Hiryu Rin ( (りん) () (りゅう) Rin Hiryū?)[1], also known as Dragon Shroud (龍帷子 Ryū Katabira?), is a Class 1-B student in U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero.


Hiryu has lightly tanned skin and black hair, reaching roughly down to his shoulders, which he wears in a low braid. His eyes are shaped like those of a reptile, and his irises are notably small.

His hero costume consists of light coloured knee high boots, a dark vest with white clouds across it and a collar that covers his chin. He has a belt tied around his waist with pouches on the side and he also wears large gloves and a visor on his head. His outfit appears similar to a Jiangshi, his visor appears similar to the talismans commonly seen pasted on their forehead.


Hiryu is willing to work with others as shown during the obstacle course when he suggested for everyone to use their Quirks together in order to clear the way through the fallen 0-point robots. It's notable that Hiryu possesses a serious demeanor when it comes to playing out his abilities into action. He is rather diligent in terms of academic abilities and Quirk functions as well.[2]


U.A. Sports Festival Arc

All of Class 1-B participates in the Obstacle Race along with rest of the 1st-year students. When Shoto Todoroki causes one of the Villain Robots to collapse, Hiryu suggests to the participants to team up temporarily to move the robots out of the way. He is revealed to be one of the few students who doesn't agree with Neito Monoma's plan to stay in low ranks to overthrow Class 1-A. [3]

After the previous event, he teams up with fellow classmate Jurota Shishida in the Cavalry Battle. He attempts to snatch Team Midoriya's headband like many other competitors but Team Todoroki ends up freezing multiple rival teams, including his. Hiryu and Itsuka Kendo watch in despair as Shoto makes off with their stolen headbands. As the event ends, Hiryu is unable to continue to the tournament finals.[4]

Forest Training Camp Arc

On the day of the forest lodge trip, when Neito Monoma mocks Class 1-A, Hiryu is seen observing.[5]

When Class 1-B arrives at the training camp. Homeroom teacher Sekijiro Kan explains they will be extending their quirks and the more they use their Quirks, the stronger they will be by breaking their limits. When Class 1-B witness Class 1-A's training. Afterward, Itsuka asks Shota Aizawa if can they observe everyone, he explains that is the reason The Pussycats are around.[6] Hiryu notes that seeing their rivals push themselves to their limits is quite terrifying in terms of overwork.

Hiryu, along with most of the rest of Class 1-B, is out in the woods when the Vanguard Action Squad attacks the camp. He’s one of the many people incapacitated and placed in critical condition by Mustard's gas.[7]

Joint Training Arc

Hiryu and the rest of Class 1-B show up for the Joint Training Exercise, with Neito loudly claiming that the momentum is now moving to their side. Upon selecting teams, Hiryu is paired up with Jurota, Ibara Shiozaki, and Kosei Tsuburaba for the first match.



Scales ( Uroko?): Hiryu can form scales along his entire body, these both durable and strong and therefore prefect to use as armor in combat. He can also shoot these scales from his body with considerable strength and speed.

Battles & Events

Joint Training Arc


  • The kanji in his name mean "scales" (?) and "flying dragon" (飛竜?).
    • Hiryu's name can be read as "Lin Fei-Long" in Chinese.
  • Hiryu's hero name is a reference to the shroud draped over distinguished Chinese Leaders.
    • In Chinese, the characters of his hero name can be read as "Long Weizi."
  • Hiryu's favorite food is sushi.
  • Hiryu is one of the two students attending U.A. confirmed to be a foreigner, the other being Pony Tsunotori.
  • According to Volume 21, Hiryu moved from China when he was in elementary school.
  • Hiryu's voice actor, Kosuke Kuwano, also voices Yuga Aoyama from Class 1-A.
  • His hero costume is shown to resemble a jiangshi, a type of Chinese mythological vampire known for having its face covered by a paper talisman.[8]
  • Hiryu's English voice actor, Anthony Bowling, also voices Hari Kurono.


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