Hana Shimura ( () (むら) (はな) Shimura Hana?) was the sister of Tenko Shimura and the granddaughter of Nana Shimura. Not much is known about her currently, except that she died when her brother's Quirk went out of control.[1]


Hana was a young girl with dark, medium-length hair that she wore up in pigtails on the sides of her head, short bangs that hung halfway down her forehead, and two shoulder-length, thick strands of hair left out to frame her face. She had dark, cat-like eyes that slanted inwards, towards the middle of her face, and a small mole on her right cheek.

She wore a plain light-colored T-shirt with stripes around the sleeve cuffs and collar.


Not much is known about her personality, but she appeared to have a fascination with her grandmother. She seemed to be on friendly terms with Tenko Shimura, her brother.


At some point in the past, she discovered a picture of her grandmother. She later showed the picture to her brother, Tenko.

When Tenko manifested his Decay Quirk, Hana, along with the rest of her family, were killed by him, leaving Tenko as the only surviving member.


  • Hana shares the same name and bares resemblance to a younger Hana Aoi from Horikoshi's previous work, Oumagadoki Zoo.


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