Denki Kaminari

Ibara defeats Denki

Ibara defeating Denki

Denki thinks that Ibara is beautiful though quite intimidating. Just before their match during the U.A. Sports Festival, he asks her if she wanted to grab something to eat later. Ibara responds that she would be be happy to console him if he wanted and proceeds to quickly defeat him in their match.[1]

Jurota Shishida

Ibara teams up with Jurota during the first match of the Joint Training Battle. Although they collaborate together without problems, Ibara is often opposed to using many of the tactics and strategies that Jurota proposes, since she considers them sinful.[2] Likewise, Jutora gets upset whenever Ibara's religious personality makes her calls him as "Beast of Revelation" or "Beast of the Apocalypse", instead of using his real name or his Hero's name, Gevaudan.[3]

Despite this, they get along, and Jurota apologizes to Ibara considering that his decisions were responsible for Class 1-B defeat.[4]


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