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Heroes (ヒーロー Hīrō?) are individuals who use their Quirks to protect civilians from villains, natural disasters, or any other kind of harm. Those who take heroism as a profession are referred to as Pro Heroes (プロヒーロー Puro Hīrō?).


Heroes started appearing when the phenomenon occurred and the general populace acquired Quirks. Depending on their performance, heroes have the potential to receive government pay, along with fame and glory.[1]

The first heroes to appear during the chaos caused by the appearance of Quirks were Vigilantes, as the Pro Hero system had not yet been implemented. The Pro Hero System was first put into place on Rhode Island in America under the "Rhode Island New State Statute", 189 Vigilantes were affected by this statute, with only 7 being accepted as official heroes.[2]

The Japanese Hero Billboard Charts

Biannually, all heroes and hero teams are ranked by an event called the Japanese Hero Billboard Charts. The rating factors in resolved incidents, contributions to society and public approval. All Might used to be the No. 1 Hero until his retirement, after which Endeavor assumed the No. 1 spot.

Hero Name

A Hero Name is a name a Pro Hero chooses to identify themselves. While Heroes in training may choose tentative names in high school, Pro Heroes are often known by the name they first pick.[3]

Hero Names are considered very important to a professional career, as they can bring a person closer to the image they may want to cement, and are also able to reflect their true character.[4] A person may also choose to use the same name or a very similar one to an already well-known Hero that is no longer active; however, this comes with the responsibility and pressure to uphold the name's legacy.[5]


Heroes can either work alone or in a team depending on their needs. The Wild, Wild Pussycats are a team put together for mountain rescue and actually stayed together to create a hero agency. Most heroes work alone starting a hero agency somewhere but are teamed occasionally in the field on various missions like the raid on the warehouse or the battle against All For One.

List of Pro Heroes

Hero Name


Real Name


A Air Jet Buster Hero N/A N/A
All Might The Symbol of Peace Toshinori Yagi One For All
Amplifier N/A N/A Yell
B Backdraft Rescue Specialist N/A Unnamed Water Quirk
Best Jeanist Fiber Hero Tsunagu Hakamata Fiber Master
Bubble Girl N/A Kaoruko Awata Bubble
Burnin N/A Moe Kamiji N/A
C Captain Celebrity N/A Christopher Skyline Flight
Cementoss N/A Ken Ishiyama Cement
Centipeder N/A Juzo Moashi Centipede
Cow Lady N/A N/A Cow
Crimson Riot Chivalrous Hero N/A N/A
Crust Shield Hero N/A N/A
D Death Arms Punching Hero N/A N/A
E Ectoplasm N/A N/A Clones
Edgeshot Ninja Hero Shinya Kamihara Foldabody
Electoplant N/A N/A Electricity Generation
Endeavor Flame Hero Enji Todoroki Hellflame
Enigma N/A N/A N/A
Eraser Head Erasing Hero Shota Aizawa Erasure
F Fat Gum BMI Hero Taishiro Toyomitsu Fat Absorption
Fourth Kind Chivalrous Hero N/A Quad Arms
G Gang Orca N/A Kugo Sakamata Orcinus
Godzillo Monster Hero N/A Toho
Gran Torino N/A Sorahiko Torino Jet
Gunhead Battle Hero N/A Gatling
H Hawks Wing Hero Keigo Takami Fierce Wings
His Purple Highness N/A N/A N/A
Hound Dog Hound Hero Ryo Inui Dog
I Ingenium Turbo Hero Tensei Iida Engine
K Kamui Woods N/A Shinji Nishiya Arbor
Kesagiriman N/A N/A N/A
L Lunch-Rush Cooking Hero N/A N/A
M Mandalay N/A Shino Sosaki Telepath
Manual Normal Hero Masaki Mizushima Water Quirk
Midnight 18+ Only Heroine Nemuri Kayama Somnambulist
Mirko Rabbit Hero Rumi Usagiyama Rabbit
Mr. Brave N/A N/A Hair Pluck
Nezu N/A Nezu High Spec
Ms. Joke Smile Hero Emi Fukukado Outburst
Mt. Lady N/A Yu Takeyama Gigantification
N Native N/A N/A N/A
O O'Clock N/A N/A Overclock
P Pixie-Bob N/A Ryuko Tsuchikawa Earth Flow
Power Loader Excavation Hero Higari Maijima Iron Claws
Present Mic Voice Hero Hizashi Yamada Voice
R Ragdoll N/A Tomoko Shiretoko Search
Recovery Girl Youthful Heroine Chiyo Shuzenji Heal
Rock Lock Lock Hero Ken Takagi Lock Down
Ryukyu Dragoon Hero Ryuko Tatsuma Dragon
S Selkie Sea Rescue Hero N/A Spotted Seal
Sir Nighteye N/A Mirai Sasaki Foresight
Sirius N/A N/A Good Ear
Slidin' Go N/A Tatsuyuki Tokoname N/A
Snatch Sand Hero Sajin Higawara N/A
Snipe N/A N/A Homing
T Thirteen Space Hero N/A Black Hole
Tiger N/A Yawara Chatora Pliabody
U Uwabami Snake Heroine N/A Serpentress
V Vlad King Blood Hero Sekijiro Kan Blood Control
W Wash Laundry Hero N/A N/A
Y Yoroi Musha Equipped Hero N/A N/A

