Those flames’re still rising up! You see ’em, right?! Endeavor’s alive and fighting!! So don’t give up just cuz the other guy’s gone! There’s still a dude out there risking it all for us!! Can’t you see?!
Hiroshi Tameda speaking about Endeavor to the evacuating civilians in "Why He Gets Back Up"

Hiroshi Tameda ( (ため) () (ひろし) Tameda Hiroshi?), also known as "Can't You See?" kid, is a loyal fan of Endeavor.


Hiroshi is a plain-looking young man of average height with spiky pale hair and large eyes.



Hiroshi is shown to be a huge fan of Endeavor, admiring the Pro Hero for his determination to always reach for the top without minding about popularity rankings. When he discovered Endeavor's apparent change in character, Hiroshi immediately flipped out about his favorite hero's sudden personality change.[1]

Despite this, Hiroshi is rather supportive of Endeavor, notably when he spoke out to the public that they still need to believe in Endeavor for protecting society from powerful villains like High-End.[2]


Pro Hero Arc

When Endeavor is walking with Hawks he notices Hiroshi trying to approach him, but is too shy to do so. Endeavor approaches him and smiles and offers his hand for a handshake which causes Hiroshi to freak out because it is not normal for Endeavor to behave like that. Later on when Endeavor is battling High-End, Hiroshi interrupts a reporters on a live broadcast telling everyone to believe in Endeavor. As a result of his actions he later became an internet phenomenon and a meme in Japan.



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