I-Island Security Bots are the enforcement machines of the I-Island Security System. Acting as the automated police force of I-Island, they patrol streets and inside buildings, using their large numbers, mobility, and durability to subdue intruders.


Security Bots capture Denki Kaminari

Capturing Denki Kaminari.

I-Island's security system includes small, autonomous drones that are countless in number. Each drone is extremely durable, equipped to handle the effects of Denki Kaminari's electricity and more. In great numbers, they are good for capturing targets who's Quirks have an exploitable weakness like Recipro Burst's time limit.

Each machine is equipped with electric reflectors and security cables for capturing targets. Each drone is extremely mobile, capable of jumping and lands from higher areas, and achieving great speeds with their wheeled legs. The drones come in both a white and a red version, the red bots patrolling buildings and the white bots on the streets. On high-alert, the machine's lights change from green to red.[1] These bots will retract into themselves to form a solid, red shell if necessary to protect from high-power attacks. Even in their standard form, they are extremely durable, as Izuku Midoriya's One For All attack at 30% power only managed to knock them out and not destroy them.

The drones aren't without weaknesses, however, since they are rather top-heavy and can be tipped over. Additionally, adhesives such as Minoru Mineta's Pop Off balls and Momo Yaoyorozu's glue-like cannonballs impeded their advance. While powerful attacks do not destroy them entirely, they can stun or shut down the machines, demonstrated when Denki's Indiscriminate Discharge: 1.3 Million Volts and his subsequent 2 Million Volts move caused them to go unresponsive for a while. Standard chaff can also disrupt communications.



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