Hero A is a track that is occasionally used as an instrumental in the background of some scenes or sometimes a rap. This song is number 16 in the My Hero Academia Original Soundtrack.

My Hero Academia OST Song List

  1. You Say Run!
  2. You Can Become a Hero (君はヒーローになれる\Kimi wa Hīrō ni Nareru?)
  3. I Will Become a Hero! (ヒーローになるんだっ! Hīrō ni Narunda!?)
  4. Anguish Of The Quirkless (無個性の苦悩 Mukosei no kunō?)
  5. Symbol of Peace (平和の象徴 Heiwa no Shōchō?)
  6. "Dependable! Cheerful Person" Wind Adlib (「よっ!ご陽気もの」風のアドリブ "Yo! Goyōkimono" Kaze no Adoribu?)
  7. Various Quirks (個性いろいろ Kosei Iroiro?)
  8. Villain (ヴィラン Viran?)
  9. Izuku's Crisis (出久のピンチ Izuku no Pinchi?)
  10. I Am Here! (私が来た!! Watashi Ga Kita!!?)
  11. Flustered (ドギマギ Dokimagi?)
  12. Uh-oh? (あらららら? Arararara??)
  13. Hero's Shadow (ヒーローの影 Hīrō no Kage?)
  14. Mysterious (ミステリアス Misuterias?)
  15. Rampaging Evil (暴走する悪意 Bōsōsuru Akui?)
  16. HERO A
  17. Villain Invasion (ヴィランの侵攻 Viran no Shinkō?)
  18. Plus Ultra
  19. Bright and Cheerful (明るく元気に Akaruku Genkini?)
  20. Rebellious Youth (ツッパリ反抗期 Tsuppari Hankō-ki?)
  21. Stealthy Steps (抜き足差し足 Nukiashi-sashi Ashi?)
  22. Battle Training (戦闘訓練 Sentō Kunren?)
  23. U.A. High School (雄英高校 Yūei Kōkō?)
  24. Massive Villain Appearance (巨大ヴィラン出現 Kyodai Viran Shutsugen?)
  25. Darkness Dominates The Heart (心を支配していく闇 Kokoro o Shihai Shite Iku Yami?)
  26. Mind of Evil (悪の心理 Aku no Shinri?)
  27. Spreading Anxiety (広がる不安 Hirogaru Fuan?)
  28. The Threat of Offence and Defense (脅威との攻防 Kyōi to no Kōbō?)
  29. Berserk Battle (暴走戦闘 Bōsō Sentō?)
  30. Analysis (分析 'Bunseki?)
  31. Mecha Mecha Meke Meke (メカメカメケメケ Mekamekamekemeke?)
  32. Noisy Battle (ドタバトル Dota Batoru?)
  33. Mellow Twilight (しっとり黄昏 Shittori Ttaso?)


My hero!

Go and show me what I gotta do.

Made up my mind, wanna be like you.
Don't care whatever people say.
I know I'll be suffice you.

You know I will!

Stop anything, that doesn't go well.
Or I'll keep trying, keep move one.
I will believe in what I've been working on.

Can anybody tell me the way to make it?
I guess no, I'm the only one.
I never offered me a wrong future.
No matter what happens,
I won't chill, I won't stop.
I'll make you prouder step by step!

I feel something happen from my heart,
something's beating for sure,
either it's somehow bad, I will see,
what I've gotta be in the future.

Strong will, amazing, ran away,
You know a strong willed ace,
you're great, alright?

Everything I see, everything I feel,
all the things that I have for it to at least break!

Sometimes when anything doesn't go well
I will believe in what I've been working on.
Do what you like, just give me one thing.
I see the future, don't miss out now.

Hero is in my heart,
hero is in your heart.
I don't care whatever people say.
I can be a hero,
you can be a hero,
if you wanna make it just try hard.
I know I'll be suffice you!



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