappa's fierce punches and manages to withstand it, which takes Rappa by surprise. Rappa praises Eijiro's resilience while Eijiro desperately tries Hardening and tries punching Rappa, only for Tengai to activate his barrier around Rappa. Tengai criticizes Eijiro for his meaningless intervention. As he falls to the ground, a bloody and beaten Eijiro states that his intervention was not meaningless as it has given Fatgum the time needed to release his accumulated strength. Fatgum, who is now shrunken and skinny yet muscular, reprimands Tengai for calling Eijiro's intervention meaningless. Thanks to Eijiro few seconds of bravery, Fatgum has absorbed Rappa's accumulated blows which has in return given him great strength.

The slender and muscular Fatgum prepares to put all of his great strength in a single punch. Rappa demands that Tengai releases the barrier while Tengai realizes that Eijiro Kirishima's meaningless display of bravery was so that Fatgum could initiate his plan. However, a barely conscious Eijiro ponders that his display of bravery was wrong and that he was utterly terrified. He starts thinking back to his middle school days.

At Eijoro's middle school, two middle school students bullied another student into transforming some leaves into money. Eijiro was disgusted with their bullying and reprimanded them for bullying an underclassman. He approached the bullies, but one of them used his Quirk to levitate a rock and smashed it into Eijiro's face. Eijiro yelled in pain while the bully remarked that Eijiro had a simple Hardening Quirk and nothing more. The bullies took the underclassman with them while Eijiro tried getting the bullies' attention but to no avail. Eijiro's middle school friends told him not to bother with the bullies. Determined to save the underclassman, Eijiro remarked on a saying of Crimson Riot's: "As long as you've got a manly spirit, then Quirks don't even matter." Encouraged by these words, Eijiro went to face the bullies.

However, Mina Ashido walked by the bullies and managed to get them to get along with the underclassman before going to see her group of friends. Eijiro's friends remarked that Mina was going to become a Hero and was going to take the U.A. High Entrance Exam, believing that she was capable of becoming one due to her athletic ability and her strong Quirk. Eijiro's friends stated that the Heroes in today's society are different from the Heroes of the past; they are all about ratings and approval. Eijiro noted that his Quirk is nothing special and that he is dull and boring. However, after becoming inspired by Crimson Riot, Eijiro began training to compensate for what his Quirk could not do with his manly heart. Eijiro and his friends talked about what future careers they wanted to pursue and Eijiro's friends did not consider U.A. at all and instead considered Doroido Technical while Eijiro stated that he had not decided, but an aspiration report in his pocket suggested otherwise.

Walking back home from school, Eijiro began doubting his manly spirit and wondered if a flashier, stronger Quirk would allow him to brag about wanting to get into U.A. Suddenly, Eijiro spotted Mina's friends across the street who were being confronted by a large, bulky figure. The large intimidating man demanded to know the location of the Hero Offices of Springer, but the girls were too terrified to utter anything. The large intimidating man took their silence as offensive and put his hand on a building, which caused the building to start breaking down. Despite being terrified himself, Eijiro tried to move in to help the girls but his body would not listen to him. Suddenly, Mina jumped in and gave the man false directions to Springer's Hero Offices. The large intimidating man thanked Mina and headed off to Springer's Hero Offices while rambling about everything he does is for the lord. With the large intimidating man gone, Mina and her friends broke down in tears. Her friends thanked Mina for saving them. Eijiro was stunned as to why he did not go and help Mina's friends.

At home, Eijiro read the news about a middle schooler resisting a powerful villain; just before All Might showed up, another middle schooler had jumped in to save him and was possibly a friend. Disheartened that he was not brave and manly enough to save Mina's friends like the middle schooler in the news, Eijiro scratched out "U.A." on his aspiration report and concluded that he is not a man nor is he anything else. Despairing over his cowardice about not jumping in to save Mina's friends, Eijiro scratches out U.A. on his aspiration report card, having realized that he was simply putting up a facade and when the time came to lay down his life, his true personality emerged; that of a coward's. Eijiro's Quirk first manifested at three years old, when he went to the bathroom and inadvertently cut his eye with his hardened hand. Afterwards, the young Eijiro hated his Quirk for hurting him. However, his Hardening Quirk was what inspired him to become a fan of Crimson Riot, a Hero who not only had a Quirk similar to his own but someone who was willing to put his life on the line. Angry at himself, Eijiro throws a book at his bookshelf, causing a book of fall from the shelf which drops a hologram projector on the floor.

The hologram projector opens up, revealing Crimson Riot in an interview. Eijiro ponders that the hologram projector came from a book called "Outstanding Heroes" his parents brought him a few years back. Eijiro watches the interview; the reporter asks Crimson Riot if he feels no fear when throwing himself in harms way due to his reckless Hero image. Surprisingly, Crimson Riot replies that he does feel fear when putting his life on the line and condones any who doesn't feel fear whenever they put their lives on the line; this catches Eijiro's attention. The hologram projector is a recording of an interview sometime during Eijiro's elementary school days and due to his young age preventing him from understanding Crimson Riot's words, they didn't sink in and simply the sight of seeing Crimson Riot charging in recklessly into battle inspired Eijiro to become a fan of his. Crimson Riot explains that he has failed to save countless of people and because he has experienced this is why he charges into battle. The reporter asks what a "manly spirit" means to him. Crimson Riot explains that a "manly spirit" is the attitude one carries within their soul and has nothing to do with being confident or fearless. Crimson Riot continues saying that he saves people because he is a Hero and making that decision means he must follow through with it no matter what obstacles come his way. The interview ends with Crimson Riot explaining that a "manly spirit" is a life led without regret; Crimson Riot's interview brings Eijiro to tears and is guilty for now no longer wanting to be a Hero.

Encouraged by Crimson Riot's words, Eijiro rewrites U.A on his aspiration report and decides not to repeat the same mistake. At middle school, Eijiro apologizes to Mina's friends for not saving them, to which her friends do not mind. Afterwards, Eijiro continued training himself, eventually taking U.A's Entrance Exam and passing it. On his first day at U.A, Eijiro heads to the building as Mina shows up questioning about Eijiro's change in hairstyle which looks similar to horns like Crimson Riot's hair. Eijiro tells Mina that he will never regret his inaction again and will be a Hero who can protect people. Mina berates Eijiro for beating himself up over that incident and tells him to overcome his insecurities first before telling her.

Back in the present, the barely conscious Eijiro knows that while there are frightening things going through his mind at the moment, there is one thing that puts all his other fears to shame; the one thing he deeply feared was reverting back into a pathetic coward, and never wants to feel that regret again. The slim and muscular Fatgum takes hold of the badly injured Eijiro and remarks to Rappa and Tengai that they along with him underestimated Eijiro which is why they will lose. Tengai raises his barrier to maximum, but Rappa notes the futility.

Fatgum tells the villains to taste the manly spirit of the Hero, Red Riot, and with his immense strength, Fatgum delivers a punch that smashes through Tengai's barrier with ease and the sheer impact blasts both Rappa and Tengai back, heavily injuring them.

Fatgum immediately checks on Eijirowho is barely conscious and still trying to act tough. Fatgum remembers the first time he met Eijiro which was at his Hero Office where Eijiro told him that he wants to be a Hero at the front lines and save peoples lives like Crimson Riot. Fatgum is surprised at Eijiro's determination. Surprisingly, Rappa managed to survive Fatgum powerful punch and is standing; Fatgum is shocked by this and is unable to do anything due to using up all his Quirk's fat.

