Gigantification ( (きょ) (だい) () Kyodai-ka?)[1] is the Quirk used by Mt. Lady.


Gigantification allows Mt. Lady to drastically increase her size to gigantic levels.

While gigantified, Yu can easily subdue smaller targets and fight similarly-sized foes on equal footing. The extra mass also grants her enough strength to destroy buildings and other structures with ease.


Yu's Gigantification's limit is 2062 centimeters (67'6"),[2] with Yu being unable to assume any height in-between her normal and maximum ones. Due to her massive size after transforming, she needs a minimum space in order to move properly, making the Quirk impractical in small or enclosed spaces.[1]


Yu specializes in fighting giant villains since her Quirk lets her confront said villains evenly.

Yu uses Gigantification rather recklessly, pulling stunts in giant-form that often lead to high amounts of property damage. Because of this, Yu is constantly plagued by financial debts, although she refuses to act outside of the city for popularity reasons.

When frustrated or angry, Yu may accidentally activate Gigantification, implying that she still doesn't have full control over her Quirk.

Named Super Moves

  • Canyon Cannon (キャニオンカノン Kyanion Kanon?): While in her giant form, Yu performs a flying kick.[1]
  • Titan Cliff (タイタンクリフ Taitan Kurifu?): Yu grows into her giant form and headbutts the enemy. She uses this move to intercept Atsuhiro Sako.[3]


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