List of U.A. Students

Hero Name


Real Name


A Anima Petting Hero Koji Koda Anivoice
B Battle Fist N/A Itsuka Kendo Big Fist
C Can't Stop Twinkling N/A Yuga Aoyama Navel Laser
Cellophane Taping Hero Hanta Sero Tape
Chargebolt Stun Gun Hero Denki Kaminari Electrification
Comicman N/A Manga Fukidashi Comic
Creati Everything Hero Momo Yaoyorozu Creation
D Deku N/A Izuku Midoriya One For All
Dragon Shroud N/A Hiryu Rin Scales
E Earphone Jack Hearing Hero Kyoka Jiro Earphone Jack
Emily N/A Reiko Yanagi Poltergeist
F Froppy Rainy Season Hero Tsuyu Asui Frog
G Gevaudan N/A Jurota Shishida Beast
Grape Juice Fresh-Picked Hero Minoru Mineta Pop Off
H N/A N/A Hitoshi Shinso Brainwashing
I Ingenium N/A Tenya Iida Engine
Invisible Girl Stealth Hero Toru Hagakure Invisibility
J Jack Mantis N/A Togaru Kamakiri Razor Sharp
K N/A N/A Katsuki Bakugo Explosion
N/A N/A Kosei Tsuburaba Solid Air
L Lemillion N/A Mirio Togata Permeation
Lizardy N/A Setsuna Tokage Lizard Tail Splitter
M Mines N/A Nirengeki Shoda Twin Impact
Mudman N/A Juzo Honenuki Softening
N/A N/A Mei Hatsume Zoom
N Nejire-chan N/A Nejire Hado Wave Motion
P Phantom Thief N/A Neito Monoma Copy
Pinky N/A Mina Ashido Acid
Plamo N/A Kojiro Bondo Cemedine
N/A N/A Pony Tsunotori Horn Cannon
R Real Steel N/A Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu Steel
Red Riot Sturdy Hero Eijiro Kirishima Hardening
Rule N/A Yui Kodai Size
S Shemage N/A Kinoko Komori Mushroom
Shoto N/A Shoto Todoroki Half-Cold Half-Hot
Spiral N/A Sen Kaibara Gyrate
Sugarman Sweets Hero Rikido Sato Sugar Rush
Suneater N/A Tamaki Amajiki Manifest
T Tailman Martial Arts Hero Mashirao Ojiro Tail
Tentacole Tentacle Hero Mezo Shoji Dupli-Arms
Tsukuyomi Jet-Black Hero Fumikage Tokoyami Dark Shadow
U Uravity N/A Ochaco Uraraka Zero Gravity
V Vantablack Scheming Hero Shihai Kuroiro Black
Vine N/A Ibara Shiozaki Vines
W Welder N/A Yosetsu Awase Weld

Hero Teams


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