Heal ( (いや) Iyashi?)[1] is the Quirk used by Recovery Girl.[2]


Heal allows Chiyo to amplify and quicken her targets' healing process by extending her lips and kissing them.

With Heal, some grave injuries requiring months to heal can be healed completely in a matter of seconds.[2] The healing process, however, is not without its cost. It requires stamina from the receiver's part in order to work, leaving said receiver very exhausted after the process is completed if an injury is, or injuries are, serious enough.[3] Heal cannot regrow lost body parts.[4]

If the amount of stamina someone has is less than what is needed to heal their injuries, the process could lead to their death. As such, surgeries and conventional healing methods will be required for severely life-threatening injuries before the effects of the Quirk can be applied.[5] In such cases, it is sometimes applied several times over a period of time instead of healing everything in one shot.[3][6] This also means that if a person suffers serious enough injuries, Heal will be unable to save them from death.[7] Additionally, Heal is unable to completely heal certain injuries if they are too serious: this was first seen when Izuku overused his quirk against Todoroki, leaving his right hand scarred, and again when he unleashed his 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash, leaving his arm permanently damaged even after Recovery Girl used her quirk on him.


Chiyo travels around Japan in order to help as many patients as possible, utilizing her Quirk to speed up their recovery. Because she is a capable surgeon of her own, Chiyo can treat most injuries by herself.

Chiyo's abilities make her vital for U.A. High School's operation, otherwise the institution would have a difficult time justifying their dangerous exams and events. Chiyo has control over the school's infirmary and other related branches, where she performs her healing procedures on students and teachers.

Chiyo has a complicated doctor-patient relationship with Izuku Midoriya due to the repeated self-harm the latter experiences thanks to his power (which nature Chiyo is aware of). While Chiyo has no problem treating Izuku for damages unrelated to his Quirk, she absolutely refuses to heal Izuku's self-applied injuries, as a way to discourage him from using One For All recklessly.


  • Heal was described as "Super Healing Factor"[8], "Healing"[9], and dubbed by the anime as "Recovery"[10] but name was revealed in the second databook.[1]


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