In a twist of events, Rappa tells Fatgum that there are first aid supplies in a nearby room and tells him to treat Eijiro's wounds while referring him to as a man. Fatgum doesn't believe Rappa, only for Rappa to convince Fatgum that he isn't the lying type. Tengai, who is also still conscious but badly injured and unable to move, criticizes Rappa for his selfishness since it is his duty to put him in line and questions Rappa about his own duty. However, Rappa knocks out Tengai with a kick to the face who notes that he doesn't have any strength left to make barriers while commenting about his own injuries, being unable to lift up his arms due to his bones being broken. Fatgum asks about Rappa's goal, to which Rappa reveals that he came from an underground fight club where he could go all out but all his opponents were unable to take his strength and he beat them easily, causing him to crave life-threatening battles. Rappa is very happy that Fatgum and Eijiro quenched his thirst and gave him such a life-threatening battle. Because they satisfied him, Rappa has taken a personal interest in Eijiro and Fatgum which is why he is helping them out. Rappa tells them to use the first aid supplies so that next time he can battle them again with their lives on the line. Fatgum warns Rappa that he will be arrested, but Rappa refutes Fatgum's claims. Fatgum ponders about Rappa and sees that he doesn't have any ulterior motives. Fatgum looks at Eijiro and knows for a fact that he is no longer the pathetic boy he claimed to be nor just a Hero but a true man acknowledged even by an enemy.

In the first aid room, Fatgum has bandaged the injured and unconscious Eijiro, managing to stop his bleeding. Seeing that they are opening up to each other even though they are on opposing sides, Fatgum asks Rappa why he joined Chisaki's group. Rappa reveals that Chisaki is the only man he has ever lost to; one day out of nowhere in the underground fight club, Chisaki appeared and challenged him. However, Rappa died due to Chisaki's Quirk, but was brought back to normal after being defeated. Rappa has challenged Chisaki five times and has lost to him five times. Fatgum is shocked that Chisaki was able to take on Rappa's physical strength and speed with no problem. Fatgum wonders why Chisaki doesn't fight himself and asks Rappa about Chisaki's goal. Rappa tells Fatgum that Chisaki wishes to reinstate the yakuza, which caused a tied up Tengai to berate Rappa for revealing such confidential information. Although he doesn't know the full details, Rappa states that Chisaki is going to spread "something" and needs a lot of money for it; if he gets enough money, Chisaki's plan will be right around the corner.

In the basement right before the Heroes' invasion began, Chisaki is annoyed by the noise the Heroes are causing while Chronostasis who has Eri in his arms, is worried that the Eight Precepts of Death could come to an end. Chisaki refutes Chronostasis's claims because as long as he and the boss are around they will definitely survive. Most of the Eight Precepts of Death follow their boss's ideals and won't follow him even though he values the boss's will the most out of all of them. Chisaki has black containers in his hand, stating that with the finished product and serum, the Eight Precepts of Death will make a comeback. The incident Chisaki's plan will cause will make the Heroes suffer gravely and many top investors in the underground will come running to them with loads of cash.

As he and Chronostasis walk though the basement, Chisaki tells the transfers to get to work. The transfers Chisaki and Chronostasis pass by are Himiko Toga and Twice. Himiko and Twice tell Chisaki to leave the Heroes to them.

Sir Nighteye's group is having trouble traversing the basement due to Mimic's interference. Mimic uses his Quirk to close everything in in an attempt to crush Sir Nighteye's group. However, Lock Rock uses his Quirk to fix the closing space in place, saving the group. Mimic attempts attacking the group with some wall, but Izuku smashes the wall with a kick. Lock Rock wishes that Fatgum's team was here as their help would have made things easier; Shota is annoyed that he cannot see Mimic's real body. Mimic himself is struggling as manipulating the large mass requires an equal amount of bodily strain and due to having manipulated the basement for a lengthly period of time, he is becoming exhausted and thus making it slowly easier for Sir Nighteye's group to escape his grasp. Mimic is the type of person who takes precautions in every small thing due to the upper limit of his Quirk; his discretion and prudence that he attained the position of general manager. The reason he tried to crush Sir Nighteye's group by closing everything in is because the drugs he took to boost his Quirk is wearing thin and he is starting to panic due to Sir Nighteye's group getting closer to them. Mimic refuses to let the Heroes pass despite struggling greatly to keep his Quirk's ability active. Knowing that many people such as Ryukyu's group, the other Heroes and the Police Force have fought hard to help them make it this far, Izuku refuses to let Chisaki's subordinates stop them.

Suddenly, space opens up; Izuku charges forward but Shota stops him. Izuku and Shota find themselves separated from Sir Nighteye's group. Sir Nighteye and a group of Police Force officers are concealed in one space, Izuku and Shota in another and Lock Rock in his own space. From behind, Himiko Toga tries attacking Lock Rock with a knife, but he intercepts her knife with his hand. Lock Rock strikes Himiko but is surprised that the real Himiko has grappled him, revealing that the Himiko he struck was a clone made by Twice.

Having heard Lock Rock's cry, Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl and smashes the wall open. Izuku and Shota see Lock Rock on the ground and another Lock Rock near him. Lock Rock tells Izuku and Shota that an imposter appeared out of nowhere and tried to attack him. Shota goes to check on the imposter while Lock Rock checks on Izuku. Suddenly, Lock Rock tries attacking Izuku with a knife while Shota activates his Erasure on Lock Rock after realizing something wasn't right. Lock Rock begins desolving into Himiko Toga, revealing that the Lock Rock on the ground is the real one. Izuku is surprised to see Himiko Toga while Himiko is flattered that Izuku remembered her name, happy that they have met again. Shota uses his capturing weapon on Himiko. Himiko grabs Shota's capturing weapon and reels herself in, performs an acrobatic maneauver and stabs Shota's back with her knife. Himiko jumps backwards while Izuku tries to check on Shota, only for Shota to tell Izuku to stay put. Shota realizes that Mimic manipulated the closed space to let the League of Villains in.

During Tomura's meeting with Chisaki, Chisaki introduces Tomura to shogi. Although Tomura doesn't like the game, Chisaki tells Tomura that the fun aspect of shogi is using the pieces one takes from their opponent. Using shogi as an example, Chisaki offers Tomura a deal; he will temporarily take Twice and Himiko or Kurogiri because he doesn't want them running around as they please. Tomura doesn't like the idea as they are the cornerstone of his League of Villains. Chisaki convinces Tomura to do so since there is bad blood between them and this trade can help them build trust between each other. In another concealed space, Twice and a Rappa clone confront Sir Nighteye.

Izuku Midoriya checks on Shota Aizawa to see his wound. However, Shota tells Izuku to check on Rock Lock as he is in a far worse condition than him. Shota berates himself for being careless in not thinking that there would not be casualties and is surprised that Tomura Shigaraki and his League of Villains would side with Chisaki. Izuku finds Himiko Toga's movements to be similar to Camie's from the Provisional Hero License Exam. Suddenly, Izuku realizes that the "Camie" he encountered in the Hero License Exam was Himiko in disguise all along.

In another concealed room, Jin Bubaigawara begins his fight with Sir Nighteye and orders the Rappa clone to attack. Sir Nighteye easily predicts the clone's movements, evades them and kicks the clone onto the floor. The clone grazes Sir Nighteye. In response, Sir Nighteye throws an item called a Hypermass Seal at the Rappa clone which smashes it into a wall, which surprises Twice along with the Police Forcemembers. Sir Nighteye explains that when it comes to close combat and prediction he is quite fast, but what he did not predict was the League of Villains teaming up with the Eight Precepts of Death. As the Rappa clone dissolves, Twice blames the yakuza for being useless. While Twice rants, Sir Nighteye throws another Hypermass Seal at Twice, which rips off a part of Twice's mask. Twice runs away as Joi Irinaka forms a wall between Twice and Sir Nighteye. Twice complains to Mimic for nearly crushing him with the formed wall.

However, Twice begins struggling with splitting apart due to his mask tearing. Himiko approaches him and covers up the torn up part of his mask with a bandage, which helps him stay together. He is thankful towards her for helping him while she remarks that they were just doing their best to help the yakuza and finds them to be mean. Mimic feels insulted by Himiko and Twice's friendship. She feels sympathetic towards Twice for trying his hardest in correcting his mistakes, understanding his pain in causing Kenji Hikiishi's death and trying to take responsibility. Himiko berates the Eight Precepts of Death for making Twice's hard work in correcting his mistakes pointless and unrewarding by being terrible allies; this statement strikes a cord in Mimic.

