U.A. High School


Shota Aizawa

Present Mic and Eraserhead announcing

Shota and Hizashi as commentators.

He has known Eraser Head for a long time and were close friends in school together, eventually giving Shota his hero name "Eraser Head". In spite of their differing personalities, they work together at U.A. High as close friends and colleagues.

Hizashi is shown to enjoy picking on Aizawa as he calls him a terrible teacher, in a joking way.[1]


Hizashi has a good relationship with Midnight. They are friends since they was a student at the U.A., Nemuri, being his senior. They used to get together along his classmates Shota and Oboro on one of the rooftop of the main building to talk.

When both became professional Heroes they continued to maintain contact, becoming teachers at the U.A almost at the same time, continuing their friendship.

Former Classmates

Oboro Shirakumo

Oboro Shirakumo and Hizashi Yamada

Oboro was one his classmates at Class 2-A and, along with Shota, one of Hizashi closest friends. It was very common to see the three students together, having lunch on the rooftop of the U.A and talking about various matters.

One of the reasons for their friendship is that they both had many things in common, being both boys with a positive, jovial and energetic attitude, although Oboro never quite reached his excitement level. Both were also very prone to make jokes, especially at Shota's expense,[2] who used to say that him and Oboro shared the same two brain cells.[3]

Hizashi mourned the loss of his friend along with Shota.[4]


Hizashi and Sensoji Team Up

Hizashi and sensoji Team up.

Sensoji was a student of Class 2-B when Hizashi was still a student. There was a certain dislike between the two due mainly to the animosity and rivalry that Sensoji professed against Aizawa. Hizashi doesn't even hesitate to tell Sensoji that he's a simple-minded.

Even so, they carried out their Hero Work-Studies in the same Hero Office, and formed a very strong combo when they worked as a team.[3]


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