Grenadier Bracers is a move that is brought forth by Katsuki Bakugou's costume specs while using his Quirk, Explosion.


A specification that was added to Katsuki's hero costume that stores his sweat to amplify explosion effects and power to their fullest potential. Once filled, he can pull out the grenade pin in order to release a large and powerful explosive blast which can be potentially fatal. Additional to that, the bracers help to reduce the risk of wearing out his palms due to repeated ignition and direct skin contact when used in combat situations.

As shown when he fought Izuku in the Heroes vs Villains test, it had enough power to destroy every part of the building within its blast radius.

Additionally, the nitroglycerin-like sweat are stored in cartridges encased in grenade-like pouches on his belt.[1]

It was also shown during the Combat Exam Arc, that when Izuku attacked All Might with a fully charged Grenadier with Katsuki's sweat, it created a path of destruction equivalent to that of All Might's attacks. The effects of the explosion also caused All Might to cough up blood as it was in direct point-blank attack.[2]


Triggering the bracers' firing pin for the super-sized explosion creates a strong recoil that tolls the user's shoulder [2], although Katsuki seems to be completely unphased by it due to his superior athletic ability.


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