After his meeting with Chisaki, Tomura headed back to his League of Villains hideout and informed his members that they had allied with the Eight Precepts of Death, sealing the deal by having Himiko and Twice work for them. Twice did not believe Tomura and found the plan insane. As Tomura told Himiko and Twice to take an underground route, Twice condemned the alliance with the Eight Precepts of Death because they murdered Magne and chopped off Atsuhiro Sako's arm. Twice began blaming himself for bringing Chisaki to the League of Villains in the first place and felt terrible for allying with people who took things away from them due to his carelessness, telling Tomura that he felt this way because he was still human. Twice asked Himiko for her opinion and wondered what they were to Tomura. Himiko explained that she joined the League of Villains to make the world an easier place to live in and she was willing to do anything for the League to achieve that. Himiko asked Tomura why she and Twice must do the unpleasant task of helping the Eight Precepts of Death. Tomura took off his hand mask, telling Himiko and Twice that they must ally with the Eight Precepts of Death for his sake and all of theirs, which surprised Himiko and Twice. Tomura explained that the Eight Precepts of Death were interested in Himiko and Twice's abilities and had decided to kill two birds with one stone by having them ally with them and at the same time hamper the League's mobility. More importantly, Tomura told Twice to take responsibility for his actions and felt that allying with the Eight Precepts of Death was the best way to take responsibility, believing in the two of them.

Seeing that Tomura believed in them and had faith in them, Himiko and Twice decide to do things the way they want. Doing so, Twice berates Mimic for his weak abilities which have caused the yakuza to be on the brink of extinction while Himiko insults the Eight Precepts of Death's boss by calling him useless. Himiko and Twice's badmouthing enrages Mimic which causes him to start manipulating the maze in a chaotic fashion, causing the walls between the Heroes and Police Force to collapse. The enraged Mimic can no longer stand Himiko and Twice's insolence and decides to let the Heroes have an easier time so that he can crush them all to death.

After Tomura convinces Himiko and Twice to temporarily become part of Chisaki's Eight Precepts of Death, they go to meet with Chisaki himself. Himiko and Twice tell their names to Chisaki while Chronostasis apologizes to Chisaki for being late as they took the most indirect route out of caution. Chisaki apologizes about Magne as he did not want to kill him either and understands that they hold a grudge against him but as long as they are working together he asks for their complete cooperation so that the plan can proceed smoothly. An annoyed Twice corrects Chisaki on Magne's gender and then asks what he wants them to do. Chisaki wants them to obey his orders and his first order being them to explain their Quirks in order to facilitate better coordination. Himiko says she would considers telling Chisaki about her Quirk when push comes to shove since she is still bitter about Magne's death. Mimic yells at Himiko and Twice to answer Chisaki's question. Twice tells the Eight Precepts of Death about his Double Quirk and its particulars. Since Twice revealed his Quirk even when he wasn't supposed to, Himiko decides to tell the Eight Precepts of Death about her Transform Quirk so that she doesn't look foolish to them. One of the Eight Expendables ask Himiko and Twice if Tomura has plans on betraying them. Himiko and Twice reply that Tomura won't betray them. Chisaki welcomes Himiko and Twice to the family and due to them being wanted criminals, he cannot let them do as they please and orders them not to leave the underground residential area until they have been given orders. Chisaki walks away and tells Himiko and Twice that once they have given him reason to trust them then they can do as they please. Mimic echoes Chisaki's statement, telling the two to stop being brats and warns them not to underestimate them as he won't forgive anyone who makes a fool out of them.

Back in the present, an enraged Mimic distorts the labyrinth in a frenzy. Himiko notes that Mimic is easily hot-tempered while Shota tells Izuku if he heard a particular voice. Izuku is aware that he heard a strange voice and becomes convinced that it belong to Mimic, but due to the sound echoing throughout the halls, he cannot tell its origin. Himiko continues insulting Mimic by calling a wimp who doesn't want to admit that he is weak. Himiko calls Mimic lame for concealing himself from the ceiling so that he is looking down on people in order to try and be tough. A furious Mimic yells in rage, which allows Izuku to discern Mimic's location. Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl, jumps up to the ceiling and smashes the ceiling with an enhanced kick. Izuku's kick reveals the real Mimic. Shota immediately activates his Erasure, which disables Mimic's Quirk and causes him to stop manipulating the labyrinth. Mimic falls to the ground as Himiko and Twice tell him they they do as they please before waving him goodbye. Mimic is enraged at Himiko and Twice's insolence. Sir Nighteye throws his Hypermass Seal into Mimic's face which knocks him out. Izuku catches the unconscious Mimic and places him on the ground as Sir Nighteye remarks that Himiko and Twice made them do the dirty work of defeating Mimic, but is glad that they are now free. Izuku begins wondering about Mirio.

Two minutes after Mirio went off on his own, Mirio manages to find Chisaki and Chronostasis. Mirio asks if he can talk with Chisaki a bit more. Chisaki recognizes Mirio.

Mirio Togata is able to catch up with Chronostasis and Chisaki. Chisaki is surprised that Mirio was able to get to them so easily; Mirio replies that he took a shortcut and is here to take Eri into custody. However, Chisaki is adamant that Eri doesn't want to be in Mirio's custody and mocks Mirio for his futile heroics, to which Mirio replies that he came to rectify his mistake. Seeing that there is no point in persuading Mirio, Chisaki begins to walk away along with Chronostasis. Mirio charges towards Chisaki as the Eight Precepts of Death's leader tells Mirio to die. Suddenly, Mirio's sense of balance becomes hazy and he falls onto the ground. Mirio's unbalance is due to Deidoro Sasaki, a member of the Eight Expendables. Mirio realizes that Deidoro's Quirk is making him unbalanced as another of the Eight Expendables, Shin Nemuto, fires his gun at Mirio. However, Shin's bullets phase through Mirio. Shin asks Mirio about his Quirk, to which Mirio reveals his Quirk's ability. However, Mirio did not actually want to reveal his Quirk to the enemy which surprises him.

Deidoro criticizes Shin for missing, causing Shin to knock Deidoro's beer bottle away from him in retaliation, reminding him to support him. Mirio realizes that Shin's Quirk lets him force people to talk. Shin fires at Mirio again as Mirio's body phases the bullets; Shin comments that he is different from the other Eight Expendables as only he is privy to Chisaki's ambitions, although Mirio rhetorically questions Chisaki's abuse of his daughter. Shin replies that compassion is unneeded for progress to smoothly flow and Mirio should understand as well, referring to him overlooking the incident when he first encountered Eri, to which Mirio says that he is correct, which shocks Mirio as he didn't want to say that. Shin Nemuto's Quirk, Spitting the Truth, forces his opponent to answer his questions with their true feelings. Before he was scouted by the Eight Precepts of Death, Shin was a con man with repeated offenses. Shin knows all too well that people hide their true natures which are their weaknesses and at times, he will draw out their weaknesses that even his victims were unaware of.

Shin questions Mirio's motives for saving Eri, wondering if he only wants to save her to make himself feel better. Mirio has stopped in his tracks. Seeing that Chisaki is leaving, Shin decides to finish off Mirio so that he can quickly rejoin Chisaki. Shin fires his bullets and Deidoro throws his knives at Mirio. Suddenly, Mirio uses Phantom Menace, a move in which he phases himself and quickly strikes down his opponents, knocking down both Shin and Deidoro. Mirio agrees with Shin that he let Eri go back into despair and already knew that he carried a sin for doing so. Mirio is a man who grew to accept his weaknesses and was able to strive to achieve his goals because he acknowledged his weaknesses; the same holds true about his heart in that his weaknesses were not something to hide. Deidoro is surprised that Mirio could move well under the effects of his Quirk, although Mirio is able to withstand Deidoro's Quirk effect thanks to putting up with many sensations on a daily basis. Mirio cannot stand to see Eri without a smile on her face and finds that to be unforgivable. Mirio quickly strikes Deidoro and Shin again and charges towards Chisaki.

