Ikajiro Takobe, known by the code name Octoid, was a Next-Level Villain in Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.


It is unknown how his was physically before being modified by the Villain Factory. After being turned into a Next-Level Villain, Ikajiro was a huge, muscular, jet-black-skinned humanoid. Due to its nature of his Quirk, he has six arms, and in each of his limbs there is a row of suckers. Besides his arms, he has two large tentacles he keeps hidden in his torso, and uses to attack the enemy by surprise.[1]

His head has no hair, and above his mouth it seems to be almost completely devoid of facial features, except for a couple of lines that run across his face, going from the fissure of his lips to his forehead. Actually he has a pair of very tiny eyes hidden in each of the lines.[2]

Subsequently, after the Trigger stopped affecting him and regains consciousness, Ikajiro retains the same physique, although less muscular and with a shorter stature (but still tall), and lighter skin color. He also wears clothes.[3]



Ikajiro loves cats

Ikajiro loves cats.

The first time he appeared, due to the effects of the Trigger injected into his body, Ikajiro was an extremely violent being who attacked anyone without distinction or mercy, so predisposed to face heroes such as attacking defenseless girls.[1]

Once he gets the Trigger out of his system, Ikajiro introduces himself as a kind and educated person, who apologizes for all the problems he caused when he was a Next-Level Villain. He also shows sensitivity, and loves cats.[3]


Enhanced Strength: Ikajiro was given augmented strength when he was turned into a Next-Level Villain,[4] his strength was such that he could quickly incapacitate Pro Hero Shota Aizawa.[1]

Enhanced Speed: Ikajiro was given augmented speed when he was turned into a Next-Level Villain.[4]

Enhanced Durability: Ikajiro proved to be able to shrug off attacks from Shota Aizawa, Koichi Haimawari, the Trigger -enhanced Hotta brothers and the bodily-enhanced Kirihito Kamachi with no damage, with Kirihito's scythes being unable to cut his skin.[1][2]


Octoid prepares to finish off Aizawa

Octoid with eight arms

Cephalopod: Ikajiro Quirk gives him the attributes of a Cephalopod, making him appear like a humanoid octopus.[4]

He possess six arms, along with two extra that he can sprout from his torso.[1]

After being bio-engineered, he became much bigger and stronger.

Super Moves

  • Eight-Arm Rush: Ikajiro attacks his foe with a barrage of blows from his eight arms.[4]


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