Ichimoku Samazu (佐間 (さま) () (いち) (もく) Samazu Ichimoku?) is a character of the spin-off Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.


Ichimoku is a tall middle schooler with short black hair that is swept back in a pompadour, and a small mustache.

He dresses himself as a typical Yankii (Japanese delinquent), and wears a pair of goggles, with mufflers on either side, slit through the centre as a vizor, that he uses with his Quirk. He wears a plain black gakuran with black shoes and an armlet.


Even though he looks intimidating, he is very kind and polite to his friends, and, being a fan and follower of Pop☆Step, he is willing to assist the Vigilantes in capturing distributors of Trigger.



Meganetic Blaster (メガネティック ブラステャア Meganetikku Burasuteyaa?): Ichimoku's Quirk gives him the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes at his opponents. His eyes are blocked by a set of visor-like goggles, so it is not known if his Quirk is permanently activated.


  • Ichimoku's Quirk and visor-like goggles are a possible reference to the Marvel mutant superhero Cyclops.


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