Mirio appears before Chisaki and attacks simultaneously. Mirio strikes Chisaki with a backhanded smack, to which Chisaki avoids, but he still managed to leave a mark on Chisaki's face while kicking Chronostasis. Mirio avoids hitting Eri thanks to his Permeation and strikes Chronostasis down with his kick. Chronostasis falls back as Mirio grabs hold of Eri. Eri tells Mirio to run away otherwise Chisaki will kill him. However, Mirio promises to never let Eri be sad again and tells her that everything is fine because he is her Hero.

Mirio Togata has recovered Eri from Kai Chisaki. Chisaki begins wiping off the mark Mirio left on his face as he threatens Eri to return to him because she was born to destroy people, otherwise Mirio will be murdered. Before Eri can speak, Mirio tells her to not listen to Chisaki's words. Chisaki becomes annoyed that Eri's selfishness has caused him the need to get his hands dirty. Chisaki mocks Eri for her existence being a curse, much to Mirio's chagrin who wonders why Chisaki is saying such harsh words to his own daughter. However, as he takes off his glove, Chisaki reveals that Eri is not his daughter. Chisaki places his hand on the ground and deconstructs it using his Quirk.

Chisaki reconstructs the crumbled ground into massive spikes that attack Mirio, but Mirio phases his body while holding up Eri with his arms, protecting both of them. Mirio is surprised at Chisaki's quick speed as well as his lack of regard for Eri while Chisaki himself praises Mirio for being more than just his Quirk. Chisaki launches more spikes at Mirio, uncaring at Eri's safety since he can just "repair" her easily and reveals to Mirio that Eri has experienced it firsthand; Chisaki's words enrage Mirio. Mirio continues avoiding the spikes while Chisaki asks Mirio about Eri's safety in his hands since if she gets hurt she cannot be healed immediately and that having her is making it troublesome for him as he cannot run away using his Permeation while carrying Eri. Due to him reconstructing the area with spikes, Chisaki has managed to cut off Mirio's escape route. Chronostasis has awakened and has a gun in his hand that is loaded with Quirk-disabling bullets. Mirio is surprised that Chronostasis is still awake after being hit by him and assumes that Deidoro Sakaki's Quirk made his physical attacks weaker at the time. Chisaki orders Chronostasis to aim at Mirio's arms while he destroys the spikes so that Mirio loses his ground. Chisaki deconstructs the ground, causing Mirio to be in mid-air. Mirio conceals himself and Eri using his cape; Chronostasis fires at Mirio but misses due to his target being concealed by the cape.

Suddenly, Chisaki realizes that Mirio will appear before Chronostasis and begins reconstructing the ground beneath his second in command. Mirio does indeed appear before Chronostasis, using his Quirk's instant transportation to do so. Mirio's shoulder knocks Chronostasis's arm which causes him to drop the gun and is about to hit Chronostasis with a punch, but Chisaki launches Chronostasis away from Mirio by reconstructing a platform which saves Chronostasis, who apologizes to Chisaki. Seeing that Mirio is stronger than he thought, Chisaki decides to break Mirio's morale by killing Eri. Before he can do so, Mirio uses his instant transportation to appear behind Chisaki. Chisaki realizes this and tries blocking Mirio with his hand, but Mirio phases his arm through Chisaki and punches him in the face.

Chisaki lands on the ground as Mirio states that his cape is for bundling up Eri who is in terrible pain. Chronostasis gets up and tries getting the gun, only for Mirio to appear before him and knock him back down. Mirio praises Chisaki for his abilities being far above that of the average yakuza but tells him that he is far stronger, using his instant teleportation to appear before Chisaki and lands another punch against him. Eri watches the fight and is surprised at not only Mirio's strength but the lengths he is willing to go for her. Mirio swears to never let Chisaki lay another finger in Eri and promises to take them both down, declaring that he has them in checkmate.

Chisaki becomes enraged at Mirio calling out his name since he abandoned it long ago. Years ago during Chisaki's childhood, the boss of the Eight Precepts of Death took Chisaki in since he had nowhere he could call home and asked for Chisaki's name, to which he states that his full name is Kai Chisaki. Several years later, the boss of the Eight Precepts of Death lamented about the destruction of a yakuza group; Chisaki told the boss about the plan he had discussed with him before, but the boss did not take heed of it because falling off from the part of humanity would cause his demise as a gangster since people would not follow brutes with no hearts.

Without a doubt, Mirio Togata had defeated Shin Nemoto by overwhelming him with three strikes to the head as well as removing the bullets from his gun. For ten minutes Shin's mind was clouded and he could not move. However, Shin is able to maintain consciousness and continue crawling because of his undying devotion to Chisaki. In the past, whenever Shin questioned someone about their true nature, they would always lie to him and whenever he asked why they lied, they became flustered and distanced themselves from him which made it difficult for Shin to makes friends as all he wanted was one friend he could trust. That one friend Shin wanted trust from was none other than Chisaki.

Because of Chisaki being the only person to be honest with him, Shin became utterly devoted to Chisaki. Shin continues crawling towards Chisaki with tears rolling down his right eye. Chisaki sees Shin as well as Mirio. Chisaki immediately throws a case of Quirk-disabling bullets at him. Shin opens the case and loads one of the bullets in his gun. Chisaki orders Shin to open fire as Shin aims his gun at Mirio.

As he throws the Quirk-destroying bullets to Shin, Chisaki thinks about the lengths his organization had to go through in order to create the lethal weapon; originally, the effect of the element emitted from Eri's body would only cause a victim to lose their Quirk for a day or two and they would naturally recover. In order to obtain a complete product, they needed to figure out how to permanently preserve the element's effect which they eventually succeeded. However, due to money and time constraints, Chisaki could only make five Quirk destroying bullets. The reason Chisaki took action in making these Quirk destroying bullets is because of All For One's downfall.

Shin grabs the case of Quirk destroying bullets and Chisaki orders him to fire. Only Shin knows the value of the Quirk destroying bullets and cannot waste a single shot; Shin tries to figure out a way to make Mirio deactivate his Quirk. Suddenly, Shin realizes that Mirio will do whatever it takes to protect Eri, so he aims his gun at Eri. Mirio immediately jumps towards Eri. Mirio was able to tell that Eri was endangered because she wouldn't scream or cry whenever murderous intent was directed at her and she would simply close her eyes, be silent and grit her teeth; this was Eri's habit that was engraved in her after living in pain and fear for a long time.

Mirio has reached Eri while Shin fires the Quirk destroying bullet. Eri opens her eyes and sees a smiling Mirio who is about to be hit by the Quirk destroying bullet. Mirio thinks about his childhood where his family's Quirk made it difficult for them to become Heroes, which is why his father gave up on becoming a Hero. However, Mirio refused to waver and throughout his life he worked extremely hard to hone his Permeation; eventually, Sir Nighteye saw potential within Mirio and made him his sidekick. Under Sir Nighteye's guidance, Mirio was able to turn his Permeation into a fully combat Quirk; during this time Mirio along with Tamaki and Nejire began being acknowledged as the Big Three.

Mirio covers Eri as the Quirk destroying bullet is shot into his body which begins destroying Mirio's Permeation. Chisaki states that due to Quirks people are entitled to dream and begin thinking that they become people that matter, to which Chisaki believes that these people are sick in the head. As Shin celebrates his triumph, Chisaki laughs at Mirio's efforts and mocks Mirio for smiling because everything he has worked so hard to cultivate has been reduced to naught. As Chisaki is about to deconstruct the ground, Chronostasis is thrown at him, courtesy of Mirio's kick. Mirio appears before Chisaki and punches his arm. Mirio tells Chisaki that all his hard work isn't in vain because he will still be Lemillion. Chisaki tries attacking Mirio but Mirio is still able to make his body intangible, which causes Chisaki to miss. Shin is shocked that Mirio's Quirk hasn't completely been destroyed yet.

15 minutes have passed since Mirio caught up to Chisaki and now, 5 minutes have passed since Mirio was shot by the Quirk destroying bullet and he continues fighting Chisaki. Eventually, Mirio loses his ability to use his Permeation. Mirio fights one-third of the battle in a Quirkless condition which allows Chisaki to finally damage Mirio. Mirio is hurt and damaged by the spikes Chisaki created. Despite being greatly damaged himself, Chisaki mocks Mirio for wanting to be a Hero and to try and save Eri; Chisaki blames that delusional thinking for being the problem with today's society and will cure everyone using Eri's power. Chisaki is about to pierce a spike through Mirio, but Mirio yells out Chisaki's name, much to Chisaki's chagrin. Suddenly, Izuku comes smashing in.

Cut back to the moment when Heroes dealt with and defeated Joi Irinaka, the Heroes and Police Force decided on their next course of action; Sir Nighteye had located Eri's room and the detective ordered Joi to change the labyrinth. However, Joi was unresponsive due to the drug he had taken to boost his Quirk. Shota Aizawa stated that Joi no longer had the power to manipulate the labyrinth and commented that Himiko Toga and Jin Bubaigawara of the League of Villains was lurking somewhere. Joi cursed Himiko and Twice's betrayal; Sir Nighteye asked Joi about the location of the other members of the League, but Joi did not know and promised that when he found them, he would kill them. Sir Nighteye concluded that only Himiko and Twice were in the vicinity. The Police Force stood on guard preparing for Himiko and Twice in case they returned, while the detective declared that they could not ignore them.

As Shota tried deciding on the best course of action, Ken Takagi told them to leave the League of Villains to the Police Force and rescue Eri. The Police Force agreed on Ken's plan; Ken volunteered to stay and keep Joi in check since he was in no condition to move around. Ken reminded them of everyone else who was buying time for them and told them not to waste it. Sir Nighteye, Izuku, and Shota immediately headed out while Izuku promised Ken to rescue Eri. Ken thought back to the meeting and noted that he had not been putting down the U.A. High School students. Ken has a wife four years younger than him and at the end of last year, they finally had the child they had always dreamed of having. In actual fact, similar to how he cares for his newborn child, Ken was concerned for the safety of the U.A. students because at the end of the day, a child is still just a child. But after seeing them in action, Ken was relieved to know that the U.A. students were fine enough Heroes that put them to shame. Ken decided to hold Izuku to his promise and that Sir Nighteye take responsibility.

Seeing that the Heroes and the Police Force were gone, Himiko and Twice came out of hiding. While wanting to see Izuku badly injured again, Himiko wanted to make Kai Chisaki pay. Twice whispered some idea into Himiko's ear, and she though that Tomura Shigarakiwould be quite pleased with it. She hoped that whatever the conclusion was between the Heroes and the Eight Precepts of Death, they would all be injured and tired at the end.

When Izuku, Shota, and Sir Nighteye reached a wall, behind which was their objective, Izuku smashes the wall and they come running through. Izuku sees Chisaki and delivers a One For All: Full Cowl punch to his arm. Izuku's enhanced punch sends Chisaki flying back; Shota tells Sir Nighteye to secure Eri. Sir Nighteye is amazed that Mirio Togata has been fighting all by himself against the boss of the Eight Precepts of Death and his closest aides by himself and not only managed to defeat the aides as well as injuring Chisaki but on top of all that, managed to rescue Eri. Sir Nighteye grabs hold of Mirio and Eri. A proud Sir Nighteye praises and congratulates Mirio for everything that he has done.

Izuku and Shota charge at the injured Chisaki; Chisaki tries using his Quirk but to no avail as Shota has disabled it with his Quirk. Cornered with nowhere to run, a distressed Chisaki orders Chronostasis to wake up. Shota notices something approaching them and pushes Izuku aside; Shota's shoulder is struck by a minute hand that is emanating from Chronostasis's head. Chronostasis reveals that his Quirk allows him to manifest a minute hand and anyone struck by it will have their movements slowed. Chisaki is glad that Chronostasis has woken up; he was able to heal Chronostasis when Mirio kicked Chronostasis towards him and during that moment he fixed his head. Shota is forced to blink due to the cut from Chronostasis, which allows Chisaki to use his Quirk again. Chisaki belittles the Heroes' efforts as he constructs massive spikes from the ground, which stalls Izuku and Shota.

Chisaki refuses to allow his plans to be ruined by the Heroes. Chisaki knows that Shin Nemoto also wants him to succeed and approaches him. Chisaki thanks Shin for everything he has done for him and knows fully well that he will gladly die for his sake. Chisaki uses his Quirk and destroys both himself and Shin. Chisaki and Shin's deconstructed bodies reconstruct and fuse together with Chisaki, much to Izuku's horror.

Chisaki admits that Mirio was stronger than him but his efforts will all be in vain. The fused and transformed Chisaki appears, looking monstrous and grotesque with sharp bird-like arms from his shoulder blades and his original arms becoming larger with sharp claws. The transformed Chisaki declares that Eri will be returning to him.

Having fused with Shin, Chisaki feels relieved. Izuku analyzes the situation; Sir Nighteye is protecting Mirio and Eri, Shota has disappeared and the transformed Chisaki has been healed. Chisaki mocks Mirio for wasting his time trying to become a Hero as it has been all for naught now that he has lost his Quirk and could have avoided this tragic fate had he simply not got involved. Izuku and Sir Nighteye are surprised that Mirio has lost his Quirk. Chisaki continues bashing Mirio for continuing his Heroics even after losing his Quirk as it has now dragged his peers into his mess.

Chisaki charges forward while Izuku appears above and throws a column of rock at Chisaki who destroys it with ease. Izuku grabs another column of rock and tries again only for Chisaki to smash it to pieces and counters by reconstructing the broken pieces into sharp stones. However, Izuku's iron soles protect him from the sharp edges and he proceeds to smash Chisaki's constructed sharp stones into pieces. Seeing Izuku's simple battle style, Chisaki is not impressed. Suddenly, Chisaki is hit by one of Sir Nighteye's Hypermass Seals but manages to block it; Sir Nighteye orders Izuku to protect Mirio and Eri while he handles Chisaki. Izuku goes to Mirio and Eri's location with his enhanced speed as he remembers Shota telling him to not do anything that will leave him unable to move.

Sir Nighteye asks about Shota's whereabouts, to which Chisaki reveals that he took an interest in Shota's Erasure Quirk and his subordinates are escorting him to the meeting room, causing Sir Nighteye to wonder if Chisaki is afraid of having his own Quirk destroyed. Sir Nighteye assumes that Chisaki has completed his Quirk Destroying bullets and used one on Mirio. Sir Nighteye mocks Chisaki for being afraid of Mirio's power as Chisaki creates more arms for himself to attack with using his Quirk. Chisaki attacks but Sir Nighteye is able to evade his attacks. Chisaki sees that Sir Nighteye's movements are familiar and assumes that he is Mirio's teacher. Sir Nighteye thinks back to the lessons he taught Mirio and is happy as well as proud that he took his teachings to heart. In return, Sir Nighteye vows to keep him and the person whom he wants to protect out of harms way.

Izuku reaches Mirio and Eri and sees that they are fine. Izuku smashes open the wall which reveals the path he along with Shota and Sir Nighteye took to get here. Izuku decides that they should put distance between themselves and Chisaki. Izuku carries Mirio and Eri into the pathway; Eri apologizes while Mirio looks back to see Sir Nighteye.

During the battle between him and Chisaki, Sir Nighteye activated his Foresight Quirk. Whatever future he sees cannot be changed; this is the absolute rule as he himself has tried to change the future to no avail. Ever since he saw All Might's death, Sir Nighteye decided to never read people's futures and would only looks seconds and minutes into the future from then on. Sir Nighteye did everything in his power during the battle to deny Chisaki the future that was in his grasp and even though his actions were drawing out the inevitable this was the best course of action he could take. Unfortunately, Sir Nighteye reached his limit and was impaled by Chisaki's reconstructed rock spikes. Having touched Chisaki, Sir Nighteye saw into his future; amidst the scene of his likely defeat, Sir Nighteye held onto a silver of hope that Eri would be saved, the boys safe and Chisaki defeated as well as imprisoned.

