Horn Cannon ( (ホーン) (ホウ) Hōnhou?) is the Quirk used by Pony Tsunotori.


Horn Cannon allows Pony to detach and launch her horns as projectiles.

Horn Dash Hammer

Pony using Horn Cannon to carry Tetsutetsu.

Pony can fire off several horns in succession, with a new set regenerating on her head almost instantly. She possesses the ability to remotely control up to four of them as well, allowing her to change their mid-air trajectory to get around obstacles. Those horns are strong enough to restrain Mezo Shoji, who is known for his high physical strength, and thrust away Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, who can turn his body into metal. Her horns can carry multiple people and objects, although doing so slows their usual speed significantly.


Because the horns are breakable, they require keratin ingestion in order to retain their strength.[1] It is possible to prevent Pony from using her Quirk by just holding her horns in place.[2]


Horn Cannon is used in long-range combat due to its projectile nature. Because of their curved shape, the horns are ideal for piercing or pinning down enemies. They can assist with mobility too, as they're large and strong enough to transport Pony or her allies around.[1][2]

When controlling her floating horns, Pony gestures with her hands simulating a pair of horns on her head.

Named Super Moves


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  • Keratin - Wikipedia article about the protein that helps Pony's Quirk function.


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