Hoyo Makihara ( (まき) (はら) (ほう) (よう) Makihara Hōyō?)[1], also known by his villain name Mummy (マミー Mamī?) is a villain working with Nine in My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising.


Hoyo is a tall, lanky man with pale orange eyes that are baggy and slant forward and straight gray hair.

Hoyo's most distinguishing feature is his numerous burgundy-colored bandages, which wrap around every part of his body except for his hands and eyes. Over his bandages, he wears a dark gray combat vest, light gray skin-tight pants with beige knee guards, and a set of black fingerless gloves. He also wears grey dress shoes with dark detailing, along with a brown garter belt holding numerous pouches held up by a belt. He also carries a small sword on his left shoulder.


Hoyo appears to be apathetic and merciless, showing no signs of remorse when using Katsuki against his friends as well as when he was fighting a group of teenagers with little experience. Hoyo is also very cautious; this is seen when he mummifies an array of objects around him and surrounds himself with them to intercept any attacks that can come from any direction.


Overall Abilities: Hoyo is a talented fighter and key member of Nine's Crew. He has good control over his Quirk and knows how to apply it to take on multiple enemies at once, as well as use it to create distractions for his teammates. He was able to effortlessly overpower, Toru, Yuga, and Minoru despite their best efforts. Hoyo was also able to use his Quirk to momentarily capture Katsuki Bakugo and used him to fight off Denki and Eijiro. However, Mummy ultimately fell victim to Katsuki's Grenadier Bracers due to their explosive firepower.


Mummification (木乃伊化 Kino Ika?): Hoyo's Quirk allows him to manipulate his bandages and ensnare anything that gets caught in them. The bandages can be broken with enough force.

If he captures inanimate objects, he is able to control them and use them as weaponry. He can't control living things, but he can manipulate any objects they may possess, as well as control people's clothing.


Bandages: Hoyo keeps his body wrapped in bandages that he can control using his Quirk.

Sword: Hoyo carries a shortsword on his back that he occasionally uses in combat.


  • Hoyo's name contains the kanji for mercenary (包傭 hōyō?), roll ( maki?) and original, primitive ( hara?).
  • Hoyo also shares his birthday with Koichi Haimawari and Edgeshot.


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