Chisaki goes past the impaled Sir Nighteye and chases after Izuku. Izuku is horrified at Sir Nighteye's terrible condition as Chisaki launches rock spikes at Izuku. Izuku stomps on the ground using his enhanced might, preventing Chisaki from reconstructing the ground. Chisaki sees through Izuku's plan but is surprised that Izuku is displaying greater strength than a few minutes ago. The reason for Izuku's enhanced might is because he has activated One For All 20%, even though its making him feel great pain.

Chisaki berates Izuku for joining the fight and that he will end up dying. However, Izuku refuses to let anyone die even if that's what fate decided. Using One For All 20%, Izuku charges at Chisaki while declaring that he will bend the future.

In an isolated room, Chronostasis, whose real name is Hari Kurono, tells the blindfolded Shotathat the Eight Precepts of Death know all about him because his Erasure Quirk was a great reference during their research on Eri and has immobilized him without killing him since there is value in letting him live and that Chisaki is attracted to Quirk erasing powers. Shota tries moving but Chronostasis tells him it is useless because he has stabbed him with his Quirk causing him to move slower than a snail. Chronostasis takes off his mask and reveals his face, showing that he has clock-needle like hair, which he can extend to attack his foes with and anything hit by them will have their movements slowed. Chronostasis has hit Shota with the one hour hair hand and so his movements will be slowed for an hour. Chronostasis admits that once Chisaki decides on something he will not stop and reveals that Eri is indeed the daughter of not Chisaki, but the Eight Precepts of Death's boss. Chronostasis further comments that Chisaki is a man who will do anything and use everything for his objectives.

Meanwhile, Izuku charges at Chisaki using One For All 20%. Chisaki launches rock columns at Izuku and while he is able to dodge the first two, Izuku is hit by the third pillar. Izuku cracks the ground beneath him to make it more difficult for Chisaki to disassemble and reassemble the ground. Chisaki attacks Izuku with smaller rock columns. However, Izuku jumps into the air and knows that he cannot afford to waste time since his opponent can simply repair his damage and decides to finish the battle with a single blow to Chisaki's head in order to knock him out unconscious. Izuku does a somersault and uses Manchester Smash on Chisaki, which is a One For All empowered leg drop. However, Chisaki dodges Izuku's Manchester Smash. Chisaki mocks Izuku's movements because he is straight forward and predictable. Izuku tries jumping out of harms way but is hit by Chisaki's stone column.

In the hallway, the damaged and tired Mirio wills himself on-wards to take Eri to safety. However, Mirio's spirit is on the verge of tearing apart and he falls down and although he is no longer bleeding, he cannot move his body. Mirio tells Eri that she needs to hide and wait for the others to come and find her.

Back at the battle, Chisaki admits that when he uses his Quirk to disassemble objects it makes him suffer recoil. Izuku is barely standing up due to having been impaled by a small stone piece in his arm. Izuku is glad that he smashed the ground before since it reduced Chisaki's firepower and knows that Chisaki is desperate. Chisaki also admits that a human who refuses to give up is not to be made light of. Wanting to end this fight, a mouth appears on Chisaki's hand and asks if she wanted all this. In the hallway, Eri stops in her tracks and remembers being disassembled and reassembled by Chisaki's hands. Eri runs back to Chisaki and replies to him that she never wanted any of this. A shocked Izuku tells Eri that she needs to stay with Mirio. Chisaki, revealed to be using Shin's Quirk, asks Eri if she thinks Izuku can overcome this situation by himself. Eri truthfully reveals that Izuku isn't capable of doing so; Chisaki then asks her what she must do to resolve this situation, to which Eri replies that she must return to him and in exchange Chisaki must fix everything back to normal.

Chisaki agrees that only she must be hurt since it will be easier on everyone else. Chisaki taunts Izuku by telling him that his hopes in Mirio have been dashed and that his actions to rescue Eri was a cruel choice to do to Eri and because of that, he is unwanted. A barely conscious Sir Nighteye still believes that Mirio should have inherited One For All and that the future he has seen in which Eri won't be rescued, Chisaki will escape and both him and Izuku will be killed. Izuku gets up and yells that even though its none of his business, Eri was crying and no one will have to die because he will save her.

Suddenly, the ceiling begins collapsing and Team Ryukyu, consisting of Ryukyu, Ochaco and Tsuyu come dropping in, which shocks Izuku.

A short time ago when Sir Nighteye's group began infiltrating the Eight Precepts of Death's Headquarters, Ryuko Tatsuma's group was fighting Rikiya Katsukame of the Eight Expendables, whose Quirk allows him to absorb a target's vitality by touching and inhaling and allows him to grow larger. They eventually managed to overpower Rikiya and knock him unconscious. Ryukyu orders the Police Force to continue restraining Rikiya while Nejire Hado, Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui prepare to head after Sir Nighteye's group. Suddenly, Ochaco and Tsuyu along with the Police Force become tired due to Rikiya inhaling their vitality, much to Ryukyu's surprise since she thought she knocked him out. Conscious, Rikiya reveals that the drug he took is kicking in which has enhanced his Quirk and now he can absorb a target's vitality simply by inhaling. Now larger and stronger than before, Rikiya attacks the Police Force only for Ryukyu to take them to safety. 20 minutes pass and Ryukyu's group is in a standstill against the rejuvenated Rikiya. Nejire decides to take action and attacks Rikiya with her Quirk, which allows her to convert her own vitality into pure energy and emit shockwaves, although Rikiya manages to block her attack. When Rikiya's drug wears off, he demands Nejire to let him touch her, to which Nejire vehemently refuses.

Suddenly, Izuku Midoriya appears and states that he called reinforcements and that their objective is underneath a nearby crossroad. With this information, Ryukyu hatches a plan, transforms into her dragon form, and charges at Rikiya. Ryukyu drags Rikiya to the crossroads and commands Ochaco to make them float and Tsuyu to help drag them towards the crossroad. With Ryukyu and Rikiya's bodies now weightless, Tsuyu drags them to the crossroad with her tongue. At the crossroad, Ryukyu orders Nejire to blast her and Rikiya onto the ground with everything she has. Ochaco releases her Quirk's effect and Nejire blasts Ryukyu and Rikiya with her Quirk. The combined weight of Ryukyu and Rikiya along with the force of Nejire's shockwave is enough to make the crossroad collapse, causing Ryukyu's group along with Rikiya to fall down into the Eight Precepts of Death's underground where they land in the middle of the battle between Izuku and Kai Chisaki.

Izuku is surprised with Ryukyu's group suddenly appearing while Ochaco and Tsuyu are shocked that the Izuku they saw above was fake. Toga Himiko, Jin Bubaigawara, and a copied version of Atsuhiro Sako are above ground; in the underground, they let the copy out, then Jin made copies of himself to dig a hole to the surface where Toga transformed into Izuku to trick Ryukyu's group. Jin is glad that the Heroes showed up today as it allowed them to identity the "core" of Chisaki's operation which is Eri and they plan to snatch her. Jin orders the Atsuhiro copy to go and snatch Eri. Atsuhiro goes to snatch Eri which surprises Ryukyu's group. Izuku tells Ochaco that he is leaving Sir Nighteye to her as he goes to rescue Eri. However, Chisaki prevents Izuku from reaching her with a rock pillar and he grabs her. Chisaki is annoyed with everything being ruined and seeing the hole, an opportunity of escape, prepares his escape by reconstructing a large and long rock pillar to take him to the surface. Izuku refuses to let Chisaki get away. As they head for the surface, Mirio Togata's cape caught by debris, which Chisaki finds sickening. By instinct, Eri grabs Mirio's cape after remembering Mirio's kinds words.

