I believe heroes should be hot-blooded! So good job with this white-hot battle, guys! I freakin' love it! If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to join this white-hot battle!! Please and... thank you!
Inasa Yoarashi in "White-hot Battle! To Each Their Own Strengths"

Inasa Yoarashi ( () (あらし) イナサ Yoarashi Inasa?), also known as Gale Force (レップウ Reppū?), is a first-year student at Shiketsu High School. He was the top recommended student for U.A. High before withdrawing his application.


Inasa Yoarashi manga 2

Inasa in the manga.

Inasa is a very tall and well built young man with buzzed, dark brown hair and black eyes. 

In his school uniform, Inasa wears the same white collared shirt and dark pants as all Shiketsu High students. He also sports Shiketsu's signature hat whether he be in uniform or in his hero costume. 

Inasa's hero costume consists of a thick brown suit pinned together with yellow buttons. A cape is draped over his shoulders, the collar lined with thick fur, and it almost conceals the jetpack-like propulsion system attached to his back. His left arm is completely concealed by the thick, brown material and his hand sports a large tan glove with air pipes on it, whereas his right arm is completely exposed other than the skin tight blue sleeve that appears to be apart of his undersuit. Similarly to his left hand, are several tubes around his torso and ankles, which are used to expel wind power to aid with his Quirk. Plates resembling gas masks pad his knees and left shoulder, and he completes his costume with large brown shoes and a pair of goggles around his head.



Inasa Yoarashi screaming

Inasa's hyperactive personality.

Inasa is an energetic, hyperactive, and enthusiastic young man who expresses himself with vigor. He's very loud and can come off as obnoxious but he's actually oddly polite and speaks very formally most of the time. Inasa claims there is almost nothing he dislikes, and growing up as a kid he enjoyed everything.[2] Inasa has a habit of approaching strangers to try and make friends with them. Sometimes he gets so worked up that he'll start talking emphatically about being passionate, and the person or people he's talking to tend to get confused.[3]

Inasa's signature trait is his undying love for passion above all else. He believes all heroes should have a fiery passion that motivates them to help others. Inasa also appears to enjoy passionate battles and desires to be a part of them.[4]

Inasa disapproves of heroes who do not have hot spirits and believes people filled with hatred are unfit to be heroes and he refuses to recognize them as such. This is why Inasa hates Endeavor and his son Shoto. Both of them had cold angry eyes when Inasa met them and both of them blew him off despite his warm greetings. [2]

Inasa's grudge against the Todorokis eventually drove him to become the type of person he hated. He had cold angry eyes whenever he encountered Shoto during the hero licensing exam and even told him to his face that he hated him. Inasa hated Shoto so much so that it cost him his provisional hero license the first time around because they refused to work together.[5] This caused Inasa to reflect on himself and apologize to Shoto following the exam.[6] Despite the fact that he still hates Shoto in the end, Inasa was sincere to him, showing that his hatred of him has toned down.


Overall Abilities: Inasa is a very powerful hero in training who earned the top score in the U.A. Entrance Exam for recommended students. This means that his abilities were believed to be above that of Shoto Todoroki's, one of Class 1-A's top students.[2] 


Inasa using Whirlwind to collect hundreds of projectiles.

Inasa has a powerful Quirk and with a great handle on it. He was able to pass the first test of the licensing exam on his own (a test normally reserved for second-year students) while eliminating 120 other examinees at the same time.[4] After putting his differences with Shoto aside, the two of them were nearly able to defeat the No. 10 Hero Gang Orca. [7]


Whirlwind (旋風 Senpū?): Inasa's Quirk grants him the ability to manipulate the air around him. He can create incredible gusts of wind, and has incredibly fine control over them, being able to delicately handle people while clearing away rubble using various different types of winds.[8]

Inasa is also able to use whirlwinds for offensive purposes. He can attack his enemies and blow them away with gusts powerful enough to break apart solid ice.[9] He can also use the wind to increase his own mobility, and with aid from his costume, he's even able to fly.[10]

Battles and Events

Battles & Events


  • Yoarashi (夜嵐?) translates to "night storm," while inasa (イナサ?) refers to the strong winds that occur during typhoon season.
  • The term inasa (イナサ?) is in reference not only to strong winds that occur during typhoon season, but also indicators of direction; originating east before heading westward. This reflects how Inasa had the initial intent to attend U.A (East) before he made the decision to attend Shiketsu (West).
  • Inasa's name is similar to Isana, a character from Kohei's previous work, Oumagadoki Zoo.
  • Inasa's English voice actor, Matt Shipman, also voices Sen Kaibara from Class 1-B.
  • He appears very similar to the character M. Bison from the Street Fighter series.


  • (To numerous Provisional Hero License Exam applicants) "I believe heroes should be hot-blooded! So good job with this white-hot battle, guys! I freakin' love it! If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to join this white-hot battle!! Please and... thank you!"[11]


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