Suddenly, Eri begins emitting a strange energy which starts affecting Chisaki. Eri is revealed to be the granddaughter of the Eight Precepts of Death's boss, whose daughter cut ties with them after a dispute over her marriage. Another factor that caused the boss's daughter to disassociate from the group is that Eri caused her father's death after he touched her and he simply vanished into thin air. The Eight Precepts of Death's boss reveals to Chisaki that Eri has a strange Quirk that did not resemble anything from her family lineage and believes it is a genetic mutation. The boss does not know much about how Eri's unique Quirk works but due to it resembling Chisaki's Quirk is the reason why he has asked him to take care of Eri and investigate her Quirk. During investigation, Chisaki starts thinking that Eri's Quirk is on a completely different level from his restoring or repairing and hypothesizes that Eri's unique Quirk can rewind genetics; Chisaki finds Eri's Quirk to be terrifying.

In the present as according to his hypothesis on Eri's Quirk, Eri's Quirk begins activating which causes Chisaki and Shin Nemoto to split apart, returning Chisaki and Shin to normal. Today was the first time Eri tried to escape but had given up hope due to thinking there was no escape from Chisaki. Robbed of her freedom, experiments were made on her body day in and day out. Eri's fearsome Quirk caused her to blame herself her being born with this strange Quirk and resigned to being "cursed", accepting her fate. However, Mirio's words shook Eri's heart to the core and could no't bear to see others hurt for her sake; she was further shocked that they refused to give up on her, which caused her to start developing new feelings, feelings that compelled her to save them, which allowed her to activate her Quirk's power.

Izuku grabs Mirio's cape which Eri is also holding onto.

Izuku Midoriya grabs hold of Mirio Togata's cape, reels the cape in and grabs hold of Eri, promising her that he will not let go of her this time. Infuriated, Kai Chisaki demands that Izuku hand Eri back to him and charges at him. Izuku isn't able to move well suspended in mid air. However, Izuku vows to not let go of Eri no matter what and remembers Mirio's question of what Hero he wants to be; he wants to be a Hero that wipes everyone's worries aways, always wins and saves everyone. Filled with utter determination, Izuku unconsciously activates One For All 100% and prepares to attack Chisaki with a kick, while Chisaki launches reconstructed stone pillars at Izuku. As Chisaki's stone pillars begin to ensnare him, Izuku disappears and the ceiling above them collapses as a shockwave ensues. The collapse of the ceiling and the resulting shockwave was caused by Izuku launching himself out of the Eight Precepts of Death's basement using One For All 100%'s wind pressure. Izuku himself realizes that he traveled through the air at high speed using One For All 100%'s generated wind pressure, similar to All Might's New Hampshire Smash and in the process smashed himself out of the basement. However, Izuku's legs are completely broken as a result.

Back in the Eight Precepts of Death's basement, Ryukyu's group are in confusion as to what occurred. Chisaki gets up and is injured of the shockwave caused by Izuku's One For All 100%. Having become desperate in getting Eri back so that he can realize the Eight Precepts of Death boss's ambition, Chisaki uses his Quirk on Rikiya Katsukame and fuses with him. Ryuko Tatsuma prepares for battle, but a badly injured Sir Nighteye, who is being tended to by Tsuyu Asui, eases Ryukyu's worries as Chisaki is going to pursue Izuku and is intend on not only getting Eri back but murdering Izuku as well. Ochaco Uraraka plans to go to Izuku's aid, but falls down due to her stamina being drained courtesy of Rikiya's Quirk. Despite Sir Nighteye's prediction, Ryukyu refuses to let Chisaki go after Izuku. However, Sir Nighteye convinces her that her group cannot hope to defeat the newly fused and empowered Chisaki. Ochaco refuses to stand by and do nothing. Sir Nighteye asks Tsuyu to tend to Mirio and for Ochaco and Ryukyu to help him to the surface.

Surprisingly, Izuku manages to land on the ground safely despite his legs being broken. However, Izuku realizes that his legs are not broken and have in fact being healed, surprised that despite using One For All 100% his body along with all his injuries have been healed. Izuku realizes that his healed body is thanks to Eri's Quirk ability. Suddenly, Izuku begins feeling the immense recoil of One For All 100%. Chisaki appears and states that Eri has unlocked her power but doesn't know how to stop it and launches reconstructed pillars at Izuku to which he dodges. The newly fused Chisaki appears, looking similar to a stone dragon. From the dragon's maw, Chisaki appears and reveals that Eri can rewind humans and depending on how she controls it, she could revert a human back to a monkey or even to nothingness, calling her Quirk a curse and warns Izuku that holding onto Eri is dangerous, which is why he is demanding that Izuku returns Eri to him because only with his Quirk can he stop Eri's cursed Quirk.

One For All Full Cowl - 100%

With Eri's help, Izuku uses One For All: Full Cowl - 100%.

Izuku vehemently refuses to hand back Eri and will hold onto her no matter what. Having experienced Eri's Quirk, Izuku sees that the moment his legs broke Eri reverted them back to normal before he could experience any pain and thinks that Eri's Quirk is a kind, gentle Quirk contrary to Chisaki's thoughts, which shocks Eri. Understanding that Eri's Quirk reverts any pain and grievous damage back to normal at blinding speed, Izuku decides that he doesn't need to hold back since all major recoil and damage accumulated by his Quirk will be continuously reverted and healed thanks to Eri's Quirk, therefore not needing to worry about turning into nothingness.

Izuku asks Eri if she will lend him her power and, going all out, activates One For All: Full Cowl: 100%.

"Exceptional Abilities" is a never before seen mysterious mutation that quickly spread among people. According to one theory, it was an unknown virus that was spread throughout the world carried by mice and is believed to be the origin of Quirks. However, there is no clear evidence that backs up this theory.

In the present, Kai Chisaki claims that neither Izuku Midoriya nor Eri herself understands the true power behind Eri's Quirk and through extensive research, he was able to successfully extract Eri's power and bring it to its pinnacle; the result is the Quirk-destroying bullet, which has the power to extinguish one's Quirk Factor and return them to normal. Chisaki reconstructsthe surrounding area and attacks Izuku with stone columns. However, Izuku's greatly enhanced speed thanks to One For All: Full Cowl: 100% enables him to dodge with ease. Izuku delivers a kick packed with massive strength and sends Chisaki flying into the air. Izuku feels that Eri's power is getting stronger due to her being unable to control it, similar his inability to control One For All when he received it. Himiko Toga witnesses Izuku's strength and is mesmerized by it while Jin Bubaigawara wonders the whereabouts of the Atsuhiro Sako's clone.

In the Eight Precepts of Death's basement, the Atsuhiro clone is held down by Ryuko Tatsuma, who sends the weightless Ochaco Uraraka and Sir Nighteye to the surface, telling Ochaco to get Sir Nighteye to an ambulance. Meanwhile, Chisaki has been sent straight into the air by Izuku's great strength, having been injured as a result, and starts thinking about the past.

The Eight Precepts of Death's boss criticized Chisaki for beating up someone, to which Chisaki replied that he was simply protecting their turf. Chisaki stated to his boss that they must make their presence known to the world, but the Eight Precepts of Death's boss knew that Chisaki had started a venture dealing with Quirk related drugs and had told him not to get involved and while he understood that he was simply repaying the kindness after the boss saved him, he must not go overboard nor must he stray from his path. Chisaki remembers talking to Hari Kurono about the Eight Precepts of Death becoming extinct if they do not do something; Hari replied that the idea of yakuza restoring the underworld is a detached dream. However, Chisaki refused to waver and planned to restore the Eight Precepts of Death to its former glory. One day after having done extensive research on Eri's Quirk, Chisaki brought forth his plan to the Eight Precepts of Death's boss; Chisaki planned on selling the Quirk-destroying bullets to Villains who would use them on Heroes and after a while, the yakuza would distribute a serum that would undo the damage done and restore the lost Quirks to the Heroes. These products would be at a high price. Therefore, with the Villains having the Quirk-destroying bullets, the Heroes having the serum, and Eri in the middle, the Eight Precepts of Death can monopolistically control the market, earning massive profit and eventually emerging from the darkness. However, the Eight Precepts of Death's boss had already refuted Chisaki's plan and questioned his morality regarding humans. The boss advised Chisaki to leave if he was going to disobey their way of thinking. Chisaki did not plan on going anywhere as all he wanted to do was repay the boss for taking him in and despite the boss's refusal, told him to watch from the sidelines as he went through with his plan. Chisaki blamed Quirks for bringing forth Heroes that put the Eight Precepts of Death's boss in a corner and with his plan he could restore the Eight Precepts of Death back to its former glory.

Izuku jumps towards the airborne Chisaki who has healed his injuries by reconstructing himself and tells the fake Heroes to stay out of his way as he slashes at Izuku with one of his claws. However, Izuku evades with ease and knows that Chisaki can repair himself with his Quirk through disassembling and reassembling at a fast rate, but he plans on using the great power of One For All: Full Cowl: 100% to close that gap and beat him before he gets the chance to recover with his Quirk. Izuku charges towards Chisaki and starts pummeling Chisaki's monstrous stone body, shattering it as Chisaki is unable to counter attack. Izuku reaches Chisaki's own body and pummels away. Izuku questions that if he cannot save one little girl right in front of him, then he can never become a Hero that saves everyone.

Ochaco and Sir Nighteye have reached the surface and bear witness to Izuku and Chisaki's battle. Ochaco questions Sir Nighteye's visionabout Izuku dying. Sir Nighteye replies that it is the unchangeable future he saw but is surprised that events are playing out differently.

Izuku reaches Chisaki and punches him in the face with enough force that not only sends Chisaki reeling but also breaks off his plague mask.

Story Impact

  • According to Nighteye's Quirk, All Might has about a year to live.
  • Eijiro's past is explored.
    • It is revealed that he and Mina went to the same middle school.
    • His hairstyle was originally black, but after being inspired by Crimson Riot, he dyed it red.
    • His idol, Crimson Riot inspired Kirishima about his desire to be a hero and charge into danger despite being afraid, which he believes is normal due to how dying and fighting villains are scary.
  • All-Might's former sidekick, Sir Nighteye is introduced.
    • Six years prior to the series, Nighteye and All-Might had a falling out due to his wounds from All For One, as Nighteye didn't want to see him die but All Might refused to retire and as a result, they went their separate ways.
    • Nighteye's sidekicks Bubble Girl and Centipeder are introduced.
  • The U.A. Big Three are introduced: Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki and Nejire Hado.
    • Mirio is revealed to have been a top candidate for All Might's successor before Izuku was chosen instead.
    • Mirio is also the closest to becoming the next number one hero.
    • Mirio loses his quirk, Permeation after being shot by the Quirk destroying bullet.
    • Mirio rejects Izuku's offer to inherit One For All and mentions he will ask Eri to restore his Quirk if she gains control of her powers.
  • The Yakuza, and The Eight Precepts of Death, are introduced as well as their leader, Kai Chisaki. They have been spreading Quirk destroying bullets throughout the country for profit and to destroy the justice of the world.
  • A girl named Eri is introduced who has the ability to rewind anything she touches back to a former state. Chisaki is mining her body to use for his plans to bring the Yakuza back to the top using her blood to make Quirk destroying bullets.
    • Eri has no control over her powers, as she accidentally erased her father from existence when she was little. As stated by Shota, they cannot rely on her Quirk due to her inability to control it.
  • Kirishima has his first major fight against villains and wins with assistance from Fatgum.
  • The Villain Magne is killed by Overhaul.
  • Compress loses his left arm against Overhaul. He later gains a cyborg left arm.
  • Himiko and Twice are recruited by Chisaki to help escape from the Hero's pursuing them. However, they are really trying to sabotage his organization from the inside, due to Twice feeling guilty for Magne's death.
  • With Eri's help, Izuku is able to defeat Overhaul and his organization is arrested.
  • The League of Villains attack the convoy unit carrying Overhaul. They steal his perfected Quirk destroying bullets while Compress and Shigaraki destroy his arms, preventing him from ever using his Quirk again.
  • According to Nighteye, it is impossible to change the outcome of the future he sees with his quirk, Foresight. He believed he and Izuku were destined to die at the hands of Overhaul and that Overhaul would escape. Izuku proves him wrong and defeats Overhaul and saves Eri, making this the first time his Foresight was proven wrong.
  • Sir Nighteye sacrifices himself to ensure Eri's safety and dies of his wounds, making him the first major character to die in the series.
    • Before he dies, he makes peace with All Might and Izuku, acknowledging that the latter is worthy to have One For All.
    • He uses his Quirk one final time on Mirio, reassuring his student that he will become an outstanding hero.

Characters Introduced

Quirks Introduced

  • Fat Absorption: Fatgum's body is able to adhere to any object it comes into contact with, which cause them to sink into it as well. It also allows him to absorb the energy from his enemies attacks and then release that energy in a single attack, though at the cost him having to burn his fat.
  • Overhaul: Kai Chisaki is able to disassemble and then reassemble and object that he makes physical combat with. He can fuse himself with other people or cure a person of their chronic ailments among other applications
  • PermeationMirio Togata's Quirk that allows him to pass through solid objects and renders his body intangible.
  • Manifest: Tamaki Amajiki is able to manifest the characteristics of the things that he eats, though he can only do it with things that are currently in his system and so has to carry food with him if he wants to use his quirk.
  • SurgeNejire Hadou can shoot energy blasts from her hands. They move in spirals, making them slow but powerful. As her quirk converts her own vitality, it drains her of energy when she uses it.
  • Crystallization: Yu Hojo is able to grow crystal-like protrusions from his entire body, improving his offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Rewind: Eri is able to rewind a humans body back to a previous state, as long as she is very close to them. her quirk was first discovered when she rewinds her father out of existence. The only way to stop the quirk is through the use of Eraserhead's Erasure quirk or to disassemble and reassemble her again.
  • Lock Down: Rock Lock is able to lock objects that he comes into contact with in place, though there are limits on the weight an size he can lock in place. His quirk has no effect on living beings.
  • Sloshed: Deidoro Sakaki is able to inhibit one's self of balance, causing people around him to feel as if they were drunk.
  • Foresight: Sir Nighteye was able to view a persons entire future for an hour by first touching them and then making eye contact with them. Once he looked into the person's future, that future is guaranteed to happen, though Midoriya's fight with Chisaki is proven as an exception to this.
  • Confession: Shin Nemoto is able to force anyone to answer any question he asks truthfully, regardless of whether they want to or not. His quirk has little to no offensive capabilities and is primarily used to uncover information and prevent betrayals.
  • Strong Shoulder: Kendo Rappa's quirk allows him to both rotate and move his shoulders with extreme speed and power which means his punches can be both fast an powerful. It is shown to be strong enough to break through Eijiro Kirishima's Red Riot Unbreakable move and whittle away at Fat Gum's defenses.
  • Larceny: Toya Setsuno's quirk allows him to to take an object a target possesses and immediately transport it to his hands. He can also steal quirk manifestations. There is a natural size limit to the objects he can steal, with some being simply impossible to steal.
  • Food: Soramitsu Tabe's quirk allows him to chew through anything his mouth comes into contact with. He is seemingly able to chew through these objects with ease without much resistance from the target. The ability to eat anything does not extend to poisons however, meaning that he will become ill if he eats a toxic substance.
  • Vitality Stealing: Rikiya Katsukame's quirk allows him to steal the vitality of others he comes into direct contact with (or is close by if he is using Trigger). In doing this he is able to simultaneously strengthen his own abilities and weaken those of his opponents.
  • Chronostasis: Hari Kurono's quirk allows him to slow down the movements of anything he is able to hit with his clock-hand shaped hair. However, he is only able to extend his hair when he is not moving.
  • Mimicry: Joi Irinaka's quirk allows him to transfer his body and mind into a solid object and move it as if it was his own body. Normally this quirk could only be used on objects no larger than a fridge, but when under the effects of Trigger, he is shown to be able to manipulate entire rooms.



  • The Internship Arc is the longest arc in the manga to date, with 41 